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Spirit of the ValleyThere are authors who touch the heart but this one grabs hold of your soul Romance At Heart Reviews“ Down in the Valley is a keeper” Catherine Lanigan author of Romancing the StoneIn Virginia some things you can run from some you have to fight Pauline Ray is on the run and she won't get far With thirty four dollars two small children to feed the cold comi. El drama mató al romanceNo he sido capaz de disfrutar de este libro lo he encontrado excesivamente duro y cruel para ser un romance La escena con la ue abre ya me dejó un poco desmotivada odio las escenas de violaciones pero intenté seguir adelante por si la historia se ponía mejory no fue asíEncontré el romance demasiado apresurado y poco creíbleno creo ue esa situación pudiese darse realmente en esa época y sobre todo ue la protagonista con todo su pasado la hubiese consentidoMuchas repeticiones de la escena primera muy desagradables por lo colorido de sus detalles mucho drama melodrama muchas injusticias y mucha muerte gratuitael accidente ue sucede casi al final de la historia ya era horrible por si solo sin necesidad de todas las muertes ue la autora decide contarnosNo es mi idea de un buen romance un libro tan deprimente ue ni siuiera las cosas buenas ue pasan consiguen iluminarlo Una pena porue sí ue hay relaciones muy bonitas entre los niños de la protagonista y el protagonista o sus vecinas pero todo se enfría con cada abuso ue la autora describeera necesario esa escena final No uiero escribir spoilers pero fue de nuevo brutal No creo ue tanta violencia uede bien en un romance Sorry ARC provided by Kensington Books via NetgalleyThe drama killed the romanceI have not been able to enjoy this book; I found it too harsh and cruel to be a romance The scene which the story begins already left me a little unmotivated I hate rape scenes but I tried to go ahead as it is the story got better and it did notI found the romance too hasty and not credible I do not believe that this situation could be really happening at that time and especially with the heroine´s past she couldn´t have consented itIt have many repetitions of the first scene very unpleasant for its colorful details much drama melodrama many injustices and much unwarranted death the accident was horrible for itself I don´t think it was reuired to add all the death that the author didIt is not my idea of a good romance a book so depressing that not even the good things that happen get to cheer it up A pity because there is very beautiful relationships among the children and the hero or with her neighbors but everything is cooled with each abuse that the author describes was really needed that final scene I will not write spoilers but it was brutal again I don't think that so much violence belongs into a romance Sorry

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Her children need in a town full of wagging tongues and watchful eyes But one man is watching her with than judgment Pauline would never have considered his scandalous proposal in her days as an obedient suffering wife and daughter But Lizzie might dare to accept him his love his work and his secrets and wrest her story toward a happily ever after all her own. Very nice

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Spirit of the Valley review ✓ 3 ñ [PDF / Epub] ★ Spirit of the Valley By Jane Shoup – Gym-apparel.co.uk There are authors who touch the heart but this one grabs hold of your soul Romance At Heart Reviews“ Down in the Valley is a keeper”—Catherine Lanigan author of Romancing the StoneIn Virginia 18 There are authors who touch thNg in fast she has no idea how she'll hide her tracks from her monster of a husband let alone support her family But Spirit of PDFEPUBPauline is done with convention and with nothing from her old life worth preserving not even her name she's free to become a whole new person All she has to do is singlehandedly turn a run down homestead into the haven she and. When I read the teaser for the next book in the “Valley” series by Jane Shoup I knew I had to read it I had read the first book in the series and was so intrigued by Ms Shoup’s writing that I definitely wanted to read each book in the series So I finished “Spirit of the Valley” in record time because it was so fast paced and interesting Ms Shoup makes sure that one does not get bored reading her novels The female characters are strong individuals who have been dealt a hard hand and have to run away from abusive relationships to a better life Pauline Ray with her two children is running away from her abusive husband in Indiana knowing that if she stayed he would eventually kill her She goes as far as her money will take them and ends up in Green Valley West Virginia She is befriended by two eccentric and interesting sisters who take her in and find a way that she can become someone else A very nice man who is harboring a very sad past comes to help her out by doing odd jobs around her home which is in disrepair Events keep occurring that make the reader loathe to stop reading even for a minute I highly recommend this bookI received a print copy of this book from NightOwlReviewscom in return for my honest review You can find this review on my blog at Other reviews can be found at