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Regeneration The X Files Young Adult #14Tion Mulder has a theory that Leonard has the ability to regenerate himself But Scully believes that someone is taking extreme measures to cover up what really happenedWhile Mulder ch Damn Scully sorry you had to find out about your cancer that way

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Free eBook ☆ ePub Regeneration The X Files Young Adult #14 é ê gymapparel Ð [PDF / Epub] ☂ Regeneration The X Files Young Adult #14 By Everett Owens – Head Hunting When Leonard Betts's body disappears from the morgue after being decapitated in a violentAses his headless suspect Scully does some investigating of her own And before long she learns the unbelievable truth about Leonard Betts as well as a frightening secret about herself I wanted a uick and easy book to read After reading some of the other books in the series I kind of made the series my go to easy book to read in a short period of timeThe book was about the same group of FBI agents going around looking into events that didn’t add up or didn't make any sense Being one of the later books in the series it still did not change any of the pace from the other books before it The books introduces a character named Betts that basically dies from a car accident After the accident though his body goes missing The agents are called in to find out what had happened They would look into everything that Betts was basically apart of This leads to them finding holes or things that just didn't make sense They discover evidence of him actual dying multiple times before and evidence of how he stays alive They discover that he stayed alive by feeding his body cancerous tumors Which also explained his reasons for working in the hospital and his ability to identify cancer patients The agents would than try to go after him due to him also being connected to multiple murdersThe author used the same simple setup that was used in all of the other books in the series This setup is what makes it such an easy book to read for fun The authors use in having the reader know than the characters allows them to somewhat be anxious or anticipate what was going to happen next Sometimes when reading you have an idea in the back of your head on the ending and most of the time you’re right The books is fun this way kinda knowing what's going to happen is fun to think about because you’re kinda also figuring out the case before the agentsI wish the author could of had time with Betts In the book there wasnt alot of time spent with Betts alone We didn't really get to see what Betts was like from his point of view We only got to see him as a person from what the agents learn from clues and assumptions If we got a little one on one time with Betts I feel like seeing him being hunted would have a powerful feeling of stress

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Head Hunting When Leonard Betts's body disappears from the morgue after being decapitated in a violent accident Special Agents Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate the situa “And I hope you’re not suggesting a headless body kicked its way out a latched morgue freezer” – Scully to Mulder p13 Regeneration is a young adult novelization of the Season Four episode of The X Files titled “Leonard Betts” In Pittsburgh FBI Agents Mulder and Scully investigate the apparent death and regeneration of an exemplary EMT named Leonard Betts a humanoid mutant who subsists on cancer and possesses unimaginative regenerative abilities Regeneration which chronologically is the last book in the young adult series features one of the fascinating monsters in The X Files gallery of baddies Unlike Eugene Victor Tooms Sueeze or the Flukeman The Host Betts is actually a sympathetic almost tragic character villain who is murdering cancer riddled victims to ensure his survival the deaths of his victims being incidental to his needs As an EMT he worked vigorously to help people and only resorts to murder after a freak accident brings his abnormalities to light As and of this complex character is revealed readers will have a difficult time seeing Leonard Betts as a genuine monsterPenned by the three of the show’s solid writers—the three headed monster that is Vince Gilligan John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz—this is a uintessential monster of the week story that will likely stick with readers Well executed and with a lingering mystery that gradually reveals itself over that course of the story Regeneration is also notable for its shocking revelation in the closing pages the revelation that Scully has cancer Observant readers will likely appreciate the clever set up in the book’s climax the first subtle clue that Scully has cancer revealed through a bombshell of a phrase “I’m sorry but you have something I need” that Leonard Betts used just prior to his attack on Scully Regeneration is a faithful adaptation of a uirky yet well crafted episodic script Everett Owens which is a pen name for authorscreenwriter Rob Thomas does a commendable job translating the witty banter between Mulder and Scully depicting their thoughts and frustrations There’s so much to like here that even the most adamant fans of the television series will not be disappointed by this wholly satisfactory novelization