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Download Twins of Aurora ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï ✯ [PDF] ❤ Twins of Aurora By Magen McMinimy ✼ – Life seems relatively normal for eighteen year old Avalina who spends most of her time hanging out with her outspoken best friend Jess her twin brother Aiden and his best fD an over protective brother while trying to make it through her senior year of high school Their lives are forever changed when the mysterious Araios who looks remarkably like Nick appears at a party in their sleepy little town in Northern Idaho Araios holds secrets Avalina has long forgotten secrets of. Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock 5 FangsAdopted twins Avalina and Aiden are high school seniors living a normal teenage life planning their futures Avalina and her feisty best friend Jess are cheerleaders and Aiden's best friend Nick is on the football team Avalina dated the high school jock Jared who turned out to be really obnoxious She has had a secret crush on Nick for years but despairs of him ever seeing her as anything other than Aiden's little sister During a moment of conflict with Jared Nick's brother Araios shows up seemingly out of nowhere The teens are confused because they have known Nick for years and never knew he had a brother There starts the beginning of a lovely fairy tale Araios tells them that they are from a different world Aurora Being magical royalty they are being chased by Shadow Wolves and Shadow Guards sent by their evil uncle Valdar who was responsible for killing their parents Nick has been a guardian watching over them on Earth Valdar manages to have Aiden kidnapped and the teens head back to Aurora so that Avalina may develop the powers she wasn't aware she had The fascinating world of Aurora is filled with nature nymphs spirit wolves dragons fairies and mermaids The only way to rescue Aiden is to have Avalina develop her powers to fight the dark shadows that are being spread by Valdar On this amazing journey Avalina strives to get her confidence back control her magic and ultimately finds herself torn between loving two men The Twins of Aurora was filled with all the elements of a great fairy tale This extremely well written book was filled with engaging characters and the descriptive passages of Aurora were so realistic you felt you were there I had no trouble imagining the homes of the nature nymphs fairies and mermaids in my head Which warrior does Avallina really love the brother or the friend she has loved for years Will they rescue Aiden from Valdar's evil clutches in time The Twins of Aurora is well worth reading to find out Although this is a YA novel I found myself totally engaged I can't wait to read the next in the series to find out what further adventures are happening in Aurora

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Life seems relatively normal for eighteen year old Avalina who spends most Twins of eBook #241 of her time hanging out with her outspoken best friend Jess her twin brother Aiden and his best friend Nick Avalina fights against the overwhelming crush she has on Nick harassment from her cruel ex boyfriend an. Very good Good world and character mostly building Love the idea of the four elements being controlled in a parallel world and mythical creatures wielding the magic I just really like it as a stand alone book I don't want to ruin my feelings for this book by reading the rest of the series I loved the cheesy predictable ending and that the love interest changed and happy with the choices made by the protagonist

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Twins of AuroraA past based in a world of magic mythical creatures and a royal lineage Follow the group of friends as they travel through this thrilling new world while Avalina learns to control the magic she needs to save everyone from the darkness that threatens to destroy Aurora and all who live within it Re released. Magen McMinimy has done it again and further proven why she is one of my favorite authors of all time This book has everything that I look for in a paranormal fantasy Avalina and Aiden are twins facing normal everyday issues in high school Jess and Nick are their best friends and secretly Ava is crushing hard on Nick and Jess just flirts with everyone Everything is going along normally until Araios shows up and he just happens to be Nicks brother that they didn't even know existed They are thrust into the supernatural world when shadow wolves come after them leaving Nick and Araios to protect them They learn that their life is not what they thought it was and that secrets have been kept to protect them Their Guardians NIck and Araios take them to Aurora where Galina fills them in on the magical world that they left behind as children and the prophecy There Ava learns that she is magical and has the ability to talk to animals and even protect the ones she loves Unfortunately Aiden is taken by the Shadow Guards and imprisoned to try and lure Ava to the evil King so that he may stop the prophecy from happening and keep his reign of the kingdom Ava however proves to be stronger and even better then they thought with her magical abilities and doesn't believe in giving up Ava her best friend and Guardians embark on a journey to get her brother back and fight the evil that is trying to destroy Aurora This book is filled to the brim with magic dragons mermaids good evil love and most of all an exciting read that will leave you wanting the next book in the series