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D she doesn’t need to be saved When an irreversible mistake is made Aidan loses both womenFate has other plans and a second chance emerges Can Aidan let go of the guilt he carries and allow himself happiness Or will he continue to fight his feelings and intentionally sabotage any hope of a relationship. Not good things to say Halfway through I had to stop because it doesn't make any sense as a seuel The storyline that supposedly continues after Tug is nonexistent The characters act differently and all of them seem like new ones Hate is a really strong feeling and I don't want to use it but it sure was a big disappointment

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The Hustle Irreparable #4Aidan Hunter’s heart has been broken twice The first time was his mistake Tori belonged to his brother The second time an entirely different kind of void remainedAfter months of trying to understand how Maria perpetrated such heartless betrayal the only thing Aidan has left The Hustle PDF or is the des. This book was definitely not for me I didn't believe for one second Tug loved anyone other than Tori I believe Tori was uite happy with that because it meant she got the best of both worlds He used Maria He used Peyton I didn't like how Tori's actions in Tug's first book were excused away because of her illness then hated how Tug got everything he wanted even though he was one of the most selfish so called heroes I have ever readI actually regret reading this book and should've just read the first one and been done with it Maria deserved so much better than she got and I ended up hating Tug I know I am definitely in the minority because I thought Tug was the one who was in the wrong and should've been begging Maria to forgive him Maria didn't break his heart because it has always been with Tori But nope He reverts to his usual ways and by then I was skimming til the end I'm so goddamn angry at myself for reading this book I changed my rating from 1 to 2 stars because the author obviously did something right by making me feel so passionately about this book even though I hated it

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The Hustle Irreparable #4 Summary ¾ 105 ✓ ❰Download❯ ➵ The Hustle Irreparable #4 Author K.J. Bell – Aidan Hunter’s heart has been broken twice The first time was his mistake; Tori belonged to his brother The second time an entirely different kind of void remainedAfter months of trying to underIre to seek revenge With everything in place to work the hustle of a lifetime Aidan learns the truth and he’ll stop at nothing to get Maria back Only in an unexpected twist Peyton Miles a woman completely opposite of Maria begins to worm her way into Aidan’s heart She’s mature sexy and confident an. This book was ok I did not feel the love between the Hero and the heroine Really hard develop those feelings even when reading about it when the H goes on and on and on about how he loves another woman But to have us readers believe on the last few pages he loves the heroine well to me it is just not plausible I do believe that he was in lust with the heroine but then again I think any woman would have done for his needs I get that the heroine was a nice girl but come on even after a while she got a little over the top for me I mean you spill your heart out to the guy and tell him you love him and he tells you I can not do this and I am not ready well pull up your big girl knickers and move on Nope door mat waits for him to change his mind 3 weeks she waits Even in the book you see her counting down the last 5 minutes All this showed me was heroine had not pride Tug was suppose to come across as this bad A scary dude He fought with the cartels he was a billionaire he was handsome and yada yada yada To me he came across as whiny and selfish NO I honest do not think he loved the heroine at all It was what she could do for him at the moment