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Free read Victorias Downfall Hunted #1 ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Victorias Downfall Hunted #1 By A. Zavarelli ➩ – While I was busy running from my ghosts I was too distracted to notice the danger lurking right in front of me I felt him though T all of the single women of New York had their eye on The playboy with a reputation that preceded him and a trail of broken hearts left in his wake The only problem He seemed to have his eye on me Victoria Colletti The woman with a closet full of skeletons and a past that I couldn’t escape from My to. This book is downright sexy from title to cover page to the main characters The plot is little unclear as it is a part of series but you’d find yourself glued to Victoria and Gabriel and the boiling sexual tension between the two Victoria was hiding from someone when she ran into Gabriel who is a playboywomanizer Gabriel knows what to say to women and when to say it With his amazing speaking skills he talked Victoria into having sex with him without any further commitment Although cynical of his intentions Victoria found it hard to resist him Wished there was to the story There would be but you got to get your hands on the second book

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While I was busy running from my ghosts I was too distracted to notice the danger lurking right in front Victorias Downfall Epubof me I felt him though just as soon as I crashed into his rock hard body Gabriel MaddoxThe heir to the Maddox Empire and target of countless gossip columns He was the man tha. FREE on US today 912015This looks great I want to be Gabriel’s playthingNovella Part 1 in 3 part serial Series completeBLURB Victoria Colletti Gabriel Maddox was dangerous I knew it the moment I laid eyes on him A wealthy playboy with a reputation that preceded him you could hear it whispered from the tongues of every socialite in New York City He was known to take pleasure in dominating those around him and when I crashed into him on the street he made it very clear he wanted to dominate me It was the last thing that I needed and yet it awakened an urge within me I didn’t know how to resist It was a recipe that could only lead to disaster Because you see I lived my life by a very simple set of rules Don’t get noticed Don’t get attached And most importantly never stay in the same place for too long You might say that I had skeletons in my little suitcase than most people had in their entire closet So what should a girl like me do when I run into a man like Gabriel Run as fast and as far as I can Except I didn’t want to run Not this time He made me a proposition One that was too good to refuse But the longer I spent with him the I saw the vulnerable parts that he had hidden away He was pulling me closer tempting my resolve But it didn’t change anything between us it couldn’t The people in my life could only ever be temporary And whether I liked it or not Gabriel was no exception to that rule httpwwwFalling into Te FREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 470 books

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Victorias Downfall Hunted #1O fragile heart couldn’t handle someone like him I knew it the moment he first made his proposition But the thing about Gabriel Maddox is when he wants something there is nothing he won’t do to get it Please note This book contains explicit sexual content language and elements of BDSM and dark eroti. I really enjoyed this story The characters were pretty well written and the sex scenes were intense without being gross My favorite character was Victoria the main female character She's blunt and sassy and she's definitely not naive Victoria has seen her fair share of hardships She is on the lam with her best friend Alanna We find out that Alanna is running from an abusive husband but it's never revealed who Victoria is running fromAs for who she is running into well that's the arrogant young and powerful Gabriel Gabriel has a tough exterior He seems to have a lot of experience with dominating women but little with falling for them He ends up breaking the rules of his own game by getting close with Victoria although he doesn't let her know it He even goes so far as to tell Victoria that this is just a hook up type relationship and nothing However you can tell from Gabriel's inner thoughts POV switches between Gabriel's and Victoria's that he wants Gabriel has a hard time hiding his disappointment when Victoria reveals she'll be leaving townThe characters are well thought out and realistic The scenes were well written My only gripe with this book is how open ended it was There are a few things we don't find out in this book which is the first in a series We don't find out why Victoria is on the run We don't find out who Gabriel seems to be hiding from And we don't find out when why or if Victoria and Alanna leave town The book is to be continued so I'm sure we find out in the next bookOverall great read I enjoyed it