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kindle Ê Shakti author Anuja Chandramouli Ð Kindle Edition read æ anuja chandramouli ó [PDF] ✎ Shakti By Anuja Chandramouli – She is the Mother Goddess Mahamaya—the enchantress the supreme consciousness the pure source from which all creationHer awesome power forged on the flames of love and hate; and watch her teach the male dominated pantheon a lesson in compassion Witty engaging and thought provoking Shakti The Feminine Divine will force readers to re evaluate everything they know about the gods and goddesses and inspire all to embrace the Shakti with Probably one of the best books that I have read this year Here’s hoping men read and understand this book for what it truly is – a commentary of the times we live in today in India rather than just another mythological retelling of tales we probably already knowDetailed review put up at

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Efeats the savage Mahishasura whom none of the male gods could vanuish As Kali the fearsome dark goddess she delights in chaos Yet she is also Shakti beloved of all who when united with Shiva restores balance to the universeIn this captivating narrative explore the contrasting facets of the sacred feminine; experience I read this book long ago just got the time to reread it and post my opinion The mahamaya supreme enchantress plays varied roles in the lives of various people She is Shiva's intoxication and Mahishasur's bereavement She is the most loved and worst abused woman in the world All her forms dimensions and incarnations suggests only one thing about her which happens to be her dynamism against transgression Be it timid Usas or ferocious Kali or vibrant Durga the variations that Ajuna has brought forth in defining the divine supreme Shakthi is very interesting and precise As Vishu rightly says Goddess belongs to everyone and no one can have a claim over her The book was too good but got a little draggy at the end Overall a decent book to fall in love with

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Shakti author Anuja ChandramouShe is the Mother Goddess Mahamaya the enchantress the supreme consciousness the pure source from which all creation emerges and to whom all must eventually return As Usas the enchanting goddess of the dawn she is loved passionately and hated fiercely leading to a horrific tragedy As Durga the invincible warrior she d There are many forms of the divine goddess Shakti Without her presence the world doesn't have a meaning Brilliantly described this work should be read with an open mindIt was an informative read for me as I wasn't much aware of the stories of Shakti It kept my attention fixed in the stories throughout the book because these stories are described in interesting fashion and captivate the reader efficiently In its heart the book tries to demonstrate the importance of feminine forces in the world the euality between man and woman and shows the significance of each Their roles are not to be looked down upon whether small or big The book touches strings of your heart in very different and lyrical manner The bond between Shakti and Shiva is commendableA uick read For mythology readers this book is highly recommended