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The Wall Review â 108 ✓ [Download] ➾ The Wall Author John Hersey – Riveting compelling The Wall tells the inspiring story of forty men women who escape the dehumanizing horror of the Warsaw ghetto John Hersey's novel documents the Warsaw ghetto both as an emblem of N Riveting compelling The Wall tells the inspiring story of fThe Warsaw ghetto John Hersey's novel documents the Warsaw ghetto both as an emblem of Nazi persecution as a per. So far the best novel I have ever read The strength of the book lies in its character development which is deep and has a very authentic feeling Some reviewers were critical because the story is slow but that is because the author is willing to take the time to let the reader really get to know the characters When they go through the horrific events of the story the reader will feel compelled to stay with them and when the book ends some readers will feel like they had to say goodbye to several good friends The diary style of the story is an approach that Hersey used in some other books Here it is most effective Rarely does a novel offer the chance to view the unfolding events from the perspective of so many characters but the account in each chapter is told by a changing group of characters who contribute to the record of Levinson's history of these events By the way there was a real life history of these events too It was recorded by Emmanuel Ringelblum and it is of course even horrific than this novel Hersey makes the story much bearable He did his homework too Some characters here have real life euivalents and not just Noach Levinson as Emmanuel Ringelblum Rachel Apt clearly matches Zivia Lubetkin and there are others

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Sonal confrontation with torture starvation humiliation cruelty a gripping visceral story impossible to put down. Though it was a long and arduous book it was so worth the read Based on the actual archives of Emmanuel Ringelblum the fictionalized Noach Levinson archives are a phenomenal account of life in the Warsaw Ghetto The hidden cache of documents served to record every aspect of living behind the ghetto walls from personal relationships and deportations to deteriorating conditions and the formations of the resistance Noach’s keen sense of observation and meticulous chronicling didn’t miss a thing Beginning with the formation of the ghetto Noach remarks “They are putting us to one side and they will be glad to remove from their minds such an unpleasant subject as we are of them” At first the tone is optimistic but as the Jews within the walls learn the existence of Treblinka and their ultimate fate things become fatalistic As their living conditions become restrictive Noach and his closest friends rally together forming a “family” Eventually fractious groups of Jews develop a forced camaraderie against the Germans Despite their differences and the ever increasing danger they form a somewhat cohesive resistanceThe characters are the heart of this novel Besides Noach we see people like Rachel Apt and Dolek Berson evolve in strength and integrity Rachel becomes a highly respected resistance leader while Dolek’s transformation makes him one of the most valuable and admirable Jews of the bunch There’s no place better than a ghetto to hone resourcefulness and clever strategy Hersey is masterful and reminiscent of Uris though he preceded Leon It’s a terribly heartbreaking subject but he so skillfully takes his reader inside the ghetto walls and we experience every iota of love every individual loss and every moment of terror along with these incredibly well written characters Having spent over 600 pages with these Rachel Noach and all the others I felt deeply connected with the all especially Dolek

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The WallRiveting compelling The Wall tells the inspiring story of forty men women who escape the dehumanizing horror of. I am not surprised if you have not heard of this book but please please read it It's one of the most incredible pieces of literature I have ever picked up It is the archives of a man named Noach Levinson who lived through the Warsaw ghetto and chronicled in minute detail his experiences and the lives of those around him It is both fascinating and terribly heartbreaking to see the way in which the Jews in Warsaw were systematically destroyed through the eyes of one of their own I have never read a book on the subject that even comes close to the depth of knowledge and feeling in The Wall