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Read & download Ü E-book, or Kindle E-pub Þ Steve Aylett And story collections by ten of the leading authors in the bizarro genre Ray Fracalossy Jeremy C Shipp Jordan Krall Mykle Hansen Andersen Prunty Eckhard Gerdes Bradley Sands Steve Aylett Christian TeBordo and Tony Rauc. My novella The Five Hundred And Sixteen Men Who Didn't Rape Me In Prison Their Amazing True Story is not in this collection But it does contain awesome short stories by Ray Francalossy

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The Bizarro Starter Kitblue Review Ý 109 ☆ ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Bizarro Starter Kitblue By Steve Aylett ➫ – There's a new genre rising from the underground Its name BIZARRO For years readers have been asking for a category of fiction dedicated to the weird crazy cult side of storytelling that has b There's a new genre rising from the underground Its name BIZARRO For years readers have been asking for a category of fiction The Bizarro PDFEPUBdedicated to the weird crazy cult side of storytelling that has become a. The Bizarro genre was brought to my attention during my endless meanderings on this website So thanks Goodreads for being my own personal online literary euivalent to crack cocaineumI guessFor those who are unaware of the Bizarro genre it sprang up in the late 90's as a refuge for the writers whose work was considered too weird for other publishers This genre would most likely appeal to the folks like me who spent an astoundingly sad percentage of their lives reading outside of the literary canon Everyone whose reading list has a high concentration of Burroughs Ballard Mark Leyner and the odd Dada or Surrealist Magic or otherwise I'm looking at you The intro of this book actually provides the best definition of the Bizarro genreBizarro isFranz Kafka meets Joe Bob BriggsDr Seuss of the post apocalypseAlice in Wonderland for adultsJapanese Animation directed by David LynchThis work is a collection of short stories from ten writers that have an association with Bizarro and thus serves as a good starting point for anyone that wants to learn There is also a 'Starter Kit Orange' that features ten additional writers working in the genreWith collections like these everyone is going to have their own personal favorites Here are mine with accompanying blurbsJeremy Shipp 'Flapjack' The wordplay going on here is amazing I was very confused during the first chapter but slid into it easily after that Similar to 'A Clockwork Orange' some of these phrases attempted to creep into my daily language for a few days after There is also something really interesting going on here with character gender Though I will have to revisit this story again methinks the girls have dangly bits while the boys havethe other thing Full disclosure Jeremy is one of my Goodreads friends but this occurred as I was finishing this story He's good people you should be friends with him too Mykle Hanson 'Monster Cocks' A lowly IT guy feels slightly inadeuate below the belt and turns to the Internet for assistance One of the things that I loved about his story is that Hanson totally nails three of the IT employee stereotypes Anyone who has ever worked in an office will recognize at least one of these characters I must warn you gentlemen that the scenes involving the application of certain male enhancement products will make you suirm as much as the time that you were given the blow by blow account of a vasectomy operation Andersen Prunty 'The Devastated Insides of Hollow City' A detective story involving a strange disease that is sweeping through a city The citizens are helpless because their ueen who is only eighteen inches tall is missing Prunty's writing style is very tight I believe that he is another author that freuents GoodreadsBradley Sands 'Cheeseuake Smash Up' Several buildings belonging to fast food franchises are euipped with wheels in order to compete in a massive demolition derby The winner of the contest receives sole monopoly rights to the American fast food industry Steve Aylett 'Shamanspace' Tired of all of the penis and pop culture references thus far Looking for something a little family oriented This story involves a shadowy special forces type unit think Blade Runner that are conspiring to murderumGod Aylett's prose is truly beautiful This is another story that I will need to read several times to pick up on things that I missedObviously a reader is going to be either very enthusiastic or very weary of this genre right off the bat Personally I feel that it works best with the longer pieces There were a few instances of flash fiction sized pieces that I thoroughly enjoyed while reading but remembered nearly nothing of the next morning While I don't think that I could read Bizarro exclusively I am happy that I now know about its existence and will dip my toe into that side of the pool from time to time

