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The world is at Jennifer Lamont’s feet right where she wants it She Captain of Epubhas made breaking hearts a blood sport and the cool calculated use of other people’s backs has led to the stardom she has craved from the first time she heard applause. Loved it Kallmaker shows us how a great author puts together an unforgettable read Her attention to detail focus on past and current trends and her ability to give the reader fully formed characters to love or dislike sets her on a level few lesfic authors have achieved and makes her novels a pleasure to read Jennifer Lamont wants to move her modelling career to the next level With enough voice and acting lessons and dogged determination she hopes to break into the acting world Falling in love with the geeky up and coming tech wizard and out lesbian Suzanne will not help her advance in the industry If the casting directors find out she is a lesbian she risks her ultimate goal of leaving the runway behind and making a name for herself on the silver screen Heartbreaks aside I was impressed at the skillful way Kallmaker includes issues of the day covering a span of twenty years The rights of women vs the reality of challenges faced by women in many occupations being recognized as euals The need for women to work together to break down barriers in the corporate world and the understanding that working together benefits all of us Kallmaker also takes a hard look at the impact media has on our lives in today's world of instant information and twisted truthsA great read that is than just designer labelsrunway models and cameo appearances by characters from previous novels It’s a story of a woman coming to terms with how decisions born of necessity impact her life Full value from one of the best in lesbian fiction today

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Captain of IndustryLust or fear is all she has ever believed she could see in the eyes of othersSuzanne Mason has built the enviable life she was always told smart geeks could never have Fortune fame and the beautiful girls usually reserved for captains of football teams. I like this book I kept reading to the end wanting to find out the ending

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review Captain of Industry 103 ß ❮PDF❯ ✭ Captain of Industry ✩ Author Karin Kallmaker – The world is at Jennifer Lamont’s feet—right where she wants it She has made breaking hearts a blood sport and the cool calculated use of other people’s backs has led to the stardom she has crav The world is at JennAre all hers She has everything she ever wanted except the one woman who is no one’s trophyExpert combatants in the games of life know there can only be one winner Regardless of the scorching attraction between them the game of love is no different is. Detailed score 40Nothing groundbreaking here it's pretty trope y now that I stop and think about it but it didn't feel like that while I was reading itMy main criticism was that despite some juicy hook ups it took our leads ages to come together properly and we weren't given enough to time to savour itOverall though a confident compelling read