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Craving You TBX #2S perfect self and the next I want to have his babies He’s a bad habit I can’t allow myself to become addicted to Parker Being around Craving You EpubKelsey Whitten makes my blood rush and not only south One minute I’m pushing. Tina bookaliciousbabes blogI'm a little speechless right now I have a complete and utter book hangover This book was all kinds of feels funny sexy heart wrenching love and completion I am trying to compose myself enough to write after this emotional rollercoaster ride It was a great ride too I am forever an fan of Ashley after this oneKelsey and Parker both have had emotional pasts that have scarred them for life Watching them go through this journey of breaking down each others walls was emotional to say the least One minute they are fine the next the walls go back upI'm not going to give any details of this book away because it will take away from the emotional journey that they go through You will feel like you are there on this journey called life with them But trust me you will get all the feels at the endParker fan for life here I thinkI love him than Colt Don't tell him please If I haven't convinced you to one click yet what is wrong with you This is beyond a 5 star review for me Thank you Ashley And by the way you won't put the book down once you pick it up

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Kelsey Being around Parker Taylor is like walking a tightrope the feelings of lust and hate come with the sway of my emotions One foot in front of the other keeps my life balanced until he causes my steps to falter One day I hate hi. I loved this book it was the second in a series Parker is awesome and Kelsey was great as well There story was reality based and it ended awesome Looking forward to book 3 and the next story and the rest of this one Please hurry

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Craving You TBX #2 review  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó [Download] ➾ Craving You TBX #2 ➹ Ashley Christin – Kelsey Being around Parker Taylor is like walking a tightrope; the feelings of lust and hate come with the sway of my emotions One foot in front of the other keeps my life balanced until heHer up on the bathroom counter and the next she’s cussing at me from those sweet lips of hers One taste from her smart mouth and I'm sign me up for a twelve step program addicted She’s habit forming and that doesn’t work for. I have been anxioulsy waiting to get my hands on Craving You I was dying to read Parker and Kelsey's story and boy oh boy Ashley did not disappoint one bit From page one I was immediately pulled in until the last page This is a story about believing in and trusting in someone and love itself It was packed with angst and drama and of course some amazing charactersI do not want to give anything away but I loved everything about this book The writing is amazing and captured and held my attention the entire way through The characters are funny and honest and they actually remind me of my group of friends The chemistry is off the charts and sexy This one had the perfect mixture of drama angst some laughs even some tough topics but overall an amazing journey of two people trying to figure out something new and foreign to themI would definitely recommend this story to everyone I am now an even bigger fan of Ashley I am dying to see what happens next and will be eagerly waiting