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Read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Mykle Hansen Ce hers was the titanium and latex body a billion sticky fingers longed to strokeBut that was twenty three thousand years ago when fleshy things still crawled in the desert and women were still the slaves of men Now SLUTBOT is our empress our goddess our cr. You like bizarroYou like satireYou like robots and zombies and sentient lovelorn typewriters and amorphous blob monsters and kinky mechanical sex and kinky non mechanical sex and spacemen full of cheese and bravado and characters named Hugo Sploogeworthy and Jo Hot Dork and Tisha Bang Bang You like existential musings that seem to sneak up out of nowhere deep thoughts cutting through the black water of silliness to wrap their puckered octopus tendrils around your oxygen addled brainYou like all these things snuggled up in a wool blanket of flowery unbound languageYou like Mykle HansenAnd so do I Admittedly I’m a big Mykle Hansen fan He’s a funny dude More than that he’s an amazing writer And that’s where this book really shines above the rest It’s not just what he says but how he says it Don’t believe me Here is a typewriter lamenting death and unreuited love “I am a machine and I cannot die But if Slutbot shuts me back inside that case and shelves me in the catacombs then I will dream of nothing forever And that is a kind of death or something worse But if I had just one word just one phrase to take with me into that endless night one morsel of my mistress’ English to sustain me then I would dream of her a dream so rich and vibrant that perhaps I could be happy”Man that’s some heartfelt poetic prose right there And keep in mind this is a book about a cellphone turned robot porn star turned Empress of the Techno Earth You probably wouldn’t expect something so profound to work its way between these pages but it does And it does like THE WHOLE TIME Sure his satire is on point his plot is ridiculously over the top his characters are fully formed and fleshed out and absurd – BUT – it is the WAY he writes that really gets meThis Book Was AwesomeIf this title for whatever god awful reason I cannot think of doesn’t tickle your ticklebone I suggest you pick up SOMETHING he’s written I have yet to be let down

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I Slutbot Summary Ô 109 ✓ [BOOKS] ⚡ I Slutbot ✪ Mykle Hansen – Gym-apparel.co.uk SHE NEEDED SEX WANTED FREEDOM DISCOVERED LOVE AND CONUERED EARTHShe was once the world's most famous porn star engineered to produce bone uaking orgasms at industrial volume With a look of sincere aff SHE NEEDED SEX WANTED FREEDOM DISCOVERED LOVE AND CONUE Eator and destroyer defending the mechanical subjects of her chromium ueendom from a horde of lovesick zombies and a horny Martian beefcake who can't hear or even spell the word noMy name is Smith Corona I am her typewriter And this is our amazing true stor. Mykle Hanson is one of my favorite authors The futuristic pornographic world he's created in these pages is magnificent and that alone is enough to make me envious but as always it's the way Hanson frames his stories that make them so uniue I wrote a sexy cyber spy novel called Thunderpussy and only after reading I Slutbot do I realize that my robots just weren't as sexy or as enlightening or as touching as the ones in this bookAuthor envy aside it's also funny as all hell

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I SlutbotSHE NEEDED SEX WANTED FREEDOM DISCOVERED LOVE AND CONUERED EARTHShe was once the world's most famous porn star engineered to produce bone uaking orgasms at industrial volume With a look of sincere affection and exuisite pleasure bolted permanently to her fa. NOW WITH NEW SOBERER PICTUREShey slutbot okay here's the thing i MIGHT be a little kertrunken right now so i don't know what's going to happen as far as this review goesthis is a DBR with drunken illustrations which is appropriate since i was or less exhausteddistracted the whole time i was reading this book and writing anything intelligent would just be a sham it is unfortunate since mykle hansen deserves better but BEA hit me harder than i thought it would and this book was the innocent victim of my exhaustion and i probably didn't do it any favors reading it in fits and starts as i did but i drawed some drunken pictures for now and i will probably make this review better when i get energy and less liuorthis is how sleepy i was last week when i should have been devoting all my energy to reading this bookand here are pictures that touch on some of the key elements of this booka besotted typewriter a wumpus space captain pounder mcuim and zombie toe sucking if that's not enough to get you to read this i don't know what's wrong with you but i will try to entice you further when sober twsswow i suckyeah twssokay so i have decided that drawing reviews are FUN so i am going to add of them to this review whenever i feel like it because there are plenty of scenes in this book just begging for illustrations and they pretty much speak for themselves so and ENJOYcome to my blog