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A Savage Hunger Paula Maguire #4 review » 108 ↠ ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ A Savage Hunger Paula Maguire #4 Author Claire McGowan – Gym-apparel.co.uk The fourth in the crime series featuring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire by Claire McGowan acclaimed as 'Ireland's answer to Ruth Rendell' by Ken BruenVictim Female Twenty Disappearance raises immediate uestions for forensic psychologist Paula Maguire Alice the daughter of a life peer in Savage Hunger Paula PDF #10003 the Home Office has vanished along with a holy relic the bones of a saint and the only trace is the bloodstains on the altar With no body to confirm death the pressure in this high profile case is all consuming and. I am hooked on following Paula McGuire the forensic psychologist who returns home to Northern Ireland from England to work on a short term assignment She has now been there through four novels but readers don't really know if she'll stay or if she'll go to paraphrase The Clash McGowan has created an interesting and compelling character that keeps me coming back to these booksThe author ends each books with a cliff hanger as well as leaving readers wondering what will happen next in Paula's personal life For that reason I recommend reading these books in order That is also the reason I cannot say much about the details of each novel Paula is one of too many residents of Northern Ireland who had a family member disappear during the Troubles This novel continues to explore the mystery of her long absent mother As I am wont to do I am fussy about details when I read In this novel it was toddlers who spoke in full grammatical sentences like five year olds one of my academic specializations is child language I also found the story line in this novel too convoluted and in the end I stopped caring I enjoyed the narration as the narrator deftly changed accents and managed to convey male voices without sounding ridiculous This was 35 stars for me but I am bumping it up as McGowan is currently the only Northern Irish woman writing a crime novel series

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Paula knows that she will have to put her own life including her imminent marriage on hold if they are to find the truth A connection to a decades old murder immediately indicates that all may not be as it seems as the summer heat rises and tempers fray can Alice be found or will they learn that those that are hungry for vengeance may be the most savage of al. The fourth novel in this engrossing series takes place two years after its predecessor The Silent Dead Guy Brooking has now returned to London Helen Corry demoted to Detective Sergeant Gerard Monoghan promoted to that rank and Paula and Aidan are preparing for their weddingAlice Morgan a student at Oakdale a college for disturbed rich kids has disappeared last seen at a remote religious shrine exactly 32 years after another young female Yvonne O'Neill disappeared from the same site The central themes of the novel revolve around eating disorders anorexia and bulimia and cleverly ties them in to the IRA hunger strikes of the early 1980s Once again the shadows of Ireland's political past hover over a current investigation Paula has the seemingly impossible task of balancing her demanding job with caring for her two year old daughter Maggie and preparing for her upcoming marriage Also of course she is still haunted by the unexplained disappearance of her own motherThis is another fine addition to the series; full of unexpected and shocking twists with a chilling finale

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A Savage Hunger Paula Maguire #4The fourth in the crime series featuring forensic Hunger Paula ePUB #10003 psychologist Paula Maguire by Claire McGowan acclaimed as 'Ireland's answer to Ruth Rendell' by Ken BruenVictim Female Twenty two years of age Reason for A Savage Epubinvestigation Missing personID Alice Morgan Student Last seen at a remote religious shrine in BallyterrinAlice Morgan's. ‘The corpse on the bed was still breathing’With this powerful opening line begins an intelligent and compelling story of love loss and vengeance in a land where the past and its secrets lurk around every corner A young student at a private university in Northern Ireland has vanished No one seems bothered Not her parents not the university authorities not her friends Alice Morgan is seems was a bit odd Never mind the blood stains in the church where she was last seen the famous religious relic that vanished at the same time the other young woman who disappeared decades earlier from exactly the same spot Alice is probably just being Alice She’ll turn up Fortunately for Alice the police do take her disappearance seriously Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire finds missing people Knowing from personal experience the trauma that the missing leave behind them her own mother vanished during “The Troubles” Paula feels a deep and personal interest in all her cases but something about lonely un missed Alice tugs at her heart Compelled to throw herself into the hunt for the missing girl in spite of or maybe because of her imminent wedding to her childhood sweetheart Paula finds darker nastier puzzles under every turned stone As the clock ticks away towards Alice’s likely death and Paula’s walk down the aisle the people of this uiet corner of Northern Ireland have to confront a side of themselves that they’d much prefer to keep hidden away With characteristic skill Claire McGowan has managed to pack a great deal into this deceptively simple story of a lost girl Hunger the literal kind and all the others runs as a savage theme throughout The hunger strikes of the 1980s have by no means been forgotten and desire for vengeance on the part of the wronged is all consuming The self imposed starvation of the hunger strikers is strikingly echoed in the self abuse practiced by the girls with eating disorders McGowan is from Northern Ireland and her knowledge of this part of the world and its recent history brings a richness and a credibility to an original and thought provoking story Her keen observation skills and intelligent writing keep it fresh and vivid