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Free download × Son of the Black Sword Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó ✬ [PDF] ✓ Son of the Black Sword By Larry Correia ✹ – #1 IN A NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES from Monster Hunter series creator and New York Times best selling author LaIN A NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES from the Black Epub #224 Monster Hunter series creator and New York Times best selling Son of eBook #192 author Larry CorreiaAfter the War of the Gods the demons were cast out and fell to the world Mankind of the Black ePUB #8608 was nearly eradicated by the seemingly unstoppable beasts until the gods sent the great hero Ramrowan to save them He united the tribes gave them magic and drove the demons into the sea Ever since the land has belonged to man and the oceans have remained an uncrossable hell leaving the continent of Lok isolated It was prophesized that someday the demons would return and only the descendants of Ramrowan would be able to defeat them They became the first kings and all men served those who were their only hope for survivalAs centuries passed the descendants of the great hero grew in number and power They became tyrannical and cruel and their religion nothing but an excuse for greed Gods and demons became myth and legend and the people no longer believed The castes created to serve the Sons of Ramrowan rose up and destroyed their rulers All religion was banned and replaced by. Larry Correia is an author best known for his guns and monsters no holds barred testosterone soaked urban fantasy sagas Monster Hunter International and the Grimnoir Chronicles For those who were curious as to how he’d make the transition from guns to swords Son of the Black Sword is pretty much everything you’d expect with his macho sense of almost superhuman bravado slipping well into a pulpy heroic fantasy worldIt’s not great literature and lacks a certain polish in the narrative but it’s an engaging bit of fantasy fictionThe world building and mythology encompass a very South Asian flavored world which is a nice change of pace from mostly European fantasy but there’s an important twist – instead of the seas providing prosperity and purpose they are something to be feared dotting the coasts and the beaches with the cobbled together hovels of the lowest of non people You see due to an age old supernatural pact man commands the land demons command the seas and the Law states that any who trespass must die Lok is a bland bureaucratic world full of rigid caste systems where faith and superstition are forbidden It’s so deliberately constructed that if you don’t see the threat of rebellion coming in the first few chapters and don’t anticipate the rise of a prophesied hero then you’re clearly not aware of the genre’s central tropesAs part of the mythology ancestor blades are a relic of the days before that pact Only one of these rare blades can pierce a demon’s hide and they carry within them the skills and instincts of those who wielded the blades before Whereas authors like Moorcock and Sanderson have done some really fascinating things with such weapons using them to elevate the narrative to another level here they just come across as another fantasy trope Not bad in and of themselves but certainly a bit of a cheat in justifying that almost superhuman bravado On that note Ashok is a serviceable hero with at least the beginnings of a significant character development arc but he lacks the kind of personality that makes for a truly engaging protagonistUltimately this was an interesting read with enough top notch action scenes to keep me engaged through to the end but it’s just a little too serious and straightforward I didn’t find any sense of wonder or awe in the magic or the monsters no personality in the protagonist no real appreciation for the plot twists and no humor ironic self depreciating or otherwise to distinguish the narrative I don’t see myself continuing with the series but I’m certainly willing to give his other series a shot Originally reviewed at The Speculative Herald Disclaimer Thanks to Angry Robot for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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A code of unflinching law The surviving royalty and their priests were made casteless condemned to live as untouchables and the Age of Law beganAshok Vadal has been chosen by a powerful ancient weapon to be its bearer He is a Protector the elite militant order of roving law enforcers No one is merciless in rooting out those who secretly practice the old ways Everything is black or white good or evil until he discovers his entire life is a fraud Ashok isn’t who he thinks he is and when he finds himself on the wrong side of the law the conseuences lead to rebellion war and destructionAt the publisher's reuest this title is sold without DRM Digital Rights ManagementBestselling fantasy author Correia The Grimnoir Chronicles casts a compelling spell with this India influenced series openerCorreia skillfully sets in motion this story of plots within plots revealing complex