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The Complete Morgaine Morgaine Saga #1 4 Summary ò 6 ì ➿ [Download] ➽ The Complete Morgaine Morgaine Saga #1 4 By C.J. Cherryh ➵ – Together for the first time in one volume—all four novels in the dark science fiction epic the Morgaine CycleThe gates were relics of a lost era a linkeSpan Time and Space The Science Buereau has come to believe that sometime somewhere in the unreachable past someone has done the unthinkable and warped the very fabric of the universe using these The Complete ePUB #10003 gates Now it is up t. I read this series when I was younger and searched and searched recently for them I couldn't remember the name or who wrote them I stumbled upon them and ordered immediately So happy I found them Such a great story loyal Vanye just wants to uphold his oath

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O Morgaine a mysterious woman aided by a single warrior honor bound to serve her to Complete Morgaine Morgaine Saga #1 eBook #222 travel from world to world sealing the ancient gates whose very existence threatens the integrity of all worlds. I only read the first two books of this four book collection The first book was actually uite good but the second book awful so I can't go on I assumed based on the name and cover that this series would be somewhat Arthurian but it turned out to have a premise that was along the lines of Doctor Who meets Kill Bill In that sense it's pretty great It revolves around Morgaine a driven woman on a mission traveling from world to world as she seeks to destroy the remnants of a decrepit alien civilization for reasons that are unrevealedUnfortunately the series doesn't exactly live up to the premise The first book has Morgaine interacting with a medieval honor based civilization unlike the locals she has advanced technology that can blast enemies a large distance away This works well enough but it's disappointing when the second book introduces an adventure on another planet and does the same exact thing It turns out there just isn't much scope of the imagination in this series Disappointingly the second book sucks you in with a strong opening with a local peasant girl being forced to marry an abusive man and the young girl's rebellion But it turns out that CJ Cherryh doesn't know what to do with this plot thread and the narrative in the second book putters outThis series was apparently the author's debut novels so maybe that accounts for the second's books major weaknesses One thing Cherryh does that is rather nice is have a male and female co protagonist who are linked together on an adventure but never have a conventional sexual relationship Though in that sense it's also like Doctor Who The powerful leading female character was probably very progressive for it's time and might even be progressive today

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The Complete Morgaine Morgaine Saga #1 4Together for Morgaine Morgaine PDFEPUB #188 the first time in one volume all four novels in the dark science fiction epic the Morgaine CycleThe gates were relics of a lost era a linked network of portals that the ruthless ual empire used to. Definitely helped with the need for an escape read right about now But Cherryh went on to become a much better writer than thisThe series is uite a bit dated For one thing the archaic language that was de rigeur in fantasy novels at that time but seems unspeakably tedious now For another why do ALL these worlds have horses and medieval societies Esp when they were seeded by people with ships And there are massive time gaps between them Shouldn't some be wildly different in terms of tech I didn't get it There was a reference to a bubble at the end but much was unexplained Also weird plot gaps and things left dangling anyhow Not just dangling threads but also just plain gaps and contradictions that I am not going to get into nowVanye and his dumb vow get really tiring after a while about page one of book two in fact Esp when really he is released from it and can't let goAlso God What God It's never said and there didn't seem to be much sign of religion in Book One and yet Vanye seems to be very religious all the same I guess that's the kind of gap I meanWhatevs I read all four books so I guess it didn't suck totally Hence three stars There are other Cherryh series out of her 75 books or so worthwhile