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Free read ´ DNA Author Yrsa Sigurðardóttir ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub í ➺ [Reading] ➼ DNA By Yrsa Sigurðardóttir ➯ – Ung kona er myrt á hryllilegan hátt á heimili sínu að nóttu til Eina vitnið er sjö ára dóttir hennar Skömmu síðar læturLaboð á öldum ljósvakans sem tengja hann við bæði fórnarlömbin Þó þekkir hann hvorugt þeirr. The Legacy is the first book in the Children's House series and it's the first book I've read by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir I've actually read a couple of books by Sigurðardóttir since I finished this book and I find her books really good One thing I loved about this book and the rest I've read by the author is that its setting is on Iceland Another thing I liked is the main characters psychologist Freyja and police officer Huldar who have to work together solving a murder case where a child is the only witness The murder was uite brutal and little Margret could also be in danger To make matter worse Freyja and Huldar have a “kind of” past and they are not pleased that they have to work together especially not Freyja But for the sake of the child and to solve the case must they try to work together to find out why someone would want to kill the womanI found the Legacy to be a very interesting book especially that the answers were in the past I thought it was a great change that for once read about a child psychologist and Freyja's frosty relationship with Huldar was amusing which was needed in an otherwise very dark book I especially liked the last part of the book when I started to realize the truth and when everything started to get a bit dangerous for Huldar The Legacy is a great crime novel and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series Thanks HarperCollins Nordic for the review copy

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Ung kona er myrt á hryllilegan hátt á heimili sínu að nóttu til Eina vitnið er sjö ára dóttir. This is the first book in the start of a new crime series which I devoured page by pageI'd left this book at home thought I had it in my bag when I knew I'd be spending some time in the car and sitting for appointments at the hospital nothing seriousI was so fed up as I couldn't wait to jump back into this plotA ten year old daughter becomes the only witness to a terrible shocking murder Treading carefully the Police need to bring in some expertise The Children's houseThen people dieThere somehow links together a pattern by texts strange weird messages and numbersThere are so many twists in this book you will get dizzySo many turns that you will trip over yourself coming backIt's such a huge well written book that kept me riveted Yes riveted to it I was stuck like glueThat's why I couldn't wait to get home to finish it and but at the same time I didn't want it to endMy thanks to Veroniue at Hodder for my copy

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DNA Author Yrsa SigurðardóttHennar Skömmu síðar lætur morðinginn aftur til skarar skríða Radíóamatör fær sérkennileg ski. I thoroughly enjoyed this slice of Nordic Noir It was a gripping thriller with plenty of twists and turns red herrings and imaginative murder weapons I found the murder scenes themselves edge of seat frightening but without being unnecessarily gory in their descriptions The characters including children and young people were well written and believable Yes there were some amazing coincidences pulling the whole thing together but that is often par for the course to keep any mystery going This is the best thrillermystery I have read in a long time and I am pleased to hear that the second book in the series has been translated into English as I will definitely be keen to read from this author