The Zoo GangAvage duel to the death against a sinister drug smuggling syndicateThe The Zoo Epubhero a man named Rouebrun otherwise known as The. I'd heard of The Posieden Adventure from the movie and note that it was from a book by Paul Gallico So I looked him up and the local library had this book instead I fell in love with these stories of French ex resistance fighters trying to deal with the 'new' world of the 60's 70's A wonderful read

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The Place The glittering French RivieraThe Action A giant jewel heist an artistic theft of great paintings a cunning kidnapping a s. In reading this book I was reminded of the TV series Mission Impossible I thoroughly enjoyed this story with it's imaginative and well written vignettes about five men called the Zoo Gang Each chapter is a separate story and each story refers back to the previous ones The Zoo Gang are a group of French Resistance fighters during WWII Now it's the 1960's and 70's and they are living in the French Riviera The men are much older and are having difficulty dealing with the changing timesThe characters are as follows The main character and leader of the gang is Colonel Pierre Rouebrun AKA Le Renard The Fox He now owns an antiue shop His specialty was plotting out the missions Jean Soleau The Elephant He is now a wholesale dealer in onions During the resistance his specialty was sabotage Gaston Rive The Leopard He now owns an electrical contracting company His was a wizard in communications and anything to do with electricity Antoine Petitpierre The Tiger He now grows carnations He was the executioner; and if there was a need to kill he did it Alphonse Cousin The Wolf He is the owner of a bar His specialty was locksmith and his natural method for making life difficult for occupying Germans had been breaking and entering In one of the stories we discover there was a 6th member of the gang called The Antelope He was a crippled boy who wore steel leg braces and was invaluable to the others as a courier as well as for his brilliance He was the pet of them all He was betrayed by a collaborator rounded up by the Germans and tortured to death Revenge for his death takes place in one of the storiesThe clever vignettes include The Picture Thieves The theft of twelve famous Renoirs from a museum Sarah Howard the daughter of Joel Howard who loaned the paintings to the museum comes to Rouebrun because she suspects that four shady characters she and her friends has been partying with may have had something to do with the theft Rouebrun suspects the Gang In this chapter we are introduced to Captain Claude Scoubide Chief of the Detective Force of the Service Regionale de Police Judiciaire He's a friend of Rouebrun but always suspicious of The Gang when a crime occurs How to Stick Up a Fifty Million Dollar Riviera Gala Detective Scoubide visits Rouebrun because he is concerned about security at the annual August Ball and Gala to be held at the Silver Sands Casino He wants to know how The Gang would rob the guests of their jewels Then he can plan out security Rouebrun becomes concerned that The Gang may be planning a heist without telling him There are twists and turns red herrings and a surprise ending Snow Over the Cote D'Azur Drug smuggling is on the rise and taking over the Riviera Rouebrun's niece Madeleine Renault dies of a drug overdose The Captain disappears; and when he returns much later the drug trade seems to have dried up After smuggling in the biggest drug shipment ever seven drug dealers and the drugs disappear The bodies and drugs cannot be found Detective Scobide should be happy about the disappearance of drug dealers and drugs but he is obsessively curious to know what happened He knows that Rouebrun wanted revenge and that the Gang was involved but he can't prove anything without bodies Rouebrun enlists the aid of Papa Santoro a building contractor who is building a new resort This is a clever and captivating story Le Snatch Double a cunning kidnapping of a child from rich parents Scobide enlists the help of Rouebrun to get the child back when a note says the child will be killed if the media is notified and because his job is on the line Rouebrun's plan involves kidnapping another child to divert attention This caper has a very clever endingThis book was a delight to read Lots of wit and memorable characters red herrings and surprise endings Well worth reading

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CHARACTERS ß The Zoo Gang ´ ➪ The Zoo Gang Read ➲ Author Paul Gallico – The Place The glittering French RivieraThe Action A giant jewel heist an artistic theft of great paintings a cunning kidnapping a savage duel to the death against a sinister drug smuggling syndicateTh The Place The glittering French RivieraThe ActFox the leader of The Zoo Gang A group of French Resistance Fighters from WWII Join them in their fight against crime and evil doe. I'm a sucker for retro 60s France