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So close to Stergios's potent sensuality she's once again a slave to their destructive desire One last illicit night should have put their affair behind them but Jodie leaves the island with than scorching hot memories. i fell in love with the strong female character but i thought the rest of the book could have been a little better overall it was an interesting and somewhat enjoyable readStergios is the type of man who makes business deals to further his family and their financial gain he didnt want anyone or anything to get in the way of that the problem was that his step sister reappeared in his life when he didnt want her too so to protect his family he took her away but the conseuences when he did that made him alter his plans foreverjodie was only tring to make amends with her father and have a relationship with him but when her step brother took her away she did not know what to do however she still has feelings for him since she could remember she disnt want anything to do with him because he did not love herthe majority of the book was about their relationship and how they both realized they loved each otheri loved loved the last paragraph of the book it made me want that type of relationship

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Illicit Night with the GreekThe Greek's unexpected parting gift Stergios Antoniou hasn't seen with the eBook #8608 his exiled troublemaking stepsister Jodie Little since the night they finally gave in to their Illicit Night PDFEPUBforbidden attr. I waffled between two and three stars This is a weak three because the author really brought the intensity but it was so dark that I really couldn’t believe in an HEA for these characters and I felt depressed than happy after reading it This a step sibling romance Heroine’s father a penniless gigilo type is married to the Greek hero’s mother who has a lot of money and terrible taste in men When the hero was a child the hero’s father kidnapped him during a custody fight and was on the run for two years To say the Hh are damaged is an understatementThe heroine was rejected her entire life – first from her mother who was interested in making money and then from her father who was interested in keeping his wealthy second wife happy She was dumped in a series of boarding schools where she acted out to get their attentionThe heroine has been an outsider her whole life and was treated as such in the hero’s family who are tight knit and paranoid because of the kidnapping When the heroine was 18 and a virgin the hero’s cousin tried to rape her The hero rescued her only to have sex with her himself She was sent away The hero looked for her but gave up when he saw her in a dalliance in a tabloidWhen the story opens the heroine is 23 and trying to get to know her father again after her mother’s death The hero’s cousin is getting married and the hero thinks she’s there to cause trouble The cousin doesn’t want to marry for business and would like to have another chance with the heroine The hero ends up kidnapping the heroine to his island so she won’t mess up the weddingIt is in the dark during a storm that the Hh reveal their backstories and have rough sex The next day the heroine tells the hero she is pregnant by another man and after some verbal abuse by the hero they go their separate waysThe heroine really is pregnant and has no intention of telling the hero He is on the brink of contracting an engagement for business purposes and the heroine is trying not mess up his life She accepts her father’s invitation for Christmas with the pit of vipers that is the hero’s family and of course sees the hero and the rapey cousin and the horrible stepmotherDithering about marrying worries about the heroine being kidnapped and finally a wedding round out the story There was a less than convincing epilogue five years later where the heroine is in the garden blissfully happy thinking about what wonderful grandparents her father and stepmother are Pull the other legSeriously these are horrible people For example at the beginning of the story the hero taunts the heroine that her father is only agreeing to see her now that she has inherited her mother’s fortune This is never refuted either in word or deed Her father is a complete waste of space The hero’s mother calls her a whore and never takes it back The Hh were great at tearing each other apart I really had a tough time with the heroine’s self esteem problems and her self sabotaging The hero was paranoid sour and verbally abusive The cousin is always going to be rapey There were a lot of scenes set in the dark and while thematically appropriate the symbolism colored the entire story so that ending felt desperate and hollow If you like darker romances with a lot of slut shaming you might like this one It certainly keeps your attention

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Illicit Night with the Greek Read Ë 102 ✓ ❤ Illicit Night with the Greek pdf ⚣ Author Susanna Carr – The Greek's unexpected parting gift Stergios Antoniou hasn't seen his exiled troublemaking stepsister Jodie Little since the night they finally gave in to their forbidden attraction Learning she's re ThAction Learning she's returned to Athens during a business deal too crucial to jeopardize he holds her prisoner on his private island until Night with the Epub #181 it's over Jodie wants to rectify the past but being. 1 Aw Hell Naw Star “After allthe great and virtuous Stergios Antoniou is supposed to be trustworthy and do what is right He strives for excellence and discipline Why he would never have sex with a virgin without marrying herHe would never have sex with his eighteen year old stepsister right And then walk away without a backward glance” What is up with the step sibling stories No people Just NO I was so disturbed by the relationship between he two main protagonists Stergios the older stepbrother has sex with Jodie his barely legal step sister in the wine cellar because he thought she was trying to trap his cousin and wanted her for himself This lead to her getting kicked out of her home and basically forced to live on her own Years later she is back to visit her father and is treated like trash by Stergios and his family Stergios and Jodie are unable to keep their hands off each other and that leads to a pregnancy and even dramaJodie tries to prove that she is independent and strong but she never really convinces me Stergios needs therapy Plain and simple He has way too many issues from his childhood trauma He needs Dr Phil Jodie’s father is a bastard and her step mother is an evil cow This book was annoying I found nothing redeeming about the characters the story the book I forced myself to finish it but would strongly suggest that you Read At Your Own Risk