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The Last Days of Ector Reader ´ 128 pages ✓ ➿ [Download] ➽ The Last Days of Ector By Guy Haley ➵ – Hive Fleet Leviathan – billions upon billions of ravenous creatures intent on devouring every scrap of life in the galaxy In its path is the Valedor system five Imperial worlds zealously guarUsly guarded by the Crimson Castellans Space Marines Chapter As the planets are razed one by one only Ector remains defiant Faced with foes beyond number the Crimson Castellans are con This was my eightieth book I've read this year I don't count short stories but this year I've heard some audiobooks so that help achieve this mark One thing is for sure It couldn't be a better book to commemorateSome minor spoilers ahead but with a title The Last Days of Ector The story is set on Ector one of the planets in the Valedor System or Duriel System if you are an Eldar There we see some gang wars as a way to impress the Crimson Castellans who watch and enlist the best of the best One of the best is a female who is turned out because of that particularity With her another man boy is turned out because he defended that she should be accepted Insubordination is not a trait Crimson Castellans appreciate if you want to know why it's not reveal in this book but I bet it has something to do with half the chapter turned to Chaos some years beforeAfter the ordeal they become aware that a hive fleet Leviathan is inbound to the planet The Crimson Castellans say that the three planets are doomed There is no stopping them is not said here but they had fought another Hive Fleet several years before The three governors disagree to help one another but they all will stand and fight After all billions and billions lives will perish since is not possible to evacuate them all After this meeting all the tale is focus on Ector Valedor will be dwelt in another novel written by the same writerFrom this moment on the book tells us of fighting in different hives and the encounter with some eldar who strangely enough are helping humankind Some interesting points Brother Sergeant Yoth is important because the eldar Isarion said that he should not hesitate 53 years from this day in the planet Malefix The phoenix lord Asurmen makes an appearance even if brief It was interesting as well as the Crimson Castellans made their choice Either they defend to the last man or try to escape because as you should know I told you before half their numbers fell to Chaos and most of them good guys and chaos guys died at the claws of the tyranidsI really enjoy the aura of despair of unavoidable defeat and of the grimdark the 40K transcribes People talk about grimdark of other fantasy books but so far this world is the grimmest If I am not mistake this guys coined the term grimdarkness and this book is that Look at the title There is no hope before the Great Devourer All will perishable The only thing you can do is sell your lives dearly I think I had a solution for this do what Switzerland do Every house should have a firearm If Ector with countless billions had one arm for each inhabitant they would not fallRead this then go to Valedor as I am going to do

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Fronted with an impossible dilemma – fight to the last as honour demands or retreat to safeguard the future of their ChapterAn Apocalypse novella from the Valedor War Zone by Guy Hal Absolutely bloody brilliant

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The Last Days of EctorHive Fleet Leviathan – billions upon billions of ravenous creatures intent on devouring every scrap of life in the galaxy In its path is the Valedor system five Imperial worlds zealo The Last Days of Ector is an excellent novella showing just what the cover shows The final days of an imperial hive planet in the fangs of a Tyranid invasion I'll put the plot focused part into spoilers They shouldn't be too spoiler heavy but better safe than sorryview spoilerThe story kicks off with a gang of teenage hivers fighting which shows off some of their culture uite well including dialects and oddities in vocabulary Turns out those kids have been participating in the trials to join the Crimson Castellans Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes Space Marines The story proceeds with the gang leader being rejected by Chaplain Gorth due to insubordination he spoke out that it'd be unfair to leave the girl in the group behind just because she was female which not only shows the colder side of the Space Marines but also makes it clear that certain unchangeable rules have to be adhered to even if they may seem sexist to naive imperial youths The Castellans are shown celebrating that they have gathered over a dozen of neophytes in total with their astropath being sent out to transmit a message to the rest of the Chapter The scene shows the Crimson Castellans in a relaxed manner though still bound by rank in some ways Their Chapter's culture is shortly explored before the astropath takes the stage The astropath's sending was especially well done as it used the relatively limited information on the process and framed it in a intuitive understandable way But then our astropath notices a shadow in the warp Hive Fleet Leviathan is approaching the system and warning must be issuedAnd thus begin plans of evacuation hamstrung by politics and the reinforcement of Ector's hive cities Minefields are deployed walls erected holes stuffed A raffle for the evacuation effort is held everybody else euipped and shown how to fight for their lives The Castellans organize the defense coordinating the defenders of EctorBut then the nigh impossible happens another Hive Fleet materializes Kraken and it is upon Ector's back in no time With the defence grid directed at the less immediate threat the people of Ector are forced to fight for survival to buy time for the transports to evacuate the lucky parts of their populationThe novella spans a few weeks from start to finish It is a losing battle from the moment of contact on there could be no doubt about that It does not tell of victories only of cutting one's losses More than anything though it shows just how massive a threat the Tyranids really are something I feel has been underestimated too many times There's no real winning against the Great Devourer only delaying him hide spoiler