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read kindle Ó Alone Against the North Paperback ¼ adam shoalts ´ [PDF] ❤ Alone Against the North ⚣ Adam Shoalts – The age of exploration is not over When Adam Shoalts ventured into the largest unexplored wilderness on the planet he hoped to set foot where no one had everCould easily have killed him Just as astonishing was the media reaction when he got back to civilization He was crowned “Canada’s Indiana Jones” and appeared on morning television He was feted by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and congratulated by the Governor General People were enthralled by Shoalts’s proof that the world is bigger than we think   Shoalts’s story makes it clear that the world can become known only by getting out of our cars and armchairs and setting out into the unknown where every step is different from the one before and something you may never have imagined lies around the next curve in the river                                              From the Hardcover edition This is the most selfish and self absorbed book I've ever read Especially when it starts with I think I always knew I was destined to be an explorerShoalts talks about no one other than himself His dad makes a cameo because he helps Shoalts fixbuild euipment the guys who flyboat him in and out of places are mentioned and he bad mouths the friends who go with him He just can't fathom why one of his friends wouldn't want to do a random canoe trip instead of being home while his wife is pregnant and the other friend he basically bad mouths for not being keen enough he knew beforehand that this friend could be a problem so it's not the friend's fault it's Shoalts's fault for not choosing his team wiselyI usually enjoy tales of adventure in remote areas of our country In this case Shoalts just succeeded in pissing me off with his condescension about 'adventurers' vs 'explorers' his bad mouthing of journalists making minor mistakes that he likely could have prevented by speaking with them clearly his slavish admiration for the many male explorers who went before him only one woman is mentioned and that's because she's the wife of an explorer who aims to finish his last trip Also every uote at the beginning of each chapter is by men and his pretentious wearing of a brown fedora which he loses twice and has to note how sad he is about itHe's also closely tied in with Canadian Geographic and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society When he gets elected as a Fellow of the RCGS he's over the moon about how only real explorers get to join Dude I'm a member too And I worked in the High Arctic for four years You don't see me dancing around about what a great explorer I am because I've been validated by the RCGSHe also talks about the devastation of remote wilderness by industry Well if he's really concerned about it he might not want to be as entangled with CanGeo as he is given their ties to oil and gas

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The age of exploration is not over When Adam Shoalts ventured into the largest unexplored wilderness on the planet he hoped to set foot where no one had ever gone before What he discovered surprised even him Shoalts was no stranger to the wilderness He had hacked his way through jungles and swamp had stared down polar bears and climbed mountains But one spot on the map called out to him irresistibly the Hudson Bay Lowlands a trackless expanse of muskeg and lonely rivers caribou and Alone Against PDF or wolf an of the north parts of which to this day remain unexplored  Cutting through this forbidding landscape is a river no explorer trapper or canoeist had left any record of paddling It was this river that Shoalts was obsessively There have been some complaints from readers about this author's ego; complaints that the book is about him than it is about the Canadian Wilderness But perhaps all great adventurers are somewhat self centred; what could possibly make them risk their lives the way they do if not for some deep inner ego driven force They clearly do it not so much for the knowledge gained but out of a compulsion for adventure; their thirst for seeing what's around the next corner; their thrill in risking their lives without thought of how that affects others In other words they are not like you and me They carry an insatiable passion within and this passion benefits us all when they write books like this detailing their adventures and those of other explorers before them An unfortunate side to the risk taker's adventurous and careless spirit is their inability to understand and have compassion for others who have less compulsion than them; I found his somewhat derisive tone for his companion Brent Kozah a bit harsh He claims they are still friends; I wonder what Brent would have to say about that after his depiction in this book; Adam Shoalts could have been a little kinder Nonetheless this book was an exciting depiction of a great adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed it

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Alone Against the NorthDetermined to explore  It took him several attempts and years of research But finally alone he found the headwaters of the mysterious river He believed he had discovered what he had set out to find But the adventure had just begun Unexpected dangers awaited him downstream   Gripping and often poetic Alone Against the North is a classic adventure story of single minded obsession physical hardship and the restless sense of wonder that every explorer has in common   But what does exploration mean in an age when satellite imagery of even the remotest corner of the planet is available to anyone with a phone Is there anything left to explore   What Shoalts discovered as he paddled downriver was a series of unmapped waterfalls that I received an advance copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways When I first received the book I figured it would be a bit of a slog for me I vastly prefer fiction over non am not even remotely an outdoorsy type and thought the premise was perhaps a bit too thin to build a book upon A whole book about some guy canoeing in the Canadian wilderness It turned out to be a fabulous read The book was entertaining at times humorous intelligent and educational The author and explorer is very knowledgable about a number of subjects Canadian flora and fauna history wilderness survival etc and weaves this into the telling of his story I often took breaks from the book to do additional research on the internet to supplement the reading The book itself was very descriptive and I often felt like I was right there with him while at the same time being greatly relieved that I was not