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FREE DOWNLOAD á GYM-APPAREL.CO.UK å Whitney G. E ayear old lawyer a book hoarder and completely unattractive She was supposed to be someone I shared law advice with late at night someone I could trust with details of my weekly escapades But then she came into my firm for an interview a college intern interview and everything fucking changed. 5 ANDREW is my BOOK BOYFRIEND StarsReread Audio VersionIf you haven’t read Reasonable Doubt you are crazy and if you have read it you need to listen to the audio version now I can’t stress how much I enjoyed listening to this beautiful sexy and witty seriesAudioThe Audio version is fantastic This is my first audio book with dual POV Meaning I got a male and female narrator I absolutely love the narrators Aubrey’s voice is ridiculously cute and you can really feel her emotions I love listening to her getting embarrassed shock fluster and turn on I’m such a fan of hers that I looked for other books she narrates so I can listen to themAndrew has a deep and confident voice If you had to listen to an alpha voice it would be him I enjoy his transition between voices and when he cuts someone off since Andrew does that a lotBoth voices works and it made the book flow so nicely I could listen to this book again Whitney did well in picking the cast ReviewI wrote a review for each book but this is my overall review on the seriesAndrew is a lawyer He’s also very cocky mean and loves sex with random women He uses a lawyer website to meet and hook up with women Aubrey is a pre law student She’s also a ballerina cute right She wants to be a ballerina professionally but her parents will only pay for her tuition if she’s in law school too Andrew and Aubrey form a friendship on line Aubrey uses the site to get help with school work but she pretends to be an established lawyer Andrew doesn’t have friends but he likes talking to Aubrey so he continues his friendship with her via texting calling and emailing But eventually it’s not enough and he wants to meet her in personI love Andrew’s character Whitney has a way in creating these crazy strong alpha Heroes You just want them to take you and have their way with you I love the way Andrew pursues Aubrey He’s so determined to get into her pants and he makes it very clear AND IT’S SO HOTTTT THIS WHOLE BOOK IS HOTAubrey is too cute She’s beautiful young and smart and all she can think about is ballet but now she’s consumed with Andrew She knows she can’t be with someone who has sex casually that’s not her but Andrew makes it very hard for her to resist him Each book takes you deeper into their relationship There’s tension between Aubrey and her non supportive parents There’s Andrew’s issue with commitment and they are HUGE Andrew also has a past and it’s kind of like the underlying story throughout the series Bits and pieces are revealed and I really enjoyed those partsReasonable Doubt is written well with developed and strong characters engaging story line and addictive sex scenesREAD IT or LISTEN TO IT or like me DO BOTH An Audio copy was kindly provided REVIEW | REVIEW | Series

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FREE READ ï Reasonable Doubt Full Series Í [Reading] ➸ Reasonable Doubt Full Series By Whitney G. – This is a previously published edition ASIN B00N5253CUThe complete New York Times Bestselling serial now available in one book My cock has an appetite A huge and very particular appetite Blonde curvy This is a This is a previously published edition ASIN BNCUThe complete New York Times Bestselling serial now available in one book My cock has an appetite Reasonable Doubt PDFEPUBA huge and very particular appetite Blonde curvy and preferably not a fucking liarAlthough that's a story for another day As a. Audio re read of the Reasonable Doubt seriesI love these books I love Andrew Hamilton and his filthy mouth And I LOVE the fact that my favorite narrator Sebastian York narrates Andrew Could this be any betterMy 5 star review for Reasonable Doubt Volume 1My 5 star review for Reasonable Doubt Volume 2My 45 star review for Reasonable Doubt Volume 3

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Reasonable Doubt Full SeriesHigh profile lawyer I don't have time to waste on relationships so I fulfill my needs by anonymously chatting and sleeping with women I meet online My rules are simple One dinner One night No repeats This is only casual sex Nothing Nothing less At least it was until AlyssaShe was supposed to b. So I'm super late getting to this oneHonestly with so many reviewsratings I don't know what I could possibly contribute to the conversation regarding this popular book so I'll just give you my wonderfulgif full opinionThere's so much deceit secrets and lying by omission in this book SeriouslyAnd despite the fact that they both have lied deceived and withheld information from the other they still get raging pissed when they find out THEY have been lied to and kept in the dark by the other oneThe only constants in this book are the steamy chemistry factor between them and the repeated love youhate you And yes it's an absolute constantThey're mad at each otherThey're hot and heavy againThen once again they can't stand each otherAnd they can't keep their hands off each otherHonestly it was a bit beyond annoyingBut alas eventually EVENTUALLY it all works out and we get the HEA Yay