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The Watchers Keep The Triadine Saga #1In this Epic Fantasy a young boy and girl are thrown into a The Watchers MOBI #204 battle that will change their destiny forever Elves dwarves dragons wizards humans and are bound together in conflict love paranoia and power struggles with the world in the balanceThe Watchers long ago abandoned their sworn d. In “The Watcher's Keep” Timothy Bond introduces us to the children of the prophecy 16 year old twins Peter and Alex who must save the world from a growing evil Except that they don’t know it don’t have any training yet and are thrown into raging battles of good versus evil Described as an epic fantasy The Triadine Saga takes place in a world where humans have been told to forget that elves dwarves goblins and wizards ever existed Where fantasy has been usurped by religion and where nonhumans might well be hiding or interacting in plain sight This is fanciful storytelling that was a delight to read as I found myself immersed in a medieval world that I wish once existed – come on who doesn’t love dragonsOverall the story was well told I enjoyed the different characters especially the dragon it’s a thing and the weaving of different plots and subplots was well done ANDbook two is already out so you don’t have to wait to read what happens next Of note this story is categorized under science fiction and fantasy but it would fit well in the Young Adult section

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Uty to monitor and suppress the powers of Khollaran an evil wizard locked away in a distant prison at the end of the First Age As his power grows an ancient and dire prophecy appears to be coming trueThe Guardians take actions to try to stop the Dark Wizard putting young Peter and Alexandra in the middle of. This was a great Fantasy book for me I'm never sure what to expect from Fantasy book because the fun of them is for me they can go anywhere they want I very much enjoyed this book and I think you would too If you like Fantasy you should give this one a try I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Summary Ü The Watchers Keep (The Triadine Saga, #1) ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB È ❮EPUB❯ ❃ The Watchers Keep (The Triadine Saga, #1) ✾ Author Timothy Bond – In this Epic Fantasy a young boy and girl are thrown into a battle that will change The greatest conflict since the Breaking of the WorldAs The Children of the Prophecy the twins will be tasked with a near impossible uest to recover the pieces of the fabled Triadine and unite the races in a battle to destroy the growing evil without destroying the world in the processBook of The Triadine Sa. ONE FANTASTIC READWonderfully written easy to follow read with a smooth flowing dialogue Exciting and intriguing tale that grabs your attention and holds it till the end Twists turns and unpredictable surprises keep you on the edge of your seat and eyes totally focused on the pages Realistic characters and scenes add demention to this awesome read Great job Timothy