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Trail Blaze Hot on the Trail #0Darcy Howsam has one last chance to be a respectable woman and to have a secure life traveling along the Oregon Trail to become a mail order bride for a miner in California But when the man who paid her way to meet him at Ft Laramie takes one look at her and rejects her demanding his money back Darcy finds herself alone and desperate I bought this book because I love Ms Farmer's work This novella doesn't fail This is the story of Eric uinlan's parents from her Montana Romance series called Fool For Love This is also a preuel of her Hot on the Trail series about the Oregon TrailWe meet Darcy as she's coming from the stagecoach to meet the man who sent for her to be his bride She's hoping that a new life in a new place will be a step up from the bleak existence that she had on the east coast That's when she meets Conrad he was no ideal but her unsinkable spirit would make it work Only Conrad didn't want her Said she was too puny and demanded she give his money back to him Greg uinlan watches the exchange and from that moment on becomes her champion and he sets out to help her win Conrad back But when it happens is it what they really want And if it isn't is there any way to find their way together?I can see a lot of Darcy in their son Eric I can see a lot of Greg too I love reading stories like this because it's like watching a true family The child takes on characteristics from each parent And no there's no appearance by Eric I just had to add that I can see both Greg's personality and Darcy's spirit in Eric Their romance happens fairly uickly but it doesn't feel rushed or insincere Sometimes they heart just knows what it knows I would definitely recommend this book There's some nookie in it and it's really warm Not as warm as others of her books I've read but not a fade to black scene either But don't let that stop you Like with all her books it's not an important part it's merely a part of the story

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Hen Darcy belongs to someone else? Against the odds on an epic pioneer journey Greg must fight to fix the mistakes he’s made and win back the woman who won his heart with her smile PLEASE BE ADVISED Steam Level – Hot Trail Blaze is a preuel novella to BOTH the Hot on the Trail series and the Montana Romance series by Merry Farmer Merry writing is fresh and easy to read One of those type of books that one cannot put down

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FREE EBOOK ☆ EPUB Trail Blaze Hot on the Trail #0 é Ë MERRY FARMER Æ [BOOKS] ✭ Trail Blaze Hot on the Trail #0 By Merry Farmer – Darcy Howsam has one last chance to be a respectable woman and to have a secure life traveling along the Oregon Trail to become a Gregory uinlan has staked his future on moving west and building a life in Oregon A wife isn’t part of his plan But when Darcy finds herself in trouble he steps up to be a friend to her The two hatch a plan to convince her should be husband to take her back only the they work together the Greg falls in love But what good is love w This was such a well crafted story especially for a novella I'm not usually a fan of novellas because I've read too many that are under developed for my taste The characters were interesting as was the setting on the Oregon Trail The story is predictable but in the way of most romance novels The predictability did not detract from the story My only critiue is with the formatting The point of view suddenly shifted between characters at times which was initially confusing when it happened Had there been a section break it would have been easier to immediately pick up on the fact that the point of view was changingI definitely look forward to reading by Merry Farmer