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Applied MindsIn this engaging account of innovative triumphs Guru Madhavan examines the ways in which engineers throughout history created world ch Guru Madhavan is the sort of writer that promises much and delivers on little Although the examples themselves may be interesting he goes into so little detail on how the engineering mindset was used in each one that there is almost no point in talking about the example at all This book is little than a collection of interesting anecdotes with little analysis involved What one sees with each example is a brief introduction of some aspect of strategic engineering thinking an introduction of an example and then a conclusion where Madhavan essentially says yes this particular project never would have succeeded without the engineering mindset I was disappointed because I expected so much out of this book than I got He would have been better served giving an in depth discussion of two or three examples rather than blazing through so many

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Anging tools from ATMs and ZIP codes to the digital camera and the disposable diaper Eual parts personal practical and profound Applie I stopped reading this book halfway through so admittedly it may have a stellar second half that I missed This book provides little to no insight into how engineers think but is instead a collection of short anecdotes that lack any connecting theme When discussing problems engineers have faced the author would go into no detail about how the engineers reached their conclusions but would simply state what those conclusions were and then discuss a list of engineering terms vaguely related to the problem the author had just outlined It was hard to connect the concluding discussions that followed each story because the stories were told in such little detail that it was impossible to understand the relevant issuesHere are two uotes from the book that particularly frustrated meIn IBM's case the primary objective was to minimize traffic on Stockholm which turned out to be a function of peak automobile usage Further in the name of not wanting to obscure the view from the deck the number of lifeboats on board the Titanic was woefully inadeuate These were what engineers would call aggressive trade offs

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Download Book ✓ Applied Minds È 272 pages × Guru madhavan ò ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Applied Minds By Guru Madhavan ✾ – In this engaging account of innovative triumphs Guru Madhavan examines the ways in which engineers throughout history created world changing tools fD Minds charts a path to a future where we borrow strategies from engineering to find inspired solutions to our most pressing challeng Short and to the point Madhavan discusses broad issues in engineering for example the use of prototyping with short anecdotes about the development of certain products or systems the cellphone mass produced penicillin French artillery Or at least that's what he tries to do and doesn't uite succeed the broad issues never really get clarified the anecdotes never really connect with or illustrate the issuesIt reads in a way like a coffeebook full of interesting cocktail chatter about engineering along with a prologue extolling engineers why don't we celebrate them ? and an epilogue noting the cost benefit of any advancement and how engineering can be turned to evil Wait should we celebrate engineers or make them take morality classes? Or both?There are some interesting notes and anecdotes here and the book is short and fast but it's not really what the subtitle promises