READ & DOWNLOAD × 孫子兵法 ↠ ➼ 孫子兵法 Free ➲ Author Sun Tzu – Twenty Five Hundred years ago Sun Tzu wrote this classic book of military strategy based on Chinese warfare and military thought Since that time all levels of military have used the teaching on Sun Tz Twenty Five Hundred years ago Sun Tzu Time all levels of military have used the teaching on Sun Tzu to warfare and civilization have adapted these teachings for use in politics. Awesome book Pretty amazing insights What I really loved is the fact that much of the insights can be used in today's fiercely competitive corporate scenarios as well Must read I bought this book at special price from here


Business and everyday life The Art of War is a book which should be used to gain advantage of opponents in the boardroom and battlefield ali. If anyone is looking for a war general I am available and well versed in war tactics due to this book Hook me up


孫子兵法Twenty Five Hundred years ago Sun Tzu wrote this classic book of military strategy based on Chinese warfare and military thought Since that. Hey Look at me stepping outside my comfort zoneI saw this audiobook in the library and I thought it looked interestingHell I've got 4 kids This could come in handyNext year I'll have not one but two teenage boys I need to prepare myself to defend my babies home from the invading whores hoards I figured this book would help me gird my loins or whatever it is you do when you head into battleBack off Skanks You're not getting past the front door Still even teenage boys pale in comparison to the sheer terror that comes with sharing a home with pre pubescent girlsRetreat Retreat We've misjudged the enemy's abilities I can definitely use the help of a master strategist Although in retrospect I actually have one of those living with me She's 10 and she's been fully in charge of my home since she clawed her way out of my womb My husband says I was hallucinating bless whoever came up with drugs in the delivery room but I swear I saw her gnaw off her own umbilical cordShe's ruthless clever and has the smile of an angel Lucifer was an angel tooAnyway I could have skipped this and simply begged for the honor to sit at her feet and learn Teach me your ways Mighty Warrior But the cover said this was only a 4 12 hour book What She probably wouldn't have shared her secrets anywayConfession time I did not make it all the way through the audiobookI did however make it all the way through The Art of War That part of it was short I don't know what the actual length of time was but I listened to it while I was making dinner and then took it with me on a short jaunt to Wal mart Boom Done Thank you Sun Tzu The rest of this particular audio is supposedly speculation about Sun Tzu's life and a history lesson on the politics of the time he lived in Wah wah wah wah wahAll the names bled together in my head and the words just sort of sloshed around inside my brain till I finally gave up on itI'm not saying it was badly done or boring but my tiny dinosaur brain isn't built to process books without pictures So listening to someone with a smooth jazzy voice read from a history book is just like asking for some sort of an internal meltdown to happen up there So The Art of WarI actually don't feel like Mr Tzu had much to say that would help me out I mean a there were a few things translated into real lifeBe consistent in rewards and punishments DuhEmploy spies Double duh I've got every one of my kids on the payroll and they each think they're the only mole I've got SuckersMake sure the enemy is tired before attacking Hello Why do you think I'm out at the pool all day long with them It's not like I enjoy basking in the glow of my cellulite all while gaining a few liver spots If Sun Tzu had mentioned dosing the enemy with Benadryl before long trips I would have been impressedA lot of it however was about how to fight on different types of terrain Swampy mountainous flat etcThat's no help to me buddyI need some sort of inside scoop that's going to give me an edge over the full blown she devil I live with the smaller demon in training currently under the tutelage of the aforementioned she devil and the two walking hormones that used to be my little boysI can't hold 'em off much longer I'm going down Going dow pants franticallyAnyhoo I'm glad I read listened to it It's one of those books you need to studynot read though So I'm pretty sure I missed the vast majority of wisdom by doing it this