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Heart of GoldS of well meaning suitors pursuing her Ashlyn finds herself disenchanted with dating altogether Yet as she and Ryan slowly become reacuainted she feels her resolve to avoid a relationship slipping But when moving forward with Ryan means revealing the secret she’s worked so hard to keep will Ashlyn have the courage to leave behind her late husband’s legacy of deceit and learn to love agai. I absolutely adored this oneSo well written you actually feel the emotions as you anxiously turn the pageswanting for And emotions do run high in this bookAshlyn is grieving the sudden death of her husband JohnShe is also angry at him for his betrayalShe has come back home and if feeling loved by her siblings and her parents yet she is confused at their offers to set her up with a dateIs her heart ready to trust another man AND why couldn't she have had her happily ever after with JohnShe is grateful for and fully loves her three year old daughter KatieDoesn't Katie deserve to have a daddy that loves her tooAnd then there is RyanRyan and Ashlyn share a secret from their pastBut Ryan is now dating Ashlyn's sisterCan the plot get any emotionalOH YES IT CAN Read to find out who else's emotions are involved in this wonderful tale of a young widow and her little girlLOVED LOVED LOVED ITSo want to read from this authorDon't miss out on this one

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Heart of Gold Download ✓ 104 â [Ebook] ➧ Heart of Gold ➦ Jeanette Miller – Gym-apparel.co.uk Ashlyn Carter feels as brittle as the lifeless roses that border her new house A year after the tragic death of her husband the young widow discovers a horrifying secret Heartbroken and humiliated she Ashlyn Carter feels as brittle as tAshlyn Carter feels as brittle as the lifeless roses that border her new house A year after the tragic death of her husband the young widow discovers a horrifying secret Heartbroken and humiliated she resolved that no one could ever know Now back in her hometown with her three year old daughter she’s ready for a fresh start But Ashlyn is unprepared to find that an embarrassing memory burie. I picked this one up because of the cover knowing nothing about it Heart of Gold is LDS fiction but is in no way preachy Temple marriage sealings are mentioned throughout the book and there are home teachers missions and singles ward activities but it is just part of the way of life is since the characters are Mormon I loved Ryan Katie Ashlyn This book shows that life does not always end up how we planned it but sometimes that's a good thingRating 5 Stars I loved itContent clean just kissing no language or innuendoSource ebook Review copy

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D deep in her past is about to resurface Ryan Heart of ePUB #10003 Anderson was the last person Ashlyn expected to see After the unexpected kiss they’d shared years earlier she assumed she’d never see him again Though she tries to avoid him at all costs Ashlyn finds herself running into her former flame far often than she’d like Between her uncomfortable history with Ryan and the serie. 45 stars Ashlyn Carter is a young widow who decides to move back to her hometown so she'll be close to family She has a 3 year old daughter Katie She's having a hard time with the death of her husband but not for the reasons most people think She learned something about him that was heartbreaking and she needs the support of her familyHer sister tells her about this new guy she's dating and is crazy about named Ryan Anderson Ashlyn and Ryan have some history and she's not looking forward to seeing him again She tries to keep her distance but he's so good with Katie and she feels something when she looks at him There are a couple of other men interested in dating her and she's hoping they will distract her so she can get away from RyanI liked Ashlyn Life has thrown her a curve ball and she's having a hard time dealing with it She has some self esteem issues and doesn't want to confide in anyone She's doing all she can to make sure her daughter is happy She's content to stay single but there are men who want to change her mindI loved Ryan He made Ashlyn uncomfortable and nervous at first but he was so great with Katie which helped her warm up to him Their history was something she had never told anyone so her family had no idea about them Their age difference made me cringe a little bit at what happened before she's four years older than he is and I see why she's not eager to talk about it but they're older now so age isn't an issue any They have great chemistry and I loved how I could feel the heat between them without them even touchingThere's a lot to this book and I enjoyed it from beginning to end It's definitely LDS since there's talk of missions temple marriage home teachers singles' ward activities and she meets with her bishop a few times It's not preachy though it's all just part of her life I also can't forget to mention that I love the cover This is a great book for anyone that enjoys good clean romance I received a copy of this to review My opinion is 100% my ownMel's Shelves