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Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BPKVBThey should walk away they know their love Heaven's Scent Epubis forbidden they know their deep connection could destroy both their worlds No Good and evil should never collide But fate has other ideasA lustful encounter will lead to the greatest love to ever exist in their i. 55 StarsAn emotional rollercoaster as an Angel and a Demon fall in love This book tells a gripping story of deciding between right and wrong good and evil Their is love and pain combined to enhance the emotional upheaval as Arianwen and Albion are drawn together despite the obstacles cast between them Despite being wrote by two separate authors this book flows almost perfectly I hope the two continue to write books together in the future An outstanding job

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Heaven's Scent Book 1Mmortal worlds An Angel and a Demon two halves of the same coin drawn together by an unstoppable force their fate intertwined by design but held worlds apartWith pleasure will come pain with happiness will come grief Two missing pieces finally together creates an ecstasy that will rock the ground they walk on But as their love becomes stron. We beta read this book and to be honest didn't know what to expect as its not generally our type of read BUT saying that i really enjoyed itThe story involves an Angel and a Demon two of the most opposite people to exist in this life and two of most unexpected to become one Watching this pair cross paths watching him he become her protector rather than her hell was exciting She is so innocent and helping only there to take the pain away He is there to cause the pain He knows she is forbidden but he wants herno NEEDS herWhat happens when the light of the world meets and falls in love with the deep pit of darkness of the world well you need heaven scent to find outTania and Ricky did a fantastic job writing this book together which couldn't of been easy being in different countries As a reader i could tell which author wrote which chapters the angels being so gentle soft The demon being dark sexy and oh so manly but blending the the two together made for a very fascinating and compelling read The main writing of the book by the two was strong and flowed easily often by than one writer you find cracks in the chapters but there wasn't it flowed well as each chapter progressed I personally fell for the darker side of the book but enjoyed the Angels gentle touch A very Good strong rather hypnotic read As a first book by the Duo a fantastic debutThis being one of the first books we have read of this type it didnt disappoint and we hope to read by the pair

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Heaven's Scent Book 1 Read Ó 2 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Heaven's Scent Book 1 By Tania Cooper – Gym-apparel.co.uk Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00PKV90B4They should walk away they know their love is forbidden they know their deep connection could destroy both their worlds No Good a Librarian's note This is an alteGer their worlds will start to fall apartCan their sinful love truly conuer all Will they catch the scent that lingers and find the ties that bind even the deadliest of enemiesLines will blur and hearts will shatter In a battle of good versus evil not everything is always black and white for even in heaven shades of grey hide in the shadows. So I decided to try this book out and while not a genre I normally read it was highly recommended and I decided to give it a try The writing is unreal I can only compare it to some of the Sci FiFantasy I have read over the years The setting the authors created was wispy and otherworldly I really felt like I was a part of the world they created as I read each page The writing is that good The story line keeps things interesting and as the book progresses it gets even intense with interesting twists and turns Sorry I don't like to give specific details aka spoilers The erotic writing was vivid and very intense as well Think about angels and demons and how couplings like that might play out and you get the point No pun intended Give this book a try and you will not regret it