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READ & DOWNLOAD Â Meat By Joseph DLacey ↠ [Read] ➱ Meat Author Joseph DLacey – Abyrne is a decaying town trapped by an advancing wilderness Its people depend on meat for their survival meat supplied by the processing plant on the edge of townMeat is sanctified in Abyrne a precio Abyrne is a decaying town trapAbyrne is a decaying town trapped by an advancing wilderness Its people depend on meat for their survival meat supplied by the processing plant on the edge of townMeat is san. 40 stars This novel has one of the most shocking and disturbing dystopian settings I have come across in a long time While I decided to give this book 4 stars overall I am going to address two main segments of the story so that I can better address the merits of each PART 1 Introduction to the Town of Abryne and its residentsThe initial set up of the book which includes the first half of the novel is NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING and easily worthy of 5 stars in my opinion It is one of the most gripping and horrific settings for a post apocalyptic dystopia that I can remember If the title of the book or the numerous other reviews of the story have not already made this clear let me just say THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR THE SUEAMISH It is brutal grisly and unsettling However despite that warning I would still strongly recommend this book for those who can stomach it as I thought the set up and slow unfolding of the horrors of the town and the life style of the people was incredibly well done Without giving away a spoiler a perfect example of the author's skillful handling of the major plot component took place early on in the story when the author was describing IN DETAIL the process of killingbutcheringprocessing the cows at the meat packing plant I told you this was not for the sueamish In the middle of the description the author included A SINGLE WORD that was completely out of place for the description being given to the point where I had to go back and re read the sentence again Those of you that have read this probably know to what I am referring for the rest all I can say isSIMPLY BRILLIANT MR D’LACEY you sick demented individual In addition the novel has some very memorable characters The Meat Baron Rory Magnus has catapulted onto my list of top 10 most vile and despicable individuals I have encountered in fiction to date In addition I thought that Richard Shanti the “Ice Pick” was a good guide through much of the narrative and the reader was able to get a real sense of his inner struggle between safe guarding his life and the life of his family and betraying his own sense of right and wrong Finally I think the author did a good job of portraying EVERY single Abyrne resident that appears in the story as if not evil at least conditioned to the brutality of their lives It made for a very creepy read Thus for world building story setting characters and causing the reader to cringe in their seat5 starsPART 2 The story itself and the resolution of the plotThe plot itself that picks up steam once the characters are introduced and the story setting are fully explained while still good was fairly predictable and not particularly original Thus I would only give the half of the book 3 stars and thus end up with an overall rating of 4 However as mentioned above the beginning is so AMAZING that I still HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book


Ctified in Abyrne a precious commodity eaten with devout solemnity by everyone except for a handful of people who won't who suspect that the town is evil rotten to its coreA. I've read many horrific things and thought I'd read it all but this one is genuinely frightening because I can see things going this way in the case of an apocalypse or other such disaster with those in a position of power taking advantage of those without Call me gloomy but I don't have a lot of faith in manIt's very thought provoking and reinforces my belief that raising animals in horrible conditions for meat and profit is wrong though I'm not a vegetarian this book may just push me over the edge It tells the story of a civilization that is well no longer civilized Those in power want to stay there and they are keeping a terrible secret from the starving massesIt was a haunting read that was absolutely horrifying and not for the weak of heart but I do wish everyone would read it It dragged a bit for me at the midway point when the focus shifted but overall it was one of those books that I hated to put down when life interrupted

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Meat By Joseph DLacFeud smoulders between the town's religious and secular powers whoever controls the meat supply controls everythingBut the townsfolk are hungry they must be fedThey must be f. I was expecting a horror book but instead I got a book that I felt was preaching to me The subject matter could be horrific providing it really happened but it did not This book left me feeling ripped off and praying for its end to near almost halfway through the book I also found myself falling asleep literally during most of itI am extremely picky about my books and this one came highly recommended I gave this book two stars because it had the potential to be a great horror The extra star came from the story not being bad but it absolutely could not hold my interest for than 4 5 pages at a time I just do not like being preached to throughout a book that I bought to read for funI really wanted to like this book but it flopped to appease my expectations I recommend this book to vegans vegetarians and those who are thinking about becoming either D'Lacey preaches uite a bit about not eating meatI do not recommend this book to anyone looking for a good horror This is a never read You will be disappointedreview published with permission on To see all my reviews please visit