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PDF ó BOOK Current Show ↠ [KINDLE] ❧ Current Show ❤ பெருமாள் முருகன் [Perumal Murugan] – Gym-apparel.co.uk Ill paid and always tired Sathi a young soda seller finds relief from the tedium of the everyday in marijuana and his friends— vulnerable desperate young men who work around a movie theatre This is Ill paid and always tired Sathi a young soda seller finds relief from the tedium of the everyday in marijuana and his friends vul This book talks about Sathi who is caught up in a world of loneliness hunger drugs and povertySelling soda in theatres is his only means of earning a pitiful amount just to get throughMost of tha days he has to bear hunger or get past hunger under the influence of drugsLife is so unpredictable when it comes to food shelter and his meagre payHe gets ill treated where he works Even him showing love and care upon a child is looked upon with suspicionHe has his so called friends working with him but is it the friendship that we all think of?He has a family but is it worth calling a family?His father a leper begs for living and they are not even aware of each other's existence his grandmother lives in another place and comes to meet him only when she needs some moneyWho do we blame for this?Do we blame the destiny of each of these characters for living in such pathetic conditions?Does money matter in reality?Does the rules of hiring a child for work really matter to the rest of us?Overall the story represents the pitiful survival means of a young boy who knows only the intense pain of hungerI cannot ignore the reality that has been portrayed in each lineThere are hints of lust along some lines as well as the appreciation of getting satisfaction with drug usage; also rape under the influence of drugsThese youngsters getting misused for personal revenge under the name of getting extra money has also been focused in this bookI struggled a bit while reading this book as there were no changes in the situation whatsoeverIt is too realistic yet the flow of the narration is not smoothThe narration is dark and has bitter undertones I would like to recommend his other books rather than this oneNot recommended for beginners especially below 18 years

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Nerable desperate young men who work around a movie theatre This is life lived in the shadows of show business sustained by a pett Don't know about the original tamil version of the book but didn't like the translation if the book not that catchy and finished it just like that not much of a story to read

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Current ShowY and tiring commerce in sex and moneyStylishly written in a manner that mimics the rapid cuts and forward movement of Indian cine In a small town somewhere in Tamil Nadu Sathivel is a young soda seller in a washed out film theatre Fatigued from running errands for the menacing soda shop man he lives off marijuana and the company of his friends employed around the theatre Cinema has no charm in a world where stacks of bottles are to be sold and sales counted at the end of each run His sole comfort a tender and passionate friendship he has formed with one of the boys keeps him together in his miserable state of hunger penury and shame As much as he may wish to run away the desperation corners him collars him and suffocates him “No escaping them They pursue him in tight dirty spaces”Sathi’s paralysis is almost Joycean He can wish to escape but is always pulled back In Current Show Perumal Murugan has etched a most vivid portrayal of poverty It is dark bleak and reeks of sualor He is particularly intent on evoking unrelentingly revolting imagery producing an honest if not most palatable narrative voice V Geetha in her translation from the Tamil has rendered the book a uniue prose style which feels oddly appropriate to its setting With its sharp sentences and swift cutting movements the novel reads like a screenplay and adds a semblance of pace to a story that otherwise moves meditatively and uietly Of the story itself there is little to speak of The chapters are episodic effectively digging into the many facets of the underbelly of small town existence Murugan’s later novel Seasons of Palm tells the story a young dalit boy whose spirit is broken by brutality Here he subtly alludes to Sathi’s identity as an untouchable trying to make ends meet His disgust for his leprous father –who notably refers to him as a “half caste” – reveals his shame for a part of his own self that he loathes After all he’s at an age where identity is delicate and fragile Though the ages of the boys are never explicitly mentioned it is clear that they have to be teenagers Sathi’s confused sexuality indicates that he has to be just on the threshold of puberty making him an easy target for exploitation The language is strong and the matter desolate but I would urge the reader to take up this book It’s a powerfully realistic narrative of misfortune And whatever you take away from it you will most certainly never see a local theatre the same way again