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Vera's WillNdous insight and tremendous import Vera's Will is not only a deeply moving book but a gift and a kind of rescueJustin Torres author of We the AnimalsEttinger's captivating story is rich with social and cultural detail alive with generously drawn characters and unflinching in its political passionEllen Meeropol author of On Hurricane IslandVera's Will is a beautifully written family saga with a twist that tells the parallel stories of a woman and her granddaughter who are both lesbian One is a story of self sacrifice the other is a story of liberation the author's great gift is to show us how they intertwine Michael Nava author of The City of Palaces. A good read Not literary but weighty It's somewhat of a family saga about a Jewish immigrant woman in the early 20th century and how difficult it is for her being a lesbian during that time It alternates with her granddaughter's also a lesbian story from the 1970s so there's a bit of suspense as you wonder how the characters from the older story turned into the versions of themselves you see later But mostly the plot has only a few dramatic moments and is about the arc of a life and history

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Vera's Will Free read ´ 104 Ò ➺ [Reading] ➼ Vera's Will By Shelley Ettinger ➯ – LIBRARY JOURNAL STARRED REVIEW It was Easter Monday 1903 when five year old Vitka Resnikoff first experienced the evil spawned by ignorance and prejudice The pogrom that tore through Kishinev Russia d LIBRARY JOURNAL STARRED REVILIBRARY JOURNAL STARRED REVIEW It was Easter Monday when five year old Vitka Resnikoff first experienced the evil spawned by ignorance and prejudice The pogrom that tore through Kishinev Russia destroyed her Jewish neighborhood the enraged mob burning raping and killing Ten years later what’s left of her family has immigrated to New Jersey When orphaned cousin Mary moves in with the Resnikoffs now Resnicks and young Vitka now Vera falls in love for the first time Vera faces a different sort of hatred Decades later another Mary comes along Vera’s granddaughter who shares ualities than blood with her grandmotherVERDICT Longtime LGBT activist Etting. Please be warned that this review gives away the plotWhat a sad sad story—for Vera who is forced to give up her children and for them and especially the elder WillyBill who lives all his life with the pain of what he felt as her desertion Such a powerful depiction of life in the closet and Vera’s feeling that she must avoid love because of her “disease” A life of loss and deprivation Though not entirely She does have relationships with other relatives I ached for her A testimony to the writingI thought the structure worked well Randy’s first person narrative and Vera’s third person story are carefully alternated so that neither Randy nor Vera can know the other is a Lesbian until Randy finds out long after Vera’s death That’s another sorrow I was happy for Randy that gay liberation freed her from the prison her grandmother lived in But Vera’s story dominates And what a story it is starting with a pogrom in Ukraine and sweeping through most of the 20th century creating a background of struggle to the changes so important for the LGBT community following Stonewall

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Er has fashioned a powerful superbly written saga that spans three generations and a century The parallel stories of Vera and her granddaughter spotlight the challenges faced by women who love women but there is an even wider focus here Through her lifetime Vera witnesses the Holocaust the Israeli Palestinian conflict the civil rights era the counterculture of the s the gay liberation movement and This debut novel in essence presents the history of oppression and liberation in the th century told through the voices of two women one hopelessly silenced one forever speaking out A breathtaking achievement Jeanne Bogino New Lebanon Lib NYA novel of treme. Shelley Ettinger's novel centers than a century of history by following Vera and her eastern European Jewish family as they escape the horrors of anti semitic violence and make the harsh journey across the Atlantic to settle in New York City The refugees find homes and jobs among other new immigrants in the neighborhoods of the Lower East Side garment industry and the novel hits the great events of those times the labor strikes the Triangle Fire the communities of political radicals feminists and rebel artists Vera comes to affirm her lesbian sexuality in hiding fearing the conseuences of discovery even as she maintains a uiet dignity She holds onto her secrets throughout the war years in Detroit and the 1950s Red Scare As she ages she comes to know her rebel grandchild who has found her way to lesbian liberation in mid 20th century Michigan I loved this book for its strong political sensibilities and subtle narrations of family generations The storytelling was dramatic and always confident and I delighted in the subtle respect given to lesbian romance within the broad histories of political movements