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Free read ☆ Current Show Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ [KINDLE] ❧ Current Show ❤ பெருமாள் முருகன் [Perumal Murugan] – Ill paid and always tired Sathi a young soda seller finds relief from the tedium of the everyday in marijuana and his friends— vulnerablY and tiring commerce in sex and moneyStylishly written in a manner that mimics the rapid cuts and forward movement of Indian cine. Current Show by Perumal Murugan is less a narrative and a descriptive Readers who enjoy stories that have well formed plots with the whole Curtain Pace Finale seuence might not enjoy reading this This story although well paced is like water swirling in a glass lost in the pattern of its own whirlpool To the observant there's a certain beauty to its rhythmic motion but it isn't going anywhere its beauty walled within the confines of the glass Set roughly in the late 50's or early 60's when movies of MGR Gemini Ganesan and the likes were popular across cinemas in Tamil Nadu the story revolves around the lives of Sathi and his friends who work as soda peddlars and odd job boys at a movie theater near Karavur Their lives lack ambition or direction living in abject poverty The mistreatment that they face at the hands of their employer or pretty much anyone else who is better off than them like the theater manager or the paan shop fellow is heavily normalized Their poverty seems to overshadow everything and everything seems to circle back to their povertyBrilliantly translated in my humble opinion the tale is one of dispossessed youth living homeless anchorless with barely enough income to have one meal a day In spite of this they seem to survive from day to day on a steady diet of friendship and the numbing haze of marijuana Their sense of right wrong pride and shame is vastly different from our version of normalThe writing is speckled with curses and slurs like beggary dog leftovers eating dog and son of a leper which I'm sure hold color in their original collouial from While reading I found a part of me wishing and wondering Wishing that I knew Tamil so I could experience this novella in all its rawness and wondering how much might have been lost in translation despite the earnest efforts of the translator If your appetite for reading can handle stories with no definitive end then I recommend you give this a read

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Ill paid and always tired Sathi a young soda seller finds relief from the tedium of the everyday in marijuana and his friends vul. DNF at 50 pagesPicking this was a mistake The only book by Murugan sir I couldn't connect to at allDo suggest if DNF at 50 is a mistake and I might reconsiderWhy I didn't like it Couldn't understand how the plot is moving Could only grasp some poverty stricken youths trying random stuff Too many unwarranted abuses Not sure if its because of English translation

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Current ShowNerable desperate young men who work around a movie theatre This is life lived in the shadows of show business sustained by a pett. Reading or trying to read is apt – Perumal Murugan’s Current Show This is the first Murugan book I am reading and I am not sure that it is the translator’s – V Geetha – fault or the original too was eually drab and uninterestingly writtenThis is a story about three boys – Sathi Natesan and The Hulk because he is overweight – who eke out their living by selling soda in a movie theatre and the people they exist with and the people they meet I am 56 pages in out of 186 and still haven’t got a clue as to what this book is all aboutMurugan is especially competent or extremely adept at describing the gory and filthy parts – be it the filth on his characters including their hair clothes noses eyes mouths and where not the filth that surrounds them the filth in the theatre and the filth in the food they eat or the filth in the drinks they sell This gets too much – at least for me – and I started skipping the ‘filthy’ parts altogether and found that I did not lose the thread – if there was one – in the story so far The characters are defined through their appearance – or should I say their dirty appearance The way they dress the amount of dirt in their clothes and hair and eyes and noses the way the spit dribbles down their chins the way they spit urinate and wash their mouths The number of flies that surround them and so on They sleep in foul smelling rooms drink from water tanks surrounded by urine drenched soil and also fill their soda bottles from the same tank it’s bottom covered with stinking moss There are gay overtones to the Sathi and Natesan’s characters though they are not overtly described The whole atmosphere is bleak and dark which seems to be Murugan’s hallmark going by the reviews of his other books printed in Current Show May be someone can make an art film based on Current Show sometime and also bag an award Murugan is a highly acclaimed Tamil writer and after he was accused of blasphemy had announced his decision to stop writing This book was published in 1993 in Tamil I guess Penguin has published this to cash on to the Murugan craze that erupted after his decision to give up writing If so they have failed miserably His writing may have improved after 1993 but now I do not want to find out if it did Current Show has really put me off himDisclaimer This book was sent to me free for review by flipkart