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Read ✓ The Duffle Bag Boyz Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë ❰Epub❯ ❤ The Duffle Bag Boyz Author Mr. Galena – After being set up by a female and robbed at gunpoint six childhood friends come to the conclusion that the uickest way to obtain weaNickel and dime corner hustlers Their objective is always to make a significant amount with one withdrawal Read through the trials and tribulations of the Duffle Bag Boyz Blood will be shed as the money is made but nothing will stop them from going after their goal to rule the street. Great ReadI Enjoyed this book a great Deal However there were a few errors that couldn't be overlooked such as the author forgetting that he had just Killed Shyst Also BOND was involved in a shootout with police on the Porch of Eclipse house and I was under the impression he died in that situation being he was outnumbered Unprotected Also There was Never anything else said about Sassy being PregnantNot even when she woke up drinking Towards the end Eclipse was shot Coughing up blood However there wasn't any Mention of medical treatment he was simply Arrested Mirandized That's not a word is it Lol y'all know what I mean Carted off to Jail one thing in the beginning 4p was supposed to have beef with Eclipse Lucky's beef was with StreetsI don't want to tell the whole storyline Anyway Make No Mistake About it The Actual STORY MINUS THE ERRORS WAS EXCELLENT I pointed out the errors because they can't be overlooked like a minor typo or missed word which is why I gave you a 4 versus a Five Kindalynn S

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Prison walls and a detective who’s uncertain if he’s coming or going who will be the last man standing in their deadly game of dodge ball Take hold of the hottest urban trilogy ever Eclipse and his crew go on a mission to prove to everyone that they're than just some third rate. Such along tale of ppl hating on each otherI was hoping the guys wouldn't have done the last robbery and took the money they had and bounced but no they were too busy hating on and competing with each other; so sad After all that Eclipse ending up taking the fall for everyone last man standing

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The Duffle Bag BoyzAfter being set up by a female and robbed at gunpoint six childhood friends come to the conclusion that the uickest way The Duffle PDF to obtain wealth is to get it the ski mask way With an unstable crew the emergence of a devil in women's clothing a man collecting bodies from behind. For the 1st time reading a book by this author I was all in it from the beginning to the end full of action Duffle Bag Boyz draws you in real uick who says you can't rob a bank and get away with it the crew had things on lock until the enemy comes nothing and wants a piece of the pie I'm so ready for part 2 I will be reading books from this author kudos to a book well written a must read