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review Free the Darkness Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Free the Darkness Author Kel Kade – Raised and trained in complete seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworldTo his last orders Rezkin extends his protection to an unlikely assortment of individuals he meets along the way often leading to humorous and poignant incidents As if pursuing an elite warrior across a kingdom figuring out who he is and why everyone he knows is dead and attempting to find these so called friends and protect them is not enough strange things are happening in the kingdom New dangers begin to arise that threaten not only Rezkin and his friends but possibly everyone in Asha. Wow So there I was work about finished end of the day browsing New Releaseswaiting to get home to I can finish How to Make a Murderer and Mr Robot as I'm on the last episodes of both And then I come across thisI've always said I love me a duel wielding protagonist So I see the cover basic enough but the guys holding two weapons so I click read the synopsis not bad Let's check it outI never got to watch the ending of either show as this book basically took up my night Read went to hockey had some beer read some God damn what a book Reminded me a bit of Weapon of Flesh series by Chris A Jackson mixed with a little Swords Of The Phoenix ueen by AJ Strickler if you liked either of those read this if you liked this I'd say check those outBut yes I love how it began I loved how it ended Basically everything about this book give me the feels we have Rez our MC who's known nothing else in life but the Rules he must follow and training his skills since birth When he's given an order at the start and follows through with it he's suddenly left alone and with no purpose other then the last 2 Rules his dying master bestowed upon him which is a twist in itselfSo he's thrust into the world a weapon forged from birth without any inkling on how the outside world works Oh he knows stuff he was trained so well he could pretend to be anything soldier merchant trader etc but he decides to just be himself There were so many scenes that were outright hilarious one that comes to mind is when he's sitting in an Inn and observes a couple having lunch They are holding hands and looking into each others eyes he's confused as to why the woman is laughing during this interrogation and comes to the conclusion that the man is holding her hand and looking into her eyes to make sure she's not lyinga good practice he thinksSo here is our MC the epitome of a warrior but he's unable to understand simple concepts like friend He just knows he's supposed to protect and honor friends so that's what he does And this starts his adventure into the wide world or outworld as he calls itOne of the best parts of this book was reading how he's seeing certain scenarios then seeing it from the characters around him perspective Loved these moments he's just following his some few hundred Rules that were ingrained in him since birth and wondering why no one else is others see him as either being honorable noble and to some he's just purely murderous When he meets a thief who failed at his attempt to pick Rez's pocket well he's so disgusted with the poor attempt he decides to do something about it don't mess with the RavenThere is so much in this book though that we have yet to discover too why was he sent there as a baby Why was he ordered to do what he did at the start Who is he anyways The author gives you some hints as to who Rez could be and that name is important too but we still don't fully know Anyways loved the action there's no shying away from combat for Rez he just does what he has to do as long as its part of his Rules Liked how Rez learned new terms on his journey I actually lol'd when he was told he had a girl friend and he likened it to a promotion from friend to girl friendNeed book 2 now can't wait to continue our journey with Rez aka the Raven

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Who Rezkin is Free the eBook #180 and who is responsible for the slaughter at the young man’s home Rezkin must travel across Ashai to find the one man who may hold the clues to his very existence His last orders spoken on the lips of his dying Master were to Kill with conscience and Protect and honor your friends Living in isolation from the outworld under a strict regimen of training and education the young warrior has no understanding of a conscience or friends Determined to adhere. Long time ago in a far away galaxy ahem about a year ago in the next room probably I've read Gavin's review and all I could remember from it was that the hero reminded me of Son Goku from Dragon Balls I had listened to the audible and realised I was not that far away from the mark This book is a lovely mix of Son Goku and Assassin's Creed Eziodreamy sighI've reread the written version this time to remember what had happened before continuing on with the series And Rezkin is as delightfully confused as I remember I just love his process of thought and reasoning I won't talk about the plot or characters because everything would be a spoiler This is a light and fun fantasy book As such I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy Oh and audible version was great I loved the narrator He did an amazing job giving life to the story And almost all of his character voices were spot on except Frisha that one was just annoying beyond words come to think of it she is just plain annoying anywaysAudio note; narrator did a great job especially with frisha she is plain annoying and narrator carries her annoying bratness to the next level

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Free the DarknessRaised and trained in complete seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworld when a terrible battle destroys all that he knows With no understanding of his life’s purpose and armed with masterful weapons mysteriously beueathed to him by a dead king the young warrior relentlessly pursues his only lead A single elite warrior escaped during the battle and may have knowledge of. To find good fantasy seems to be getting ever harder We've read all the plots have seen all the figures so often that they turned into clichés Even the parodies have become repetitive This book however invites with a seemingly new premise; given its exuberant reviews I could not but accept and buy a copy The PremiseWe start the journey with Rezkin a mysterious boy who is raised within a remote fortress and trained into a killer At the age of nineteen he is released into the outside world all the witnesses of his upbringing having been killed save oneThe Characters are portrayed one dimensionally without depth This is particularly and sadly true of the protagonist who comes a across as an infallible nigh demigod All men admire him all women and some men lust for him Indeed all other characters seem to exist and in fact in some cases even are just introduced to impress upon the reader the awe that Rezkin inspires Unfortunately this lets the protagonist become rather uninteresting I could not make myself care for someone into whose lap the author put everything that he needed when he needed itNor do the characters develop Rezkin remains his flawless self his companions hardly rise above their roles as Rezkin's admirers Even though right from the start there would have been enough chances for conflicts Kade the author uses none of these opportunities to have them change and either fall or riseThe Storytelling relies on the protagonist's improbable fighting stealth healing bargaining and etiuette skills Where that isn't enough Rezkin can rely on Kade to send chance to his aid Worse the author cluttered the narration with unnecessary details It does not to help the story along to learn for example that during one journey the hero provided the party with a brace of hairs and two pheasants; or that the female lead kept some plumage thinking she could find use for the pretty feathers; nor that she had to relieve herself in the woodsThen there's logical gaps not the smallest of which IMHO gapes at the reader in the fact that from a secluded life of training to become an unhesitating assassin Rezkin emerges with a superior sense of ethics and decencyThe stylesoon gets boring Kade overly resorts to passive description and repetitive phrases the young warriorWhat really put me off was the fact that the author completely skimped on proofreading despite his obvious need for help in spelling grammar and word usage Maybe you spotted one example of this negligence in the uote above extra points for the first reader who spots the second blunder in that phrase Unfortunately Kade freuently sends the reader tumbling over such roadblocks Take the following example Perhaps they had some hypnotic affect He had learned in survival training that one could use shiny object to lure fish so he decided it was possible this necklace had the same affect on peopleSummaryThe book's premise could have been used for a captivating story However the author proves unable to do so Add to this a frustrating carelessness in storytelling grammar and spelling and one arrives at the conclusion that professional publishers even for 'pulp' literature exist for reason Granted self published works such as this one are cheaper However you get what you pay for