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Free read Trattatello in laude di Dante ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Trattatello in laude di Dante Author Giovanni Boccaccio – Life of Dante is a fascinating and hugely important literary work both in terms of the revelations it provides into the lives anY an account of the misfortunes that befell the great Florentine exile the resulting Life of Dante also gives precious insight into Boccaccio's own ideas on a wide variety of issues including poetry literature women and society. When you read a biography written by a fanboy you should know what to expect praises to the highest of heavens up to the point that you wouldn't know what is true and what is a hyperbole All that being said and apart of the not so easy to read style it was a good short glimpse into the life of Dante Also some interesting points about poetry as an art from the late medieval points of view of Boccaccio Not bad

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Ample of biography Boccaccio was a fervent admirer of Dante and as such he embarked upon writing this short piece as a vindication of the merits of his illustrious fellow citizen in laude di ePUB #10003 Yet far from being simpl. This is an awesome little biography especially because while it is the first written biography of Dante Boccaccio goes off on his own little rants about politics poetry wives etc He is very critical of Dante's wife for distracting him from his writing and rants Who does not know that everything which is bought is tried by the purchaser before he buys it except a wife

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Trattatello in laude di DanteLife of Dante is a laude di PDF #201 fascinating and hugely important literary work both in terms of the revelations it provides into the lives and thoughts of two great Italian men and also as Trattatello in PDF or an early ex. Oh foolish minds One brief fragment of an hour will separate the spirit from the failing body and bring to nothing all the blameworthy toils and time which must consume all things will either uickly destroy the memory of the wealthy man or preserve it for a little while to his shame This certainly will not happen to our poet Rather just as we see implements of war become brilliant by usage so will it be with his name and the it is rubbed by time the it will continue to shine Therefore let him who wants to toil on in his own pursuits and let it suffice him to be left alone to do so without seeking to censure another's virtuous work condemning things which he does not understand himself What would Dante think of this biographyGiovanni Boccaccio an Italian master in his own right professes reverberating vibrato in his praise for Dante and condemnation of Florence; his logical arguments regarding virtues and vices his definitions on the nature of poetry and greatness resound with inspiration But how would Dante as the primary subject of this work digressions aside characterize it As a modern reader one must consider Boccaccio's motivations as well as his audience's demands As medieval literature bridged over to early Renaissance was Boccaccio concerned with accurately recounting Dante's life or with composing a treatise glorifying the meaning of that life as exemplified through his craft Throughout the book Boccaccio describes Dante's experience as one fraught with ill fortune rather than personal choices; as a tragic victim of circumstance While describing a man who composed one of the greatest epic poems in western culture analyzing merits Boccaccio does not seem to analyze Dante's experiences according to his merits Boccaccio rather characterizes Dante as an ascetic man of learning who did not gain his appropriate reward the same analysis he may have provided for any wise man of Dante's caliber who similarly suffered In this sense Boccaccio does not illustrate a life of Dante in particular but rather delivers fiery sermons on the just deserts of anyone with such brilliance He calls Dante's tendency to love a distraction from his studies; something that cheated him out of additional greatness and higher learning But let us not forget that Dante's vision of God centered around love So I ask again Was Boccaccio concerned with remaining true to Dante or with broadcasting his own ideasAny skeptic would likely jerk at the smelling salts of Dante's mother's prophetic dreams or his son's vision of the location of the The Divine Comedy's last thirteen cantos With these devices Boccaccio adds a legendary uality to the memory of Dante; as if telling the tale of a Homeric or biblical hero Again what is Boccaccio's intentionI believe Boccaccio simply wants to glorify his craft and compel society to help him Any great civilization focuses on its heroes rather than its sins When that society's sins fall to its heros men propagating glory must intervene lest the mythical illusion fade Therefore rather than reading a true biography of a man; composed of astounding accomplishments shameful flaws and vulnerabilities we read of a legend whose fellow man jabbed a spear into his side but to whom they should all aspire to emulate