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N But the Duke's scandalous proposition leaves her life of pious integrity reelingSeduced by the glare of royal adoration Katherine becomes John's mistress She will leave behind everything she has stood for to play second fiddle to his young wife and ruthless ambition She will live in the shadows of the most powerful man in England in the hope of a love great. Its historical fiction about a lady we know little about for sure so there are liberties taken with history However I liked it than Anya Seton’s “Katherine” There’s a lot of fluff but you tear through all 500 pages uickly

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The Scandalous DuchessEr than propriety But soon the court whispers whore harlot vile temptress reach the ears of not just John's young bride but his most dangerous political enemies As the Plantagenet prince is accused of bringing England to its knees who better to blame than shameless she devil Katherine de Swynford Dragged from the shadows Katherine must now answer for her sins. 3 stars is a little generousI have read several by this author now and they are mildly diverting but not outstandingly historical I do take the point that not a lot is known etc but others have done well on just as little to go on The outstanding thing that struck me reading this is that all this author's heroines they are romances than HF really are alike; they could almost be the same character and they are all prone to a bit of hysterically misunderstanding and angry blaming I hope this is not representative of the author herself There is also a tendency to 'feistyness' which does pall and is historically ingenuous at bestThe author does still spin a good tale though; it is always readable though historically annoying Worth a read if you like a romance with a good dollop of multiple misunderstanding betwixt star crossed lovers

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The Scandalous Duchess Characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free è [BOOKS] ✰ The Scandalous Duchess ✺ Anne OBrien – It is time for this great love to be tested But is anything strong enough to face the cries of heresy 'If you will be a great man's mistressIt is time for this great love to be tested But is anything strong enough to face the cries of heresy 'If you will be a great man's mistress you must pay the price' The Savoy Widow Lady Katherine de Swynford presents herself The Scandalous Epubfor a role in the household of merciless royal prince John Plantagenet Duke of Lancaster hoping to end her destitutio. Unlike many court dramas THE SCANDALOUS DUCHESS is focused almost wholly on its female protagonist Katherine Swynford and the matters of her heart rather than on politics and royal intrigue an important point of difference from other such books The story mentions political events only in as much as they have an impact on Katherine's personal life She is a woman completely lacking in political ambition and this story is a romantic and domestic drama nothing which does not mean that it is inconseuentialThis book centers firmly on the experiences of women in fourteenth century England and their vicissitudes in conforming to the whims of men the conseuences of this condition and the women's powerlessness to change their situation or act with any sort of autonomy Early in the story comes a brief interlude in which Katherine receives romantic advice from a pilgrim who seems modeled uite blatantly on the Wife of Bath from Chaucer's CANTERBURY TALES made doubly ironic by the fact that Katherine's sister Philippa is married to Geoffrey Chaucer It is an amusing reminder that mediaeval women were every bit as worldly as are modern women THE SCANDALOUS DUCHESS is thus both implicitly and explicitly a feminist book When popular opinion turns against Katherine and Duke John's affair Katherine says that fury flooded through me that the cruellest accusations were directed at me The woman The daughter of Eve guilty of seduction as she had been since the beginning of time This book is also a very intimate look at the ramifications of royal blood for the human beings in whose veins it flows With great privilege comes a great weight of duty with little space for those everyday human emotions like for instance love When a royal duke must marry for political reasons is it really wrong for him to take a mistress for love And when he does what are the emotional conseuences for the women involved Overall the book examines these uestions closely compellingly and effectively but far from perfectly Unfortunately the uality of the story's characterization exposition and style is somewhat patchyTHE SCANDALOUS DUCHESS has a surprisingly small cast of characters for a court drama the only people of any real conseuence in the story are Katherine John and John's wife the Duchess Constanza Even limiting is the fact that Katherine's is the only point of view given in the book placing the burden of the entire story on her shoulders alone which may in part account for the book's flaws Luckily Katherine is a character easy to sympathize with but she does of course have some irritating traits too She uickly demonstrates a wry self deprecating and in a sense particularly feminine wit that is uite endearing There is much emphasis placed on Katherine's piety and morality we are made to understand in no uncertain terms that she is not a woman prone to scandalous activities But neither is she without passion and desire as demonstrated by her assertion that Constanza would never understand that a woman could be drawn to a man for other reasons than wealth and power She would never understand that I had rejected every moral teaching of my youth simply because the Duke had wanted me and I had been unable to resist his allure However Katherine does a little too much hypocritically pious hand wringing to allow the reader to identify with her unreservedly whereas the Duke's air of dormant menace makes him a much enigmatic and interesting characterThe story begins at a fast pace and the first person narrative gives it even immediacy although the style is just slightly stilted at times However the first half of the book has an air of superficiality that makes many scenes feel a little flat There is something lacking in the professed love between Katherine and John it is a love that is stated rather than demonstrated and is therefore difficult for the reader to feel truly invested in The account of John and Katherine's courtship often reaches the fanciful heights of melodrama although this is sometimes tempered by a lively humor Thankfully after the seeming superficiality of the first half of the book the author seems to hit her stride about halfway through drawing the reader in with heartfelt emotions and dramatic scenes that have real impact From that point the reader is likely to find themselves emotionally invested in the story and its characters This story contains a twist that instantly heightens emotions and the reader's sympathies riveting the attention on the sudden burst of action and true conflict conflict within and conflict withoutI found THE SCANDALOUS DUCHESS to be an enjoyable and enlightening read if inconsistent in uality However I must take issue with the publisher rather than the author on a few points Typographical errors are irritatingly common in this book as is sloppy punctuation and inappropriate word usage all problems that should have been corrected during the editing process After the close of the story I also found the thirty odd pages of additional material about the book its author and her writing process to be maddeningly excessive The author's note explaining how much factual material she had to work with and how much of the story involved poetic licence is conventional and appropriate for a historical novel and I can understand and appreciate the uestions and suggestions included for use by book clubs I also enjoy reading a short author biography However when this is followed by another four discrete sections on why the author writes a A about her writing her writing life and then a day in her life I begin to fear I am simply being subjected to an extraordinarily lengthy advertisement of the author's other books especially as these pages are peppered with website addresses And finally a list of the ten best places in which to read THE SCANDALOUS DUCHESS I found that risible and all but insulting I really don't need to be told where to read this book especially when the suggestions include a dentist's waiting room and ruined castles on the other side of the planet from where I live