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Review Ö The Viscount's Addiction Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Viscount's Addiction By Scottie Barrett ✩ – Murderer convict opium eaterJessie Braddock's husband has come home Jessie's stepfather wanting to exploit thArs have left him with a hardened edge The Viscount's PDFEPUB or and a ravenous appetite for sexual pleasures Now the only thing in danger is her heart. HOT but also emotional A sham marriage between an ex convict aristocrat and a sweet but strong heroine mistreated by her family After he finally gets his freedom he finds himself married with a stranger he is deeply scarred by the experience of prisontorture and reacts as a real aholeSexual chemistry soon takes over and the sham marriage becomes a story of passion verging on obsessionA web of liesdeception threatens their passion but truth is discovered in between we also have the heroine supporting him in getting rid of drug addiction an original sub them in historical romanceI enjoyed it

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Murderer convict opium eaterJessie Braddock's husband has come home Jessie's stepfather wanting to exploit the estate had brutalized her into marrying. Great story with an h who isn't your typical historical h She was a little daring than you usually encounter in HR The H was tortured by opium addiction after 5 years in prison for something he didn't do I loved reading the parts where they each are battling their demons and supporting each other The story got a bit bogged down by misunderstanding and the MCs took too long to trust Also dare I say it too much sexAll in all a fun sexy readSafetyview spoilerthe h is an era appropriate virgin The H used to be a womanizing rake before his imprisonment When he is released from prison he wakes up the next day coming down from his opium high in bed with 2 whores He mentions that he doesn't know if anything happened because his addiction makes it hard for him to get an erection I wasn't bothered by it since he doesn't even remember anything and I'm going to assume he was so high he passed out before the fun began It's not cheating because he's not even aware he's been married by proxy Otherwise no cheating no OMOW drama hide spoiler

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The Viscount's AddictionHis nephew by proxy She soon realizes Ryder Braddock the wickedly handsome Viscount Blackwood is far from the criminal she'd imagined but his prison ye. Oh this one crept up and surprised meA nice straight forward story of deception Ryder has been falsely accused of a murder and to ensure his assets are not seized by crown married off to Jessehis uncles step daughter without him knowing Fortunately for Ryder he receieves a pardon given by legitimate means and returns home to find his estate in wrack and ruin and wife he knows nothing about Assuming that his wife is part of the deception he decides to seduce then dump her as damaged goodshowever as the relationship develops he starts to fall in love with her and vice versa However until the truth surrounding the deception is revealed Ryder keeps his cards close to his chest leaving Jesse to worry about finding a life away from himThe whole story is laced with hot erotic sex there are stories to be told a hot carriage ride and sex outside in the gardenAll in all this was a great uick read So if you like a nice story simply told with hot little sexual vignettes this may be one you'd enjoy