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Put The Sepia OnIn the cyperpunk wasteland of The City a lonely detective is hired to find a beautiful young girl's missing br. Put the Sepia On is a brilliant piece of work that is a cross between Philip Marlowe and Mad Max The author purposefully has combined parts of hardboiled fiction with a desolate future world such as in Mad Max and created a novellete that is simply a ton of fun to read Feldman acknowledges at the end of the tale that all his chapter titles are lines from classic hardboiled movies such as Dead Reckoning The Third Man The Maltese Falcon The Blue Dahlia Gilda and The Lady From Shanghai I will view the three movies in this list that I have not yet seen based on his recommendation He also acknowledges that Rita is Rita Hayworth He also claim that this is “a work of complete fiction” Yeah as if anyone would really believe that statementThe story takes place in a nameless city a big ugly city where a power struggle is taking place between the Corporation and the Dogs who are huge nine foot tall mutants with a taste for flesh Most people are caught in the middle of this struggle and are poor starving wretched and the Corporation pumps in drugs to keep them docile The detective lives in this forsaken city but never reveals his true name He admits he is not a particularly good detective but he is the only one in this city “dumb or lucky enough to do that job” He looks for people who vanish or parts of them whatever is leftIn classic hardboiled prose the story involves our nameless detective sitting in his office on the wrong side of the tracks with his feet up on his desk his hat pulled down low and his whiskey bottle in evidence Coral walks in and “her hips just swing and for the fences” Coral wants him to find her brother and reluctantly he takes on the case when she pays his fee And now we are off to the racesThe story has great descriptions reminding the reader very much of the hardboiled age of the forties and fifties including the descriptions of the lovely Rita whose “feet start at the ground and whose “legs end somewhere in the neighborhood of Heaven” The story is not in color It is in black and white and grays and sepia of courseWhat makes this story fun though is that it is not just another hardboiled pastiche of past stories It takes place in this strange desolate wasteland of a future world Two parts science fiction and two parts noir with something unknown thrown in for the last part

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Other Things never being as simple Put The PDF as they seem it doesn't take long before he finds himself caugh. An enjoyable read To be honest I read the book because I liked the cover and I like Sin City and Frank Miller which the cover reminded me of Good points there is some great one liners in here proper crime noir Negative points its just too short it seems like the book has been condensed just too much and there is a larger book waiting to be written The characters and back story were not given enough time to mature and settle down which did leave me feeling like i was continually trying to catch up without that depth I will certainly be reading Nick's other books though as i do like his writing style

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characters Put The Sepia On é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é ➸ [Read] ➳ Put The Sepia On By Nick Feldman ➽ – In the cyperpunk wasteland of The City a lonely detective is hired to find a beautiful young girl's missing brother Things never being as simple as they seem it doesnT between the sterile merciless Corporation that rules The City and the ferocious mutants known only as The Do. Only an author as self assured as Feldman would be the first person to write a Goodreads review of his own book The story however doesn't disappoint It's dark violent and slathered with tongue in cheek wit that makes it a really fun read for those who enjoy the darkened alleys and smokey cluttered PI offices of the literary world