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The Peace That Almost Was review · 100 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Peace That Almost Was By Mark Tooley – A narrative history of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference the bipartisan last ditch effort to prevent the Civil War an effort that nearly averted the carnage that followed In February 1861 most of A A narrative hA narrative history of the That Almost Epub #220Washington Peace Conference the bipartisan last ditch effort to prevent the Civil War an effort that nearly averted the carnage that followed In February The Peace PDFEPUBmost of America’s great statesmen including a former president dozens of current and former senators Supreme Court justices governors and congressmen came togeth. Mark Tooley’s The Peace That Almost Was is subtitled The Forgotten Story of the 1861 Peace Conference and the Final Attempt to Avert the Civil War Admittedly I was not familiar with this conference held in February at the Willard’s Hotel in Washington DC Tooley provides background information for many of the participants of which some were unfamiliar to me so occasionally I had to turn back to an earlier chapter to freshen my memory of who they were when their statements were recorded in later chapters I encountered some interesting trivia in this book such as James Buchanan was the “most experienced man ever to assume the presidency having served as a state legislator US congressman US senator secretary of state ambassador to Russia and Britain and a college president plus his military service” This is interesting in light of a 2014 Brooklings Institution survey of the best and worst presidents that ranked Buchanan at the very bottom I also found interesting a remark made by Lincoln in regards to the controversy about his religious views He once remarked that he liked the Reverend Gurley of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church because “He don’t preach politics I get enough of that through the week and when I go to church I like to hear the gospel” Although scholars sometimes bring up other issues that divided the North and South the 1861 Peace Conference solely revolved around the issue of slavery The Southern delegates sought guarantees that their institution of slavery would be protected where it already existed and some firebrands such as James A Seddon sought to prohibit any efforts to prevent its spread It was obvious that the Conference could not succeed but it “had crucially delayed succession for states like Virginia and helped prevent the succession by border states” Further it “allowed a cooling period that facilitated the peaceful count of electoral votes in Congress and Lincoln’s inauguration” My rating of three stars should not be interpreted as disparaging Mark Tooley’s scholarship or writing Rather it is my personal reaction to the many excerpts of speeches given by the delegates from both sides For me it soon became tedious and dull

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Er at the historic Willard Hotel in a desperate attempt Peace That Almost ePUB #9734 to stave off Civil WarSeven southern states had already seceded and the conferees battled against time to craft a compromise to protect slavery and thus preserve the union and prevent war Participants included former President John Tyler General William Sherman’s Catholic step father General Wi. MonotonousLet's begin with the title The Peace That Almost Was There was not a snowball's chance in Hell that the Civil War could have been avoided in 1861 The Forgotten Story was forgotten for a reason There was nothing worth remembering This should be a footnote in the life story of John Tyler That's all the Final Attempt to Avert Nobody attempted to avert anything Each representative articulated their point of view and encouraged others to compromise but nobody compromisedWhat the book does accomplish is giving short biographies of the representatives and the clergy that opened each day with prayer The book makes a great statement on the inefficacy of prayer although I do not believe that was the author's intentRead something else

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The Peace That Almost WasNfield Scott and Lincoln’s future Treasury Secretary Salmon Chase and from a room upstairs at the hotel Lincoln himself Revelatory and definitive The Peace That Almost Was demonstrates that slavery was the main issue of the conference and thus of the war itself and that no matter the shared faith family and friendships of the participants ultimately no compromise could be reach. Tooley does a good job of recounting the history behind the failed Peace Conference prior to Lincoln taking office in March 1861 But what is missing here are Tooley's own thoughts on the conference and the proposals of the men who were there He only gives a few scant opinions in the final pages of the book It seems that the great historians not only say what happened but try to set the action in light of the great uestions and ideas that are ever present