sympathetic characters and black hearted villains with eual detail and insight Full of action intrigue and wry humor this exciting series launch promises many thrills to come Publishers Weekly Starred ReviewCorreia is best known for his action packed urban fan. So this review has basically two parts Part 1 Why Son of the Black Sword is Amazingly Awesome Part 2 Why Son of the Black Sword is Astonishingly Mormon I'll put Part 1 first since it should interest peopleLarry Correia is first and foremost famous for his Monster Hunter International series starting with the eponymous Monster Hunter International I thought the book was OK but I wasn't the biggest fan It was a little too obsessed with the specifics of gun fighting and to me at least read like the first novel it was I couldn't get into the seuel I also really don't like the narrator for those two books on Audible He sounds like he's trying out for a testosterone supplement infomercialLuckily my first intro to Correia was with his other series starting with Hard Magic Alt history urban fantasy Yes please One of my all time favorite fight scenes from any book was in the story and the entire trilogy was amazing The multiple perspectives and alt history world building really showed Correia's potential in much impressive ways to my mind than the MHI seriesStill fantasy is not my thing so I wasn't necessarily going to jump all over Son of the Black Sword when it came out until I heard it got a starred review at Locus and started hearing some really good buzz Then I was intrigued So I picked up and from that point on could not put it downIt's just good A lot of the plot isn't really novel but that's OK for me I will always pick elegant execution over rank novelty any time So we've got the kind of fairly post apocalyptic science so advanced it's magic setting going on here something that Correia doesn't try to hide but does reveal with relaxes pacing as you go through the book Looks like the magic is based on forgotten nano technology The world building is very fresh however with an interesting caste system that ties into some really great historical back story It's also thematically mature meaning interesting and complex not meaning full of sex and gore with an interesting blend of villains heroes and folks who fall realistically and intriguingly in between The plot is fairly straightforward as far as the main action goes but Correia does an unusually deft job of weaving the big picture plot in with the story of his front and center characters This is just one of those work a day tasks that writers aren't always really proficient at can you move the big plot empire in danger awakening ancient evil etc without jerking your characters around like marionettes When it's done well you don't even really notice it unless you're looking for it and Correia does it very very wellBut first and foremost the book was just FUN Great characters good dialogue fast pacing great action maybe just a bit too much hack and slash at times but only a bit and all while you feel like there are things going on that are worth caring aboutThe book doesn't end with a cliff hanger but it does end with a great great set up for the next one I can't wait Definitely will read that as soon as it comes outIn the meantime I'm going to put this one in the running for my own personal consideration for 2015 Hugo Won't happen cause of politics but based strictly on uality the book is that goodNow part 2Correia is Mormon And I don't know what it is about Mormons and fantasy but it seems to be our literary home Just ask Brandon Sanderson And when we're not writing fantasy we're doing sci fi Just ask Orson Scott Card or Brad Torgersen And there are lots What's really fun as a fellow Mormon is to see how much Mormonism either our actual doctrine or just our culture and folklore influence their worldbuilding There are folklorish elements of pansychism in Mormon folklore for example that showed up uite a lot in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game series Of course he also retold the Book of Mormon in the Ships of Earth the origin of Joseph Smith in Alvin Maker Mormon theology in the Worthing Saga and then just wrote explicitly about Mormons in The Folk of the Fringe as well OSC is all about MormonismSanderson's influences aren't as obvious but they're definitely there Culturally his treatment of love and romance is saturated with the marriage centric and family centric culture of Mormon Utah in general and BYU in particular You can tell in several of his books that talking about relationships especially with an investment assumption that you should make them work even when compatibility might seem to fade is in his background There's this odd simultaneously romantic and pragmatic view of the whole thing that is distinctly Mormon and he's definitely got it There are also echoes and reflections of contemporary discussion of faith as well Mormons are unusually sensitive to the interface of religious culture and secular society since we have always tended to stick out as very religious but are also encouraged to be proactively engaged in the world We have