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The Bizarro Starter KitblueStaple in the film industry with directors such as David Lynch Takashi Miike Tim Burton and even Lloyd Kaufman but has been largely ignored in the literary world until now The Bizarro Starter Kit features short novels. Of the two the blue Bizarro Starter Kit is a better collection of stories than the orange though they are both worthwhile and have somewhat different flavors to correspond to their colors Some of the stories contained in this volume help to explain why people should pay attention to the bizarro genre This volume opens with short stories by Ray Fracalossy Ray has a way with amusing and uirky oddities and an ear for wordplay that puts me in mind of Richard BrautiganHis stories help to establish a delightful mood for the readerJeremy C Shipp is definitely an author to watch out for He is a very capable writer who will someday produce a Great novel if he has not already In Flapjack he creates an imaginative world populated by species that might be human and might not For this novella he has even developed a new dialect ala Anthony Burgess which is both amusing in itself and essential to the story and the psychology of the characters But it is the ending of this story that really sets it apart as we finally learn what the flapjack is and who these species areNext we find Jordan Krall's Longheads which is a very amusing story involving a caste of twisted and warped criminals vets with deformed heads a dead donkey that gives birth to the mythical Little Bing Bong and Barbara Stanwyck transformed into a giant goddessThis is followed by Mykle Hanson's Monster Cocks In this story men who suffer from inadeuacy complexes turn to the latest gimmick for penis enhancement The gimmick works all too well and soon giant monster cocks run amok raging across the countryside fucking everything in sight There is also some computer geek humor thrown in here But the story is ultimately an object lesson in why men should not think with their dicks Mykle Hanson is a very funny writerAfter this we have the Devastated Insides of Hollow City by Anderson Prunty Prunty has a way of blending noir and humor with bizarre surrealism and absurdity This is a detective story about an investigator named Shell who is sent to slag infested Hollow City to find Pearl the girl who is the ueen of the Town The story is full of interesting characters absurd events and grotesue horrorEckhard Gerdes' Nin Nan is also big on word play This novella is packed full of absurdities and twisted logic At times Gerdes's writing reminds me of the work of Samuel Beckett or even Gertrude Stein Other times it is reminiscent of Kenneth Patchen Emperor Pinocchibush is a gem and his nonsensical speeches remind me of a President we once had How the boys deal with the Emperor is worth the price of admissionBradley Sands' Cheeseuake Smashup is a delightful story packed with absurd humor wherein levitating fast food franchises take part in a demolition derby The main character is a phone operator who has surreptitiously entered his employer into the derby There also a group of very bizarre terrorists intent on destroying the McDonalds franchise Top this off with a McDonalds manager who wants to introduce long pork to the menu This is simply a fun story to read Give me a McDonner burgerSteve Aylett delivers the deepest story in the collection in his piece titled Shamanspace This story may reuire multiple readings The main character is a shamanic hitman who takes a contract to put a hit on god I have never before read a story that is so strongly existential yet at the same time absurd There is a lot of background behind this story enough to fill a book in itself including various sects and cults The story is supplemented by a history of the Internecine reaching back four thousand years Also included is an Internecine bibliography for those interested in joining the orderChristian Tebordo's Order of Operations concerns a man who is repeatedly wounded the woman who nurses him and a little boy offering him the blood of Jesus I'm afraid I brushed through this story It is a well written piece but I'm just not a fan of stories involving the Christian mythosThe book ends with the stories of Tony Rauch These are largely existential romps reminiscent of Kafka Rauch's stories tend to be lighter than Kafka with humor than horror Where Kafka's stories are full of disturbing alienation Rauch's work is much jovial in its absurdity We could call this Kafka light with sugar on topAll in all this collection is a fine introduction to the Bizarro genre