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Read & Download Ours Fighter Romance Fighter Romance Imperfect Chaos #3 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î ❮PDF❯ ✯ Ours Fighter Romance Fighter Romance Imperfect Chaos #3 ⚣ Author Marie York – Edit 2020 All parts of the Imperfect Chaos sComing up he has to push aside an old feud His future Ours Fighter PDFEPUBnow lies in the hands of the one person he swore he’d never speak to again Will his past be able to save his futu. So while this one was the best one of the three for me I still never did like Nixon He has to be one of the biggest a hole H's I've come across and I've come across a few If I knew him IRL I definitely wouldn't want to have anything to do with him Then again I'm not a perfect bodied and young female just female lol so he wouldn't want anything to do with me either Also I just really wanted him to lose a fight He also really needed some anger management classes Yeah no I definitely won't miss him What kept me reading the series though was Brooklyn I really did like her and with everything she went through she definitely deserved a happy ending While he was an asshole to everyone else in this book he was definitely trying to be better to her and for her though he did have some hiccups along the way with her and I wanted to punch him for those

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Xon Bennett witnesses the only girl he’s ever loved free herself from her past but in doing so he pays the ultimate conseuence for her actions Out of options and with the fight of his life. Hallelujah I have been unuestionably been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this book And now Ours is finally hereOurs picks up exactly where Yours left us Brooklyn fought for her life and won but the fallout puts Nix in a situation he never thought he'd be in But through it all he only wants to make things right for Brooklyn She is after all the only woman that he has ever cared about and could even loveBut through it all Nix is on a mission to prove to B that not all men are like her ex and that she can be safe with him Even as she fights him and tells him to leave he's not giving up on her For someone that doesn't do love I've got nothing but love for Nix He's a hard man to love but once you do he not someone you want to let goAs if Nix doesn't have enough to worry about he's got a huge fight coming up and his opponent to determined to get under Nix's skin Even if that means using B against him But what his opponent doesn't know Nix will use all this against him in the ring And what a fight that proves to beBrooklyn has been throw hell and back Although she wanted Nix I admire her perseverance to fight Nix through it all She has been pushed around so much that now she stands tall and push backShe has changed over the course of this series and it has defiantly been for the betterThis series was unbelievably additive Nix is rough brash intimidating and surprisingly has a heart of gold He may not make the best first impressions but once you get to know him you may want to strangle him and then spend hours in bed

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Ours Fighter Romance Fighter Romance Imperfect Chaos #3Edit All parts of the Romance Fighter Kindle #210 Imperfect Chaos serial have been edited with tons of new content and combined into one full length novel Imperfect Chaos is available now Ni. The author tied this series up with a nice tight bow after three installments There was really nowhere further to go with the characters since the obstacles to them getting together fell as easily as a series of dominoes I really liked her writing overall and feel like this was a blueprint of a novel There was so much potential to really flesh this out and make it into an epic story I wish the writer all the luck in her future and hope that she can find the wherewithal to write a full novel She gave me just a taste of what she is capable of and I am looking forward to her talent getting fully realized