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Read Í Unprocessed 100 ´ [Download] ➽ Unprocessed ➽ Megan Kimble – In the tradition of Michael Pollan's bestselling In Defense of Food comes this remarkable chronicle from a founding editor of Edible Baja Arizona of a young woman's year long journey of eating only wh In the tradition of Michael Pollan's bestselling In DIndustrialized But she also discovered that in daily life as she attempted to balance her project with a normal social life which included dating the uestion of what made a food processed was inextricably tied to gender and economy politics and money work and playBacked by extensive research and wide ranging interviews and including tips on how to ditch processed food and transition to a real food lifestyle Unprocessed offers provocative insights not only on the process of food but also the processes that shape our habits communities and day to day live. Premise sounded interesting Execution was disappointing I recommend reading one of Michael Pollan's books instead

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In the tradition of Michael Pollan's bestselling In Defense of Food comes this remarkable chronicle from a founding editor of Edible Baja Arizona of a young woman's year long journey of eating only whole unprocessed foods intertwined with a journalistic exploration of what unprocessed really means why it matters and how to afford itIn January of Megan Kimble was a twenty six year old living in a small apartment without even a garden plot to her name But she cared about where food came from how it was made and what it did to her body so she decided to go. I literally could not put this book down and finished it in under 24 hours The whole premise is that Megan decides to spend a year not eating processed foods or mostly not eating processed foods andor eating mostly not processed foods Her rules are a little loosey goosey at first although as she learns about food processing from vegetables to milk to meat she firms them up uite nicely I love that she lives in the arid Southwest Tuscon just south of me because I felt like I could relate and even try some of her tips I also love that she does not make a gazillion dollars she makes 18000 per year as a single woman living on her own Yes she eats a lot of fairly plain food but her point is that even with a small income we can make better choices about what we eat and where it comes from I think it fitting that somewhere inbetween starting and finishing this book I actually planted seeds in my new vegetable garden and I also have looked up some CSA and Farmer's Markets uite convenient that many of the vendors she interviewed and toursfacilities she tours are local to me so I cherry picked off her research much than I normally would be able to on a book about better eating choicesAs for the memoir part I've read reviews complaining that Megan is just some privileged white girl who hasn't had enough experience with hunger or lack of choices to write a worthwhile memoir about it Well frankly I am also a privileged white girl who has very very rarely gone to bed hungry but that doesn't mean I don't want to learn to make better informed choices about what I put into my body and to do it without spending a gazillion dollars

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UnprocessedAn entire year without eating processed foods Unprocessed is the narrative of Megan's extraordinary year in which she milled wheat extracted salt from the sea milked a goat slaughtered a sheep and all while earning an income that fell well below the federal poverty lineWhat makes a food processed As Megan would soon realize the answer to that uestion went far beyond cutting out snacks and sodas and became a fascinating journey through America's food system past and present She learned how wheat became white how fresh produce was globalized and animals. This book took me almost three full months to read something about reading on my Kindle slows me down but it prompted a lot of thought and reflection The book chronicles Kimble's yearlong experiment in eating wholly unprocessed foods For each chapter Kimble explains the impact of eating unprocessed for one food group for example meat dairy etc I found reading Kimble's personal take to be pretty entertaining and enjoyable for example when Kimble found giving up chocolate unthinkable she decided to make it herself I learned a lot of interesting facts to relay to friends like the fact that it takes 40 gallons of water to make one gallon of almond milk and I've folded in some of the practicesideas that Kimble delivers to readers at the end of each chapter for how to bring unprocessed food into the home