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The Study of Seduction Free download ✓ 5 Û ❮Ebook❯ ➩ The Study of Seduction Author Sabrina Jeffries – A marriage of convenience ignites into a passionate love affair in the hotly anticipated second novel in New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries’s addictive Sinful Although The Study PDFEPUBcaptivated by the whip smart free spirited beauty he fears she’d be all wrong as a wife if she would even take such a gruff cynic for her husband Too bad he wants nothing than to have her for his ownClarissa has no intention of marrying anyone not Edwin whom she’s sure would be an overbearing husband and certainly not the powerful French diplomat stalking her But when matters escalate with the diplomat she c. Edwin Barlow the Earl of Blakeborough has been asked to protect his best friend’s ward Lady Clarissa Lindsey from a powerful diplomat who is stalking her And he knows that this task is only going to bring him trouble because Clarissa is sassy and free spirited and a flirt who is always trying to get a rise out of him calling him gruff and too serious And how is he supposed to find a suitable wife if he can’t help but want Clarissa who is the exact opposite of the wife he is looking for Clarissa might come across as a flirt as always happy but behind all the smiles and laughter she hides the terrible truth of what happened to her seven years ago She has no intention of marrying anyone ever and resents the protection the overbearing and serious Edwin offers She needs to know that she can take care of herself protect herself so that never again she would be vulnerable But the French diplomat refuses to take no for an answer and Clarissa can’t help but be grateful for Edwin’s help In order to discourage the unwanted attention of the diplomat Edwin proposes a pretend engagement only informing her stalker hoping that it would protect Clarissa But when matters escalates with the diplomat and their secret engagement becomes very public Clarissa accepts Edwin’s proposal to wed a marriage of convenience between friends But neither can deny the desire between them a desire that grows stronger with every kiss But can Clarissa overcome the fears of her past and can Edwin convince Clarissa that he would never hurt her And when her stalker refuses to forget about her and threatens to expose their deepest secrets can they trust in each other in their growing feelings to stand strong against that which wants to ruin their future their happiness I loved the chemistry between Edwin and Clarissa and how hard Edwin fought for Clarrisa to trust him Edwin was the perfect hero and I just adored him I did at times get frustrated with Clarissa and how she would push Edwin away making him think there was something wrong with him But in light of her past all of this made sense and made me see how strong she was for surviving what she did This was an enjoyable HR with a very likeable hero and heroine a sweet romance and lots of intrigue

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A marriage of convenience ignites into a passionate love affair in the hotly anticipated second novel in New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries’s addictive Sinful Suitors seriesWhen Edwin Barlow the Earl of Blakeborough agrees to help his best friend’s impetuous ward Lady Clarissa Lindsey in her time of need he knows he’s in for trouble He’s been hunting for someone to wed and she’ll just get in the way. Besides he added we're engagedNotreallyHis gaze locked with hers in the mirror as he stroked one finger along the edge of her bodice We could beShe was so intent on what he was doing with his finger that his words didn't uite resister We could be whatReally engaged To each other His finger dipped just beneath the edge to skim over the rise of her breasts in a slow caress Watching him do it in the mirror made it so erotic that she had to plant one hand on the dressing table just to keep steady Why Why would wedo that she choked out I never fully warmed up to our main characters Edwin and Clarissa although I thought they were less high and mighty in their thinking they were witty and better than everyone else later in the story Their marriage of convenience hampered the natural romance feelings and a lot of resolution was left until the last 20% or so of the story again missing a feeling of natural progression The villain was a little over the top and it's resolution was also rushed at the end I've read a few other books by this author and not had a problem but this particular one had a style that felt dry to meAnd like I said in a reading update love the hero's thoughts and feelings on a woman's right to say no in any circumstance but there were times where their conversations made me feel like I was reading a pamphlet on teaching women's rights and explaining rape The word natural again comes to mind and how it didn't feel like this aspect flowed naturally so much as I felt lectured to However since some people still don't get it these statementsideals can never be said or printed enough

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The Study of SeductionHooses Edwin’s gallant offer of a marriage between friends in hopes that it will deter her stalker She expects nothing than an amiable union but their increasingly tempestuous kisses prove than she bargained for When her stalker’s vow to expose the lovers’ deepest secrets threatens to destroy their blossoming attraction will their tenuous bond withstand public ruin or will Edwin lose all that’s important to him to protect his brid. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Edwin Barlow the Earl of Blakeborough has known the Lindsey's for a long time and is a close friend to the family When Lady Clarissa's brother Warren asks Edwin to watch over Clarissa while he heads off to Europe to help their younger brotherEdwin is than willing But the moment he agrees he realizes that he is way in over his head because the chemistry between himself and Clarissa is flame worthy Edwin escourts Clarissa around town for certain events balls and soirees but there is a reason he is their escort There is a stalker a french nobleman who is after Clarissa for unknown reasons Clarissa is afraid of him but won't explain why but he knows it must be something serious to make her so fearful since she is bold and daring and not hesitant to put a man in his place if need be But there is a secret plot in place soon Clariss and Edwin end up in a marriage of convenience when they are left with no choice unless Clarissa wants to be forced into a marriage with the one man she fears the most Plot and Story Line Study of Seduction is a story I have been highly anticipating ever since the first book Art of Sinning came out I was excited for Edwin and Clarissa's story We see the sizzling chemistry between them in the first book so I couldn't wait to open this one up I will say that overall this was a wonderful romance that I just soaked up Although I do feel that the first half was a bit slow still engaging but not as much as the second half I did love the bantering between these two though They are a riot together They tease each other mercilessly and I had a ball of fun with their antics I found this story to be uite interesting especially in the way they end up together Because even though its a marriage of convenience romance we do see the affection and friendship these two have for each other before that aspect comes into play It leads up to it and doesn't happen instantly which I really liked At times I had a hard time connecting with the actual romance on ocassion but there were so many elements that made this story a very much enjoyable read It did have some intrigue and tension in the plot than I was expecting I liked the involvement of the villain and seeing how it adds a few thrills to the story There were uite a few tear worthy moments here especially toward the end The actual romance between Edwin and Clarissa was heartwarming and lighthearted I felt like Sabrina Jeffries really balanced this story out so well The Cover Oh I am in so love with this coverI really like the man behind set up of the pose and the colors are just perfect I love the blue and pink Overall View The Study of Seduction is charming sweet and has some twists to keep you ever engaged HEARTWARMING foogallery id20278