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First in the Kurt Wallander mystery seriesIt was a crime of senseless violence On a Mördare utan Kindle cold night in a remote Swedish farmhouse an elderly farmer was bludgeoned to death his wife left to die with a noose around her neck As if this didn't present enough problems. Dark brooding and earthy – like a good Swedish crime mystery should beWriter Henning Mankell first published Faceless Killers in 1991 and an English edition translated by Steven T Murray was published in 1997 Besides being a good book this is notable as Mankell’s introduction of his famous detective Kurt WallanderSet in the small city of Ystad in the southern most tip of Sweden and farther removed from larger cities like Malmo or Stockholm Mankell has given this mystery a sort of small town charm distinguished from the tense and energetic crime novels in urban settings No ulcer ridden overworked police chief barking orders here or lengthy descriptions of cityscapes; the author has created an ominous heady atmosphere of fear and simmering outrage after a murder of an elderly couple in a bucolic farming villageIn Wallander Mankell has crafted a complicated and darkly charismatic protagonist With his drinking poor eating habits surly manner and clumsy way with close relationships he is almost an anti heroWell told and with a close eye for detail Faceless Killers also deals with such issues as racism national identity immigration policy and individual rights Known for his social activism Mankell uses the crime novel as a vehicle to reveal and discuss ineualities and societal problemsGood book

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Mördare utan ansikteFor Ystad police inspector Kurt Wallander the dying woman's last word his only tangible clue were foreign If publicized they could be the match that would inflame Sweden's already smoldering anti immigrant sentimentsWith this case unlike the situation with his ex wife his estranged. Henning Mankell might be the most famous Scandinavian writer of crime novels in the US May I humbly ask why I can think of at least three Swedes and two Danes who are far far superior And let's not forget the Norwegians Read Frederik Skagen for Christ's sake I'm not sure he's been translated but he's brillant when it comes to the twisted mind of killers and rapistsActually I don't like being hard on writer colleagues but this book is simply not very good The prose is flat only two of the characters come alive for me and I was a tiny bit bored as well I made the mistake of teaching this novel at Portland State University and my students absolutely hated it Every single of them I didn't though I like the portrait of the main character and the small meditations on immigrants and racism in Sweden

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Mördare utan ansikte characters è 7 Ä ✸ [PDF] ✈ Mördare utan ansikte By Henning Mankell ✴ – Gym-apparel.co.uk First in the Kurt Wallander mystery seriesIt was a crime of senseless violence On a cold night in a remote Swedish farmhouse an elderly farmer was bludgeoned to death his wife left to die with a noose First Daughter or the young prosecutor who has piued his interest Wallander feels he has a problem he can handle He uickly becomes obsessed with solving the crime before the already tense situation explodes though it will reuire all of his talent to do soListening Length hours and minutes. I think I understand Kurt Wallander better now than I did when I read the series in my mid twenties It isn't all that easy to grow older tired and disillusioned in Sweden After all we're supposed to be a role model for others and what if nothing works out here Marriage work parenting fitness happiness all those things come crashing down on us here in our welfare system as well and then it is dark and rainy most of the time and just before Midsummer we all get the odd nostalgic feeling that it is going to turn next week and get darker again bit by bit and that ruins summer not entirely but like a ticking time bomb Who can deal with rising crime rates and mystery in a climate like thisMaybe we produce and read so much crime fiction to vent the dark melancholia stemming from knowing that life's difficult here as well despite the good reputation we suffer from but don't live up to