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PDF å BOOK Bracing the Blue Line Bracing for Love #1 Ø ❮Read❯ ➲ Bracing the Blue Line Bracing for Love #1 Author Lindsay Paige – Gym-apparel.co.uk Neil Grant and Winston are college hockey players and roommates in vastly different relationships that intertwine three stories into one Captain Neil LawsonEr sister in high school Now that she’s attending his university they try being friends Their love never died and soon it reignites Winston has to keep history from repeating itself before he loses his girl once and for all She’s not the same girl she used to be though The guys must battle their issues both past and present while falling in love along the w This book was okay for me I did like the uniueness of having the book told from 3 different guys' perspectives but I felt like it was too long It was taking too long for things to progress in the book I have read many books where a character has a secret but I felt like the reader should have known the secret in this book or it should not have been talked about so much while the reader was clueless It was like being at a gathering where everyone is talking about something and you are in the dark and no one will tell you what is going on If you don't want the reader to know till the end that is fine but don't keep throwing it in our face It is very annoying I would give this book 35 though for the uniue three guy point of views

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Neil Grant and Winston are college hockey players and roommates in vastly different relationships that intertwine three stories into one Captain Neil Lawson wants to run for the hills when a one night stand shows up on his doorstep pregnant with his baby His past haunts him before fueling him into being a part of this girl and this baby’s lives but it won’t I really enjoyed this book I was worried about the plot following three different storylines but the way it was written works so well The story flows smoothly and I think the three storylines enhance each other I'll definitely be checking out stories by Lindsay Paige

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Bracing the Blue Line Bracing for Love #1Be that easy Goalie Grant Faison is a curious guy who starts doing small favors for the sports photographer of the college paper There’s something going on with the girl who has three overprotective brothers but for once Grant can’t ask uestions He has to wait for her to tell him on her own Defenseman Winston Brooks secretly dated his best friend’s young At First SightAnyone that knows me even a little knows I love hockey So of course you can probably guess that this cover is one I wouldn't mind hanging on my future reading room wall in poster form It fits the book so well and I absolutely love itCharacters and RelationshipsBracing the Blue Line is written from 3 different male points of view all telling the story of their own different relationship but at the same time telling one big story It is in a word geniusNeil was a character I wasn't sure I was going to like at first I thought he was pretty much a jerk It was interesting to watch as his story unfolded with Audra and how his past became a part of what he decided he wanted for the future He turned out to be someone that I not only liked but someone I respected I was amazed by his transformation and loved the way he wormed his way into my heart I wasn't sure what I expected to happen between Winston and Maddie for uite a while into the book I really liked the two of them together and as their history together was told and the story unfolded I wasn't uite sure if they were going to make it as a couple A lot of decisions had to be made and their story really goes to show sometimes you have to go after who you want and what is best for you regardless of what someone else may thinkI had to save Grant for last in this section He was my favorite of the three guys although I love them all Grant and Lucy getting together always seemed like a work in progress Lucy had so much mystery surrounding her and I wasn't sure for the longest time what it was that held her back so much from just jumping in with Grant I guess part of my thinking may have been This guy is awesomego for it but it isn't always that easy I loved how patient and compassionate Grant was and to be honest I think I liked him best because he reminded me the most of my own husband and how he is with meIs This A Kissing Book?Yes this is a kissing book This one is definitely an 18 and up That being said I found it a little less steamy from some of Lindsay's other books but not in a bad way It was a great balance of romance for the different storiesDon't Leave Me HangingThis book is a stand alone There was no cliff hanger but if Lindsay wanted to explore some of the other side characters I wouldn't be a bit disappointedThe Best Gems HOCKEY Movie Night Over Bearing Brothers Indoor Campout Camera Clicks Library Good SurprisesThe Sum UpI adored watching this book unfold and seeing how the different relationships all interconnected through the lives of the others Lindsay Paige is an author I have just discovered in the last few months and in reading several of her books in that time from her first to her most recent in Breaking the Blue Line I can see her development as an author All of her books have been a delight but I can truly say that Breaking the Blue Line is her best so far and my favorite by a long shot