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You would think that when a big green tsunami pounds down on the earth and floods the streets and rips buildings out of the ground that the scientists would have seen something coming That they could have prepared for it But this seems to have caught everyone with their pants downAnd it doesn’t make sense that anyone survived Nobody seems to remember when it actually hit And nobody can figure out how we all. Laura Cooney and LLSoares have done a fantastic job with this novella A green tsunami has decimated the earth and the survivors that are left are changed in ways you cannot imagine This story is told via emails between a husband and wife as they try to figure out why it happened how they can survive and save each other in this new apocalyptic world Living and non living things have transformed and are changing into things that would give David Cronenberg nightmaresI see shades of Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space William Hope Hodgson's The Voice in the Night and Stephen King's The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill all through out this wonderful and terrifying story Along with the interior illustrations Ju Kim Will Renfo Justynn Tyme and Daniel Verkys makes this book even unsettling

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Green TsunamiIng will be the same as both living and inanimate things begin to metamorphosize into a new horrifying reality The story is told entirely via e mails between a man and his wife separated by the catastrophe describing the terrors they must face as they strive to surviveThe cover illustration is by Dan Verkys with a cover design by Ju Kim Interior illustrations were created by Will Renfro Justynn Tyme and Ju Kim. I thoroughly enjoyed Green Tsunami I was fortunate enough to provide the cover art and on reading the book I found myself transported into one of my pictures cleverly written and conceived well done to all

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characters ½ Green Tsunami 109 Ò ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Green Tsunami By Laura Cooney ➸ – You would think that when a big green tsunami pounds down on the earth and floods the streets and rips buildings out of the ground that the scientists would have seen something coming That they could You would think that when a Didn’t get wiped out How we all didn’t just drownI’ve never seen such damage And at the same time it all seems to be healing over in some weird way New things growing in their place–I can’t identify most of it But I’ll try if you let me Laura Cooney and LL Soares have created an apocalytpic novella that is disturbing graphic and provocative A mysterious green tsunami has swept the planet–and noth. There's an art to writing surreal horror fiction Overall the world of a conventional horror novel or novella in the case this this book is for the most part the real world Normal Into it something unreal or horrific is introduced In a novella like Green Tsunami which falls into my personal definition of surreal something unreal and horrific is introduced to a world that is or has become itself horrific The setting for this story is a world changed so dramatically it's become nightmarish in its own regard an unexplained event has occurred a slimy green wave the the main characters have come to call it a tsunami has washed over everything in the world and has and is continuing to transform everything organic and inorganic into something alien and new When the bonds of storytelling are freed up and not confined to staying in a conventional real world setting the story can become so weird it gets in the way of any real plot or it becomes an integral part of book and the characters themselves like this oneThis review's starting to get surreal Let me step backThe story is written by the brilliantly talented husband and wife team LL Soares and Laura Cooney Each chapter is an email sent by either the husband Aaron to his wife Joy or vice versa Joy is trapped a prisoner essentially in the office building where she was working when the tsunami hit Aaron is at home Many buildings were destroyed in the wave many others have been altered into strange alien forms but the electricity still works sporadically and so does email This situation is convenient for the plot to move forward but is often uestioned by the characters themselves who suspect that this may be deliberate than they realizeAaron and Joy had been going through a rough patch in their marriage noted by the terse way in which Joy responds to her husband's emails They learn what the world has become for each and importantly as the story progresses what has become of their troubled son who was in school when everything went greenI was surprised how well the story of Aaron's search for Joy and their son all the while dealing with his own body's strange metamorphosis everyone caught in the wave who survived were changed in some surreal there's that word again way and Joy's situation being held captive by oddities they call Baloon Heads was conveyed through nothing but emails I assumed in reading this that the authors wrote their respective character's parts LL doing Aaron's emails and Laura doing Joy's but I could be wrong Regardless their writing in the past has always been strong and this is no exception The book is inventive and most importantly engaging One of those stories where you want to read just one chapter and suddenly it's overNow be warned This is not your average horror story like I said The setting and events are uite surreal not to the vast extent of say Cisco's The Divinity Student though written just as well and can bend your brain in directions it usually doesn't need to in a Koontz novel But if you want a story that's way out of the box but tells a fascinating and often touching story check this novella out