no tradition of monasticism or ascetism And so even though this is common to all faith traditions in our secular age Mormons are thinking a lot about faith and doubt these days and that came through particularly clearly in Sanderson's Mistborn series That and Alloy of Law are also where a lot of his relationship stuff comes throughOK back to Son of the Black Sword Larry Correia's Mormon influences are pervasive and specific than any other since OSC MINOR SPOILERS AHEADIn Correia's world water is impure and specifically salt water It's not 100% sure why this is but one thing is certain no one is safe near the ocean Only the lowest caste eat fish or live near the shore any vessel that tries to sail over the seas is attacked and destroyed by demons and every now and then demons come up out of the water and go on a murderous rampage You might be thinking Godzilla but here's a few verses from the Doctrine and Covenants to show how this resonates with MormonsDC 6113 1513 And now behold for your good I gave unto you a commandment concerning these things; and I the Lord will reason with you as with men in days of old14 Behold I the Lord in the beginning blessed the waters; but in the last days by the mouth of my servant John I cursed the waters15 Wherefore the days will come that no flesh shall be safe upon the watersThis might sound weird out of context and I don't want to misrepresent my own faith If you're curious what Mormons actually believe about this read here The point is that there is a folklore about Satan having power over oceans in Mormonism It is actually wrong see the link I posted but it's basically the euivalent of an urban legend and here we have a world where no one can go in the ocean because it is infested with man eating demons HmmCorreia's main theme for the book is also one of justice law and it closely parallels the way Mormons talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ There are too many verses to note here but the Book of Mormon in particular is full of this idea that you've got a central conflict between the law which is pitiless and condemns us all and mercy How can mercy overcome justice without creating a world of chaos and unfairness That seems like the central uestion in the book so far And no of course that's not uniuely Mormon All Christians have theology along these lines but Correia's take on it seems particularly influenced by the penal substitution variant of the theology that is prevalent in contemporary Mormon teaching about this issueAnd finally there a few little phrases that have really specific context for Mormons It's always interesting to hear Mormons use them in unusual ways and settings and it seems as though convert Mormons are prone to do it Might be my imagination One that comes to mind is Glenn Beck who converted to Mormonism and occasionally uses Mormon phrases on his radio show in ways that I think might confuse his non Mormon audience a bit Correia is also a convert to his faith and he uses the phrase fulfilled the measure of its creation which is a very Mormon phrase Just Google it and see how many references point back speeches or articles hosted at BYUedu or LDSorg domainsNone of this makes the book better or worse I don't think it's really intentional It has nothing to do with trying to preach Mormonism or anything like that It's just an interesting example of how a writer's background shapes their creative process

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Son of the Black SwordTasies “Monster Hunter Nation” series so this non European–set epic fantasy is a pleasant surpriseFans who like Correia’s fast moving style will be pleased with the plethora of action scenes and epic fantasy readers interested in delving into a new universe should be eually satisfied A solid choice for admirers of Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn” series Library JournalAbout Son of the Black SwordThis book has everything I like in fantasy intense action scenes evil in horrifying array good struggling against the darkness and most of all people gorgeously flawed human beings faced with horrible moral choices that force them to uestion and change and grow Jim Butcher creator of the New York Times best selling Dresden Files“I loved the book it was great fast paced with wonderful characters and also a lot of wonderful scenes that screamed to be painted” Larry El legendary award winning artist and cover artist for Son of the Black SwordAbout the Urban Fantasy of Larry Correia“A no holds barred all out page turner that is part science fiction part horror and an absolute blast to read” Bookreporte. Not bad I like the peculiar old fashioned style of this book The story is straight forward Correia isn't an author who spends hours and hours refining his books looking for the proper combination of wordsand that's perfectly fine with me Like I said in the past all I need is a good story heroes and mean bastards that want killing in deliciously gruesome and graphic ways In short when I'm reading a book I'm looking for mindless fun Now check out the cover Lovely innit Gimme of that cheesy shit heyGood job Larry45 stars