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The New IndiaIn this book Ved Mehta tells the story hitherto obscured by a combination of censorship propaganda and ignorance of the “new India” that began in June when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi convicted of corrupt electoral practices under popular pressure The New PDFEPUBto resign and constitutionally threatened with the loss of her office in effect carried out a coup in her own country and set about rewriting the constitution to fashion a dictatorship Opening with a brooding portrayal of the Indian capital in the days before the “new India” began a time of signs and portents as in an Elizabethan drama Mr Mehta draws up a.

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Powerful brief against Mrs Gandhi recounting how with her son Sanjay whose dynastic ambitions were growing ever blatant she ruled by decree jailed and tortured political opponents suspended civil liberties and judicial safeguards silenced the press and levelled inner city slums relocating their inhabitants in barbed wire enclosed camps and subjecting them to a program of forced sterilization He goes on to review Mrs Gandhi’s life and career and to disentangle the web of reasons for the downfall of what he calls her “Orwellian regime” placing the story in its historical and social context narrating it without polemi.

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Read & Download ✓ The New India ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The New India ❤ Author Ved Mehta – In this book Ved Mehta tells the story—hitherto obscured by a combination of censorship propaganda and ignorance—of the “new India” that bC and without moralizing and presenting it piece by piece as though each event each figure were part of an engrossing jigsaw puzzleThis account written in the elegant and incisive style for which Mr Mehta is known is the first accurate report and analysis we have had of the “new India” it affords a searching look at the world’s most populous democracy in the light of the rise and fall of one of the most mercurial leaders of our time The elections that in March brought about Mrs Gandhi’s precipitous defeat are Mr Mehta concludes “the most hopeful sign in recent years for the growth of democracy in a poor country?.