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characters L'été tous les chats s'ennuient 107 ë ➶ [Reading] ➸ L'été tous les chats s'ennuient By Philippe Georget ➫ – Mordshitze im Roussillon Inspecteur Gilles Sebag befindet sich in der schönsten Sommerlethargie Bis zwei rätselhafte Vermisstenfälle und eine Leiche ihn aus der Idylle mit sN Abende mit kühlem Wein am heimischen Pool sind L'été tous PDF genauso dahin wie die Harmonie mit Claire – und im sommerlich ausgestorbenen Perpignan ist jede Form der Ermittlung einfach nur schweißtreibend. I was drawn to this by the premise of discovering a new police procedural series set in an interesting location Although I liked the characters I didn’t feel the riviera was presented to optimum effect and thought the mysteries pretty cookie cutter in execution Also it was over 100 pages too long

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Mordshitze im Roussillon Inspecteur Gilles Sebag les chats ePUB #10003 befindet sich in der schönsten Sommerlethargie Bis zwei rätselhafte Vermisstenfälle und eine Leiche ihn aus der Idylle mit seiner Frau Clai. It's not often you read a detective book where the detectives are spending all their time trying NOT to work looking for relaxation really not driven at all Usually the detective is hard bitten with a past that drives him or her to exhaustion before they catch the bad guySo Gilles Sebag bored detective family man parent to teenagers who find him dull is a surprising treat to read about He's Catalan in an unusual setting Perpignan on the French Mediterranean and the environment around him is as much of a character as he and his colleagues areSo so far this all sounds like a slow lolling book filled with middle aged angst but it isn't The mystery develops uickly and despite himself and his doubts of adeuacy Sebag is pulled into a first rate thrillerI truly enjoyed this book from the title to the last page Every character is well drawn and though this is a translation the slightly awkward phrasing makes the CatalanFrench distance acuteMaybe it's because I'm over 50 and feeling my limitations too but every once and awhile I get sick of detectives who are all knowing and street wise and the top of their fields and incapable of self knowledge Muscle men and women They tire me out Whereas Gilles Sebag and I could go into a pub and discuss the finer things in life and I'd love every minute

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L'été tous les chats s'ennuientRe reißen Bald findet Gilles sich in Ermittlungen ungeahnten Ausmaßes wieder Der Inspecteur muss sich nun auch noch mit einem extra eingeflogenen profilneurotischen Kollegen aus Paris rumschlagen Die gemütliche. 35 A police procedural set in the South of France this has a great title to pick up of an August Bank Holiday Although it doesn't have precisely the setting and atmosphere I imagined the word 'cats' and the faux vintage shades of the cover photo conjuring the idea of meanwhile elsewhere along the coast around the time of And God Created Woman and Bonjour Tristesse stylish and sexy as well as overheated Rather it's 2005 and whilst there's a little flaunting than would go on in similar modern north European crime fiction this simply has the feel of those weeks at work when it's too hot to do anything Langourous sticky can't wait to get home to do nothing This relative lassitude is perhaps the biggest way in which Inspector Gilles Sebag and his Perpignan colleagues differ from the obsessive detectives typical of crime novels who put in as much solitary overtime as is physically possible and then a bit Sebag spent several years part time when his children were young as he loved being at home with them so much his career never regained its former momentum and he's not really bothered about this There are uite a few potentially cloying paragraphs about his family similar to those in Scandinavian thrillers but no doubt readers' response to these differ depending on their own household situation His teenage daughter says he doesn't have anything he particularly wants to do apart from running and loafing around which seems like an entirely fair assessment Apparently there are very few female police detectives in French crime fiction because there are fewer in real life than in Anglo American and Nordic countries I don't have stats that's from a couple of articles Sebag is entirely plausible as a man but in contrast with the standard police procedural template seems to have been created with a number of stereotypically female attributes his detection relies on intuition reading people astutely 'clicks' similar to solving crosswords or subconscious hunches for which one has to find the reasons before they can be presented to superiors he has no wish to be anything other than faithful and it's his wife who's the adventurous one who's always going out and might be having affairs And like a lot of people of whatever sex he can be a clockwatcher at times yes he works some weekends and is often on call but it's obvious he works to live not the other way round This has a surreal realism many perhaps most people are that way at least some of the time yet it feels out of place in crime fiction I found the attitude highly convincing although possibly not the way the press weren't on the police's backs to get on with solving the crimes in uestion I know very little about the French media but in crime series from other countries being dogged by papers and TV to get results is a major part of the plot here it's only on two or three days of the investigation that the media has any kind of pressurising presence Sebag also isn't a lone hero breakthroughs are made by other colleagues as much as by him there are no geniuses plenty of gruntwork some mistakes; and everything takes a while A few GR reviewers have found this frustrating but I liked it as a change from the usual and a realistic one given how things often are in the news The author is a French newsreader perhaps the pace of his first novel reflects the slowness and waiting that often accompanies murder and abduction cases as we hear of them through newsAfter the clunky writing and translation of some Nordic crime writers eg Asa Larsson Anne Holt this was great Delighted by the comparatively good style I've rounded the rating up to 4 stars rather than down to 3 It's not as good as Ian Rankin but it's than decent; the reflective bits never get excessively flowery and they fit the pace and weather beautifully A personal favourite was The birds indifferent to his torment were chirping their eternal hymn to life My only doubts about stylistic uality came from occasional clumsy translationss as if the translator had forgotten some English idioms high risestower blocks was one we could have done with several times and also the continual Americanisms became annoying Europa is a small publisher; no doubt they can't pay an editor to go through replacing terms like 'faucet' and 'sidewalk' for the British market Interesting material about French Catalan almost made up for that however The other big minus was that the crimes themselves are a cliche of fiction victims being attractive female undergraduates and then there's a culprit who toys with the police Those to whom it matters may want to know that there is however no rape in the book I wondered if the young Dutch women are being stereotyped as sexually forthright One has a name Ingrid Raven that sounds Scandinavian and some of her actions recall the 60s 70s sexually liberated and flirtatious stock character 'Ingrid from Sweden' Recently I read some research saying that Dutch teenagers link sex significantly closely with love than do British ones uite contrary to the simplistic idea of what less stigma and better sex education might lead to though having lost my browser history can't now find the referenceWhilst not uite living up to the promise of its intriguing title and featuring a type of crime and criminal that will be over familiar to anyone who's read a dozen or so contemporary procedurals Summertime All the Cats Are Bored was still better than plenty of translated crime fiction its drawn out slowness attentive writing wealth of picturesue local detail that could plausibly inspire a holiday and lethargic protagonist suiting hot weather perfectly