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Forever Consumed Consumed #3 review À 103 â [KINDLE] ❆ Forever Consumed Consumed #3 Author Skyla Madi – This is itMy revenge I can taste it on my tongue it's sweet and it's addictiveI've worked way too hard to settle for second best and I will come out on top Seth Marc is back and training harder than e This This is itMy revenge I can taste it on my tongue it's sweet and it's addictiveI've worked way too hard to settle for second best and I will Forever Consumed PDFEPUBcome out on top Seth Marc is back and training harder than ev. I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you♥♥ My whole body is alight with a fire I've never felt beforeMy chest isn't heavy like it usually is before because this time I fight for myselfThis time—this fight—it's for me” One man's uest to win redemptionCan he redeem himself to his former gloryAnd with tensions rising and stakes risingwill it be enoughWhatever the verdict it's JUDGEMENT DAYReaders Get ready to live and breathe the final moments of our favorite bad boy meets good girl couple Seth and OliviaWithout giving out too much we meet the couple right after Too Consumed left us with Seth and Olivia getting married suee Picking up right after that we see them through their ups and downs downfalls and triumphs as a couple and Seth bringing himself to the brink of seeking his revenge against rival Don Russell “I rule this arenaThis is my kingdom and I am the king” Skyla really treats readers as we get to witness not only the HEA of “Selivia” but particularly one precious moment that will leave you in seventh Heaven I know I wasI personally really enjoyed myself as I got to journey with this couple from humble sensual beginnings to an all out and around solid and permanent partnership The author does a splendid job in not only the love and fighting aspects of this story but also an amazing job on focusing on the simple and most important things in life that you shouldn't take for granted So over all an astounding end to this delectable and heartfelt trilogy Seth and Olivia you will be missed “Being with Seth is the best feeling in the world There are no outside problems It's just us all alone consumed by passion and the need to take each other to the brink of chaos It's in those moments that I feel like everything is okay that everything is perfect” PS And yes for you Jackson and Selena lovers they're still in the mix But their relationship is rather complicated and strews through “a vicious cycle” as Seth puts it sighs I'm still hoping for a book on them though Even even a Chase book as well I'm still so curious about him Fingers crossed

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O for publicity he doesn't realize just how serious the situation is With Olivia by his side Seth Marc pushes himself to his limits and struggles to keep opponent Don Russell out of his head as they fight it out one last time. I was gifted a copy of this bookI was honestly really disappointed with this book I fell in love with Seth and Olivia in Consumed and was very happy with how that book ended I understand after reading the author's note at the beginning of Forever Consumed that Skyla Madi wanted to make readersfans happy by continuing the series but this was probably not the best way A novella after Consumed would have been great or an update in Selena and Jackson's book could have worked as well I do appreciate when an author cares enough about her readers to do something like this but for me it didn't work this time SPOILERSI absolutely can not deal with secrets lies and cheating in my books I'm upset that the author would wait until the third book to write about Seth betraying Olivia In this story I really expected hearts and flowers with maybe a little drama involving Don Nope I got a husband who obsesses over his wife but then kisses her best friend and another woman A best friend who he didn't even really like A best friend who IMO is not really a friend at all Selena has been really sketchy this entire series and for her to do something like this and keep it a secret It was even worse when Olivia found outshe IMMEDIATELY forgives themthere was no hesitation on her part with Seth and it took maybe 5 minutes for her to forgive Selena It was interesting that Seth mentioned a few times in the book that he can do almost whatever he wants and Olivia will forgive him I do understand forgiveness because I in fact forgive people pretty uickly as well but not without some screaming and maybe some time spent apart Next the author felt the need to explain some of the actions of the characters When Olivia was turned on by Selena and Jackson by the car we got an entire paragraph of why that happened These explanations happened uite often in the book and it bothered me a bit that the author felt the need to explain herself Overall this was not my favorite in the series but I'm happy that Seth and Olivia got their HEA Great epilogue

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Forever Consumed Consumed #3Er before to redeem his loss to Don Russell Tensions are high but stakes are higher as MMAC founder Matt Somers forces Seth and Don to train under the same roof Though Matt Somers believes it's only good fun to provoke the tw. Writing There is room for improvement There were technical errors misspelled words and then just confusing sections Confusing example His hand lingers there for a few seconds before he runs a living finger along my side making me shiver What the heck is a living finger Can I get one I want to shiverCharacters Let's seeOlivia Olivia Olivia I enjoyed her in the first 2 books I think but I wanted to climb into my phone and slap some sense into her in book 3 She had no back bone Seth could be sweet but after the kissing scene he was on my crap list Jackson was an interesting character with a lot of issues He also has lots of tattoos Yum Selena is a very selfish character AND SHE KISSED HER BEST FRIENDS HUSBAND The tramp UGH Darryl was my favorite The voice of reasonStoryline If I remember correctly I enjoyed book 1 and book 2 However I was not impressed with book 3 There wasn't enough substance to it for me There were major life events that happened but nothing to really base a book off of RANT SESSION IN PROGRESS So Seth and Olivia are married in this book Seth's boss is hounding him about amping up the pub for the upcoming fight Selena's bright idea has Seth kissing two women and one of them was her who he kissed twice GET THISOlivia brushed it off Ha ha No big deal Then Skyla Madi had narration sections about forgiveness and why Seth's actions were easy to forgive ARE YOU KIDDING ME I'm assuming Skyla is not married since she can reduce the sanctity of marriage vows so easily in this passage My favorite part of this scene was when Darryl laid into Seth for kissing those two girls Then Olivia asked Seth how would he feel if she kissed Jackson His response I would kill him Olivia's responsewait for itha ha No big dealBut wait there's Olivia and Seth are expecting a child They're married and having sex so YAY right WRONG O Mary Lou Seth tells Olivia to have an abortionWhat was Olivia's response you ask Ha ha No big deal ShockingI know When Selena asks Olivia if she is keeping the baby get thisSeth blows up This time Olivia thanks SethSHE FREAKING THANKS HIM for defending her But wait didn't your husband tell you to get an abortion yesterday Now you want to be offended RANT SESSION COMPLETEDIntimacy Scenes There was one scene that was pretty spicy Seth does a little dirty talking Jackson has a short scene in Seth and Olivia's hotel room Really short like one sentence but I found it funny Something you don't expect when you walk through the doorOverall The book was okay It needed substance I was hoping the book would end Seth and Olivia's story with a BANG However that is not what happened My most common emotion while reading this book was anger Marriage was really reduced to a free for all There was no sacredness