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Waiter to the Rich and Shameless summary Å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ❴Reading❵ ➸ Waiter to the Rich and Shameless Author Paul Hartford – Gym-apparel.co.uk A down and out musician chops off his hair to become a server at the top of the Hollywood food chain discovering a cloistered woHeartbreaking struggles of its beleaguered waitstaff This keenly observed story also traverses Pauli's ten year evolution from a jaded party hungry rock musician who moonlights as a bartender into a snobbish and pretentious waiter and finally into a polished and sophisticated server who takes his job so seriously that it drives him to the brink of illness Pauli finds himself at first seduced by his famous guests' glamour and self indulgence then accustomed to it and finally appalled by it For obvious reasons some details and specifics about the real Cricket Room have been cleverly disguised but discerning readers will easily connect the do. If you are a celebrity or a foodie fan then you will love thisEver wondered what celebrities get up to when we are not watching wouldn’t you love to get a glimpse behind closed doors to judge their behaviour when the public aren’t looking Paul Hartford takes us on a bird’s eye tour of the celebrity A and B list and shares with us not only his thoroughly entertaining memoirs but some amazing food and wine menus too This book satisfies on so many levels I loved reading about the celebrities and their dinner guests but what really made this book was Paul’s story I worked in the service industry myself for many years and the author describes it exactly how it is long hours psychotic chefs and exhausted staff that grin and bear their way through the shift until eventually your knees give way and you can no longer stand for sixteen hours a day All the heat and passion of the kitchen during service described perfectly My favourite uote “The guests pretended to be polite we pretended to give a shit and everyone went home happy” Fantastic

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F food service workers around the globe only a tiny number ever ascend to a top level position at a world renowned restaurant catering to iconic celebrities moguls and politicians As one of those select few Paul Pauli Hartford is the first waiter to open the door into a cloistered coveted world of money fame bad behavior and intrigue He peels back the veneer of civility and culture at the nation's most preeminent celebrity hangout the Cricket Room in Beverly Hills California He exposes the to the Rich eBook #180 epic human foibles of its elite clientele the dining room's corrupt corporate culture its clandestine culinary practices and the. This was a fun read and one I shared with people almost the entire time I was reading it I loved the celebrity encountershey I'm that kind of girl and not shy to admit it I also bartended and waitressed for a couple years so that made the story that interestedalthough I never waited on the rich Shameless maybe but not richI'd like to thank all the reviews prior to mine who said that Pauli's restaurant was probably the Polo Lounge because I had no idea and really wanted to know As such I'm going to research it a bit and probably add a dinner there to my bucket listbased solely on this bookFive stars if Paul would've had even celebrity storiesI loved hearing where he went with his life about his honeymoon that changed his outlook on life his interest in meditating etc but I read the book for the silly fun unacceptable celebrity encountersAnd I was glad to hear a GOOD story about Russell CroweRead this if you're into pop culture seeing how the other half live want an introduction to wine like reading about food This book has it all

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Waiter to the Rich and ShamelessThe Rich PDFEPUB #196 A down and out musician chops off his hair to become a server at the top of the Hollywood food chain discovering a cloistered world of money fame bad behavior and intrigue Waiter to the Rich and Shameless is not just a peek into the secretive inner workings of a legendary star restaurant it is not just a celebrity tell all or a scathing corporate analysis It is a top tier waiter's personal coming of age story an intimate look into the complicated challenges of serving in the country's most elite Hollywood centric dining room while Waiter to PDFEPUBfighting to maintain a sense of self and purpose Of the many millions o. I HATED this book I hated the pretentiousness of the writer and the absolutely foul language I don't know what possessed me to buy it because it's nothing but a bunch of name dropping by a wannabe rock star loser Wow was this awful