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Kindness Goes Unpunished kindle Ï eBook 9780670031573 Free Î Craig Johnson ☆ ➼ [Reading] ➾ Kindness Goes Unpunished By Craig Johnson ➱ – Walt Longmire has been sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost a uarter of a century and has meted out Trip to Philadelphia he's in for a shock When a vicious attack on his daughter Cady leaves her near death Walt discovers that she has unwittingly become embroiled in a deadly political cover upWith Henry Deputy Victoria Moretti the Every book in the Walt Longmire series has a line in it that makes me laugh out loud I am not going to tell you want leads up to it but when you come across “Hi ho Creampuff” I dare you not to giggle audibly and have those around you turn their heads in wonderWalt and Henry Standing Bear also referred to as the Cherokee Nation head to Philadelphia for an opening at the museum of an exhibit displaying Henry’s Native American photographs Not all goes as planned when Cady Walt’s daughter the greatest legal mind of our time – is seriously injured and days later her ex boyfriend is found dead As Cady lays motionless in a coma Walt Henry Dog and Victoria put their minds and talents together to solve this twisted tale of greed and liesHoly Terror Victoria Moretti comes out to help and is in her element here in Philadelphia This is her town and with the help of her mother and her brothers this town will not rest until Walt unwinds the story of what put Cady in this state and who exactly was the reason behind it You will also giggle over Craig Johnson’s verbage of Vic the Father Vic the Son and Vic the Holy Terror Where he comes up with this stuff I will never knowTo say that Walt is out of his element here is no gentle understatement You can put a cowboy in the city but you cannot take the country out of the boy So with the only skills he knows Walt sets out to make his own rules and bring small town justice to the big cityThere is a good twist in this story not one that you couldn’t see coming eventually but still a complication that will make the future books that much interesting Stay tuned and watch Walt wiggle around with this oneThe final scene of this story is not to be missed and please do not read the ending first For all Walt’s toughness and bravado he is just a giant marshmallow in a cowboy hat and boots; and you will love him even for itThis is a series not to be missed

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Walt Longmire has been sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost a uarter of a century and has meted out justice with charm and a high powered sense of humor but when Walt tags along with good friend Henry Standing Bear on a Although I have yet to see the AE tv series Longmire I’m enjoying my trot well okay; gallop through the source material Walt Longmire county sheriff has over twenty five years in the field and is supervisor of a very small team of deputies As with many books in the detective fiction the mystery is deeply imbued with a sense of place notably the sparsely populated and rugged landscapes of rural Wyoming As in many mysteries Longmire has a faithful comrade in arms but instead of the generally dopey Watson stereotype his companion is a far wiser long time friend Henry Running Bear Henry is a man of seemingly infinite talents and an artistic soul and when in Wyoming is often Walt’s ambassador to Native reservationsIn this book Henry is escorting a collection of unusual historical photographs out to an exhibition in Philadelphia Walt decides the timing is right to meet his daughter Cady’s boyfriend so the two decide to make a trip of it It is a bold authorial choice to take your detective hero out of the home environment so early in a series particularly when your mystery is so intimately tied to the intricacies of the setting In this case Johnson wisely continues to integrate setting letting Walt play tourist to involve a number of prominent locations in the storyJohnson is gifted at the ‘show don’t tell’ style of storytelling and occasionally I find myself pausing realizing he just dropped an implication This little gem aptly displays his skill with just a few words“‘No I was just thinking I do that sometimes before I talk’Lena smiled this time with her entire mouth ‘Not me robs the evening of all its spontaneity A little wine a little truth and pretty soon you’ve got a real conversation on your hands’ She took a last sipI started to pour us both some It seemed like the conversation was getting interesting and I wasn’t uite ready to leave it“This installment stands out in the interplay between Henry and Walt Although Henry is the primary motivator in making the trip he ends up nicely balancing support of Walt and Cady with his own work It’s always interesting to me to see how a writer deals with ethnicity and I feel Johnson generally avoids turning Henry into a Native trope Parat of what elevates the characters is the decades long history between the two which Johnson illustrates in his usual understated way“After Michael left we sat in chairs on either side of the bed and watched Cady ‘It was the right thing to do’I had been listening to him think it for so long I wasn’t sure if I needed to reply ‘Yep’“Humor played a prominent role in this story although it was often only evident to the reader I enjoyed Walt’s dry sense of humor as well as his confidence in wearing his comfortable Western clothes in a major city“I opened my coffee and looked at the decisively dark brew ‘This looks strong’‘Espresso tall double shot I thought you could use it’ She looked at me ‘How’s she doing?’I took a sip and swallowed most of the enamel from my teeth“Even I sports adverse as I am laughed at this sports related one made as Walt and Henry were taking in a baseball game“He looked at me an

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Kindness Goes UnpunishedEntire Moretti clan of Philadelphia police officers and Dog as backup Sheriff Longmire intends to introduce a little western justice from his saddlebag of tricks to the City of Brotherly Love where no act of kindness goes unpunish The third book in the series is an excellent novel that could be subtitled The Cowboy Sherriff Goes East And he brings Henry Vic and Dog with him Cady his daughter the lawyer is attacked and left in a coma and Walt helps the local Philadelphia police find who the bad guys are Well done plenty of action Highly recommended