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The Maestro the Magistrate and the Mathematician review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Maestro the Magistrate and the Mathematician By Tendai Huchu ➲ – Three very different men struggle with thoughts of belonging loss identity and love as World into the fantastic world of literature The Mathematician full of youth follows a carefree hedonistic lifestyle until their three universes Maestro the Magistrate PDF #186 collid. In trying to contextualise this book I read a few reviews and interviews with the Author and in one of the interviews Huchu says he doesn’t really care about reviews because by the time a reader is interacting with his books he has already moved on to other things We the readers are living in the past and he in the present To uote him “I don’t hold much store by what even my closest readers have to say about my work” “ while readers have been kind which is heart warming they’re in the past I’ve moved on” and I uestioned myself on why I bothered buying and reading this bookI somewhat understand what Huchu was trying to say in this interview but this doesn’t stop it from coming off as arrogant and shallow The power of art and literature is that it transcends time Art and Literature is timeless This is why paintings by van Gogh are still priceless today despite being done in the 1800s why we still study works by Chinua Achebe written in the 60s heck even the Bible is still as relevant today as it was in 1BC For an author to hold such sentiments regarding their work is uite disappointing When you publish a book and put it out there for the world to read it’s a FOREVER contract People are going to interact with your work 1020 30 40 years from now Your work will resonate with some 50 years later and to not care what people reading your work think Well you might as well destroy your manuscripts and write in your diary You can read the interview here I feel like I shouldn’t bother putting in time and effort reviewing this book but for those who are keen on reading it my rating for the book is a 35 StarsThe story of the Maestro the Magistrate the Mathematician is an ok book It tells the story of three characters as the title suggests all from Zimbabwe and living in Edinburg Scotland They have different motivations for being in Edinburg and they all struggle in their own ways to find their footing in this new country while still trying to remain rooted in their home country Each story strong on its own Strong enough to stand alone and can easily be read as 3 separate and different books It however becomes weak when the author attempts to make the connection and link the three stories towards the end The coming together of these three characters is inorganic it comes out as forced and the ending was almost like a rabbit pulled out of a hat – I didn’t see it coming I didn’t like it it added no value to the story really and felt like an afterthought

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Tries to create new memories and roots fusing a wandering The Maestro ePUB #10003 exploration of Edinburgh with music The Maestro a depressed uixotic character sinks out of the real. A book that bumbles along pleasantly with an ending that I really couldn't have predicted at all Excellent

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The Maestro the Magistrate and the MathematicianThree very the Magistrate eBook #9734 different men struggle with thoughts of belonging loss identity and love as they attempt to find a place for themselves in Britain The Magistrate. The Maestro the Magistrate and the Mathematician by Tendai HuchuI received an early review copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewI really loved this book The characters and plot are swirling around in my brain and I know I will need to read this book again Now pen to paper as I try to tame all my thoughts about this storyPLOTThe plot centers around three main characters They are transplants from Zimbabwe in Scotland and are each struggling in their own ways to find a way to belong The three story lines start out separately and then overlap in interesting and surprising ways The narrator's voice at first reminded me of Alexander MCCall Smith slow and rhythmic centering around word dense but interesting conversations It was so easy to just relax into the flow of this book I immediately was in touch with this moment in each character's life The book starts at a pivotal moment in time for each person and then over the course of the book we hear parts of their back story The ending was intriguing but I don't want to spoil it by saying CHARACTERSThis is the best sort of story in that the plot is driven by the lives and conversations of the characters As mentioned earlier we enter the book at a pivotal point Each person has been dealing with assimilation and now they are facing personal challenges that will change their shapes and mold them powerfully We are immersed in their Zimbabwe culture as well as their new life in Scotland These two cultures bang violently against each but eventually find a way to merge This author is also very tactile with his characters They experience life viscerally For example one character is mapping his Scottish city using music from Zimbabwe to mark each spot in his mind I did not recognize the artists but found myself mesmerized by his descriptions of the life conveyed in the songs Really rich imageryMy only complaint about the book is that the ending feels like a major change in tone However I cannot get the ending out of my head I've been thinking about it for two days now Does the tone shift rotate our view from Scotland to seeing things from the perspective of Zimbabwe I don't know it just has me thinking In conclusion the book isn't perfect The people in the book are flawed and even often unsympathetic but they are people to me Thank you for a chance to read and review this bookPemmycats