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A reunion to end all reunions Since their separation years ago Sean Maddock has imagined a lot of scenarios where he and Kristine would get back together So finally getting served with divorce papers is a real shock. This book is about a total creep named Sean He invades the heroine's personal space to intimidate her and make her feel uncomfortable He touches her sometimes intimately and kisses her without her consent and clearly against her wishes Any 'no' from the heroine Kristine is either laughed off or ignoredMcCarthy seems to think that this is okay because Sean is Kristine's estranged husband They haven't seen each other in ten years It's obvious to me that this does not give him a right to touch her violate her privacy or deny her any dignity He was moving forward still forcing her to back up until she was against the far wall under an exterior window trying to keep a few feet of space between them She laughed meaning to sound cavalier but it came out as nervous as she felt He gave a sly smile as if her nervousness amused him With one hand he reached behind him and closed the doorNow she's trapped in an enclosed space with this creeper That's just one exampleHe is rich and wears a suit He really enjoys and gets off on embarrassing and humiliating Kristine Her shudders or shivers are interpreted by him as obvious proof that she's turned on by what he's doing not you know and indication that he's creepy as hell and she's repulseddisgustedafraiduncomfortable He makes unilateral decisions such as We are going to sleep together one last time before getting divorced and I wish we were still a couple I am going to fuck her until she can't think straight and then refuse to sign the divorce papers so that we can be together again Needless to say Kristine does not get a say in these plans neither does she know about the plans He's not above using blackmail and manipulation to get his wayI wish I could blame this type of hero on Christian Grey but the truth is he's existed long before James put pen to paper fingers to keyboard And I'm comparing this to Grey NOT because of BDSM there's no BDSM in this by technical proper definition but because Grey is a prime example of an asshole and so is SeanHe also says really condescending patronizing shit to her like That was always your setback you didn't believe in yourself enoughOr how about I don't remember you that way he said What Kristine was confused What wayInsecure He shook his head to emphasize the pointThis would be me Excuse me What the fuck did you just say to me But Kristine just takes it as if she agrees with him or something Even if you internally agree with his assessment of you you still tell him to go fuck himself on principle Everyone knows that Grow some ovaries girlKristine as a character just annoyed me One by not telling Sean off about a million times when she should have I'm talking about in response to his condescending comments here as she does at least attempt to fend off his creepy nonstop sexual advances It's not her fault he's a creeper who can't take 'no' for an answer and enjoys her discomfort Two she is passive aggressive For instance when Sean tells her he likes her better without make up she shows up at the door when he picks her up with a full face on Three she is very insecure Part of this stems from her being chubby but most of it is from her crushing feeling that she is immature worthless and a failure It's not fun to read aboutThe plot Um Well There's not much of one Repairing their abandoned marriage is really the only thing going on here And by repairing I mean him 'convincing' her to have lots and lots of sex There's a small insignificant sideplot about Kristine working at a art gallery that was vandalized and her dealing with her nutty activist almost abusive mother but it's hardly worth mentioningTl;dr Unless you like smarmy assholes who reach over and start touching your girly bits when you didn't wantaskneedencouragegive permission for such behavior AND not to mention he does that when you are in a vulnerable precarious position where you are unable to defend yourself I would skip this one If you really like domineering creepers who say condescending things to you in a sneering voice this is for you If perhaps you believe that women have a right to say 'no' or 'please turn around and don't watch me while I change' or 'I don't want to do that' it would be best if you never read thisPS He also takes pictures of her naked without her permission1 REAL STAR 1 ROMANCE STARHarleuin Blaze October 2014

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Close UpE he wants one weekend Just the two of them closed up in an isolated cabin Surely by Sunday night they will have played out all their sexy memories maybe even made a few new ones Then he'll be able to walk awayor not. Kristine was a little whiny and worthless throughout most of the book whereas Sean was obviously the catch in this relationship Seems a little absurd for two people to spend 10 years estranged and never file for divorce but I'm sure its not unheard of They had great chemistry and their history together made them reuniting uickly believable enough A solid Harleuin read

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Close Up Free read ç 104 é [Epub] ➟ Close Up By Erin McCarthy – A reunion to end all reunions Since their separation years ago Sean Maddock has imagined a lot of scenarios where he and Kristine would get back together So finally getting served with divorce papers A reunion to end all reunions Since their separation years agoIt's not until he seeks out Kristine and feels the same hot kick of desire that he suddenly knows why he still wants his wife Clearly it's time to move on But before Sean signs on the dotted line to end their marriag. A short read that took me a bit longer than I expected It wasn't a bad book I just couldn't get really into it The story is a pretty straightforward second chance romance – Kristine Sean get married when they're 19 21 and after 6 months of married life they get into a silly argument and don't see each other for 10 years yet stay married all that time For most of their separation they live in different state yet this story starts when Kristine moves back to within a mile of Sean to work as a gallery coordinator She decides that it's probably time to finally divorce Sean so she serves him divorce papers which leads him to realize she moved back and want to meet up with her before they get a divorce When sparks fly the second they see each other he realizes that he needs a sex filled weekend with her to have closure from their relationship The story goes how you'd predict with their weekend together meaning and both not wanting the divorce any longer Kristine does have some financial family troubles that plays a part in the story but for the most part the story pretty much doesn't deviate from what you'd expect Not a bad story at all just nothing to